Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Chu Nan Xian’s side story (Part 2)

Seeing her on the Evil Monarch’s Court’s sacrificial altar, I was asleep then.

I could vaguely hear someone opening the Spirit Chamber and the crisp sound of the Falling Cherry Bell entered my years. 

In that moment, if I still had a heart, it would have skipped a beat.

It was a pity I didn’t.

I didn’t have a soul and a spirit, I didn’t have a fleshly body.  I was only a ghost of souls and spirits, I couldn’t even make a sound.

I clearly told Shu Gu to not let her in, so why did he still bring her here.

Seeing her determined gaze, I suddenly felt my heart fill with pain.

I was this cruel to throw her away.

But even with how bad I was, she still used the blood sacrifice to save me……

I watched as the energy in the blood pool sucked away the blood in her body bit by bit.  She was surrounded by glass balls that were all filled with her memories with me.

Sweet memories, there wasn’t a single scene of abuse.

We trusted each other, having no rivals or hate.  It was as calm as water, but also warming to the heart.

After a while, she finally couldn’t take it in the blood pool any longer.  The red spider lilies fell onto her and after that, she disappeared without a trace.

I didn’t know where she went, I just knew that I had to live and had to find her…..

Wait for me, you must wait for me……

When I saw her again, it was at a fiery red banquet.

She was in a phoenix wedding dress, standing in front of me.  I used my right hand to bring her to my side.

Only the heavens knew how much I wanted her in my embrace, but I wanted to kill someone even more.

Sword energy, blade falls.  I didn’t hesitate at all, as I killed that evil charming man in front of me.

If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have gone through this life and death separation.

Later on, there was only happiness left!

I liked being together with her each day, bringing her wherever I went.

I liked eating lunch together, hugging her as she watched the snow fall outside the window, and then sleeping together.

I liked eating dinner together, watching the starry sky, and then sleeping together.

She liked to sleep very much and I always thought that it was because she was rather lazy, but I never thought that it was a sign of her life being taken away.

If I knew earlier, perhaps the ending would have been different……

I wasn’t willing, the time she had been by my side had been too short.

I found countless doctors and used all kinds of methods, just to keep her bit of life.  I even used the secret power of the Evil Monarch’s Court, but none of it could save her.

When the Evil Monarch’s Court couldn’t take my request any longer, it collapsed.

I was very afraid……

I wasn’t afraid of losing that building, I was afraid that I didn’t have a way to keep her life any more……

She was about to leave me……

In the final moments of her life, I held her and felt her breath and heartbeat slowing, hearing her faint murmurs by my ear.

All the way until she gave her final sound and sunk into a deep sleep in my embrace.

That night, she no longer woke up.

I knew that she wanted me to live, but I really couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t live in a world without her because I need her, I loved her.

Just let me be willful for once and leave with her!

The royal tombs were too big, I was afraid that she would be lonely and afraid without me by her side.

And I am still the same knight that she saw back then.  I would follow behind her, forever protecting her.

Hearing the south wind in the night, the moon waned like a hook.  May I meet you in life again, may I have you in my thoughts in death.

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