Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 26)

“You really think that you can take the Starlight Sword?”  Mo Bai Ci’s cold voice spread inch by inch in this silent Unbounded Land.

“Of course!”  Yan Ruo Yao bit her red lip and said, “You claim to be the only Destiny Master of the Heaven Falling Continent, but things are like this.  You couldn’t even guess my identity, you’re not embarrassed to call yourself this?”

She never thought that Starlight Sword would fall into the Unbounded Land.  If she knew this earlier, she wouldn’t have gone to the Void Residence to get information.  She could have stayed by Su Qing Xie’s side, accompanying him in life.

This was her only hope in life, but why was it that she had inadvertently seen different emotions in the eyes of the man she loved the most.

She hated that her gently called Luo Qing Chen little cherry blossom demon.  Such a lowly demon, she wasn’t worth him calling her name.

Why was it that everyone was good to that little demon, even this cold and proud Destiny Master in front of her wasn’t an exception.

“Is that so?”  Mo Bai Ci’s lips curled into a faint smile as he looked at her and said, “If you really think it is like you said, the person in front of you should be Luo Qing Chen.  But you can’t find her now, right?”

Even if this was the Unbounded Land, he had his ways to stop her from finding Luo Qing Chen.

Before coming here, he had placed a barrier around her.  Unless he was dead, Yan Ruo Yao would never be able to find her.

He already knew everything……

Yan Ruo Yao’s identity, the location of the Starlight Sword.

Although he couldn’t calculate Luo Qing Chen’s destiny, he had used three hundred years of cultivation to beg the Stellar God to divine her heavenly disaster.

A little cherry blossom demon with low level spells couldn’t pass this disaster.

The only method was for him to take it for her.

Everything in this world had cause and effect.  If he wanted to pass a disaster for someone, he would need to suffer twice as much as she would from this disaster.

“You…..”  Yan Ruo Yao’s eyes stared right at Mo Bai Ci as she said, “You calculated my identity?  Im…..Impossible!”

“There isn’t anything that I can’t calculate in this world, there are only things I want to know and don’t want to know.”  Mo Bai Ci’s cold eyes narrowed as he looked at her and said, “If you’re not related to her heavenly disaster, I wouldn’t waste time divining the destiny of a person like you.”

“You already knew?”  Yan Ruo Yao suddenly trembled as she looked at him in disbelief and said, “Then why didn’t you kill me in the Void Residence and you allowed me to come to the Dead Soul Sea Pond.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t think Mo Bai Ci couldn’t divine her destiny, but when he wanted to bring her to the Dead Soul Sea Pond, she began to doubt the abilities of this Destiny Master.

If he really could calculate her destiny, he would have locked her up in the Void Residence.  He wouldn’t have brought her to this Unbounded Land, which was like releasing a tiger back into the mountains.

Mo Bai Ci’s face was as calm as water, as a sparkle flashed in his deep eyes.  His moon white robes were that clean.

“Will you speak!”  Yan Ruo Yao angrily bit her lip as she said, “Don’t think that I don’t have any methods!  I will make you speak!”

As soon as her voice fell, she softly waved her right hand.  Red lotuses sprouted out of the ground and came up, tightly wrapping around Mo Bai Ci.

The red lotuses gripped tighter, like they were about to shatter his body……

But his face was calm, as his brows just slightly knitted and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

If he could protect her, this small injury wasn’t anything……

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