Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 25)

When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by nothing as everything was dim.  She felt that heaven and earth were one and she couldn’t see the difference.

She slowly stood up and found that no one was around her, as it was filled with a deathly silence.

Looking at this, it was a bit similar to the Chaos Space, but there wasn’t the bronze mirror or her large bed covered in lace.

[This is the Unbounded Land.]  The system’s voice slowly rang out, allowing her heart to calm down.

God!  This is actually the Unbounded Land.

She herself naturally didn’t know what this place was, but in the memories of the previous host, there were some impressions of this place.

It’s said that this was a place that was independent of the three realms, a place abandoned by the gods.  There was only a mysterious realm that connected this place to the outside world. It was a very dangerous and strange place.

The most terrifying thing was that in this place, whether it was a god, a Demon, demons, or Spirit Spell Masters, they couldn’t use their spells at all.

Other than a person with an ancient divine weapon……

When the lightning and flames clashed with Mo Bai Ci’s Flashy Sword, it shattered the barrier and created a ripple in the three realms.  A gap in the Unbounded Land was opened and they fell in.

It should be because of the powerful spiritual energy that scattered them……

Luo Qing Chen looked down slightly and saw a faint golden light glowing on the Exquisite Ring in her hand.  The shimmering light kept falling and in this dark Unbounded Realm, it was like a firefly.

The Exquisite Ring had this reaction, it seemed like the real Starlight Sword was in this place.

But the first task she had was to find Mo Bai Ci.

But what she didn’t know was that some things were finally happening.

On the other side, in a fire cave of the Unbounded Land, Mo Bai Ci was currently trapped inside a glowing scarlet cage.

His face was a bit pale, but his eyes were clear, not having a trace of fear.

“In this Unbounded Land, even if you are the once in a thousand year Destiny Master chosen by the Stellar God, aren’t you still a prisoner of the Demon Race?”  A familiar voice came from the sky.

Yan Ruo Yao was wearing a light red robe, revealing her slender shoulders, with her long slender legs being covered in red gauze, looking very enchanting.

She had been a little demon that guarded the Unbounded World and because of this, she could use her spells at will in the Unbounded World.

Three hundred years ago, when she was in danger, she was saved by the Demon Race’s fourth highness.  Since then, she had been serving as Su Qing Xie’s maid since.

Not only had he saved her, he had also taught her how to cultivate, allowing her to stand out among the little demons.

When she met her first heavenly tribulation, she was just a small demon and didn’t even know what it was.  Only when the heavenly thunder fell down, someone blocked it for her.

That person was the aloof fourth highness of the Demon Race, Su Qing Xie.

He actually blocked the heavenly tribulation for a maid.

She didn’t kill anyone as a demon, so after her heavenly tribulation, she didn’t cultivate the Demon Dao and became a cultivator.

As time passed, she was gradually moved by the mortal world and unknowingly fell in love with this man.

“I helped you pass your tribulation, how will you repay me?”

“If your highness has orders, Ruo Yao will pass through fire and water without hesitation.”

“There’s no need to go through fire and water, I need you to go to one place.”


“The Void Residence.”

That day, Su Qing Xie gave her the Empty Spirit Sword and sent her to the Void Residence to learn.  He only had a single goal, to find the location of the Starlight Sword.

Although she wasn’t willing to leave him, she wanted to do this for him.

Even if her body was destroyed, she wouldn’t hesitate at all.

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