Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Little theater side story

[Ying, ying, ying, the cute and elegant system is finally in front of everyone!  The main reason is that this system lost my use too early since the host reached one hundred affection before everything!  QAQ, it caused this system to be unable to me the handsome lord pavilion head!]

“You can meet me now.”

[Ah, ah, ah, truly a warm man!  The system was almost made to cry by those cold male leads before.]


[Alright!  (*^-^*)Let’s go into the main topic.  The guest we have invited today is the male lead Chu Nan Xian of the «Weak King» world!  Ten questions and answers, let’s begin immediately! Please listen to the questions——]


[“First question: Do you like the one soul and one spirit king or the two soul and six spirit lord pavilion head more!”]

“Whichever one she likes, I like.”

The system clutched its chest in pain.  As expected, whether it was a cold male lead or a warm male lead, they never forgot one thing!

That was……




The system gradually calmed down and asked the second question……

[“Second question: As a weak king, why do you show your affection without any scruples and not fear any single dogs biting back?  For example: the system!]

“There is only a single dog and we are two, so we have more people.”

Pu!  The system exploded for three seconds…..

One, two, three……

[“Third question: What was the most exciting moment for you?”]

“The instant of dying in her embrace.”

[⊙△⊙?  ……Master, don’t be like this!  We’re all here for fun, why do you keep scattering dog food?  We know you pamper her, the system knows!]

“Then how about adding a few words?”

[Alright, alright! (*^-^*)]

[With eternal time, rushing to die in her embrace.”

[⊙︿⊙, alright, don’t say anything else.  This system won’t listen, let’s go to the next question…..]


[“Fourth question: Who do you hate the most in this world?”]

“Chu Bei Ye!”

[Why, it isn’t Jun Yao Chen?]

“Because Chu Bei Ye carried her with a princess carry, I am filled with hatred! (*-m-*)”

[Alright……this system feels your hatred!]

“I also hate Jun Yao Chen! (*-m-*)”

[“Fifth question: Would you get tired living a calm as water life with her?”]

“Can I scatter dog food?”

[No!  Answer from the heart!]

“Eh, perhaps I liked this kind of life from birth.  A calm as water life, never tiring, never getting bored.”

[“Sixth question: What kind of person do you think she is?”]

“Her!  A person that would be forever hard to forget!”

[Pu, pu, pu—— (Throwing up non-existent blood).]

“Seventh question: When did you become the most excited!”]

“When she was wearing that phoenix wedding dress and I was like snow.  In that moment, I finally had the ability to protect her, standing with her, being together!”

[Ah, so moving!  The system also felt you were very handsome then!]

“The system has good eyes!”

[“Eighth question: Why did you marry six princess consorts before!  (Not being loyal, humph!)”] The system wanted to cause trouble.

“That is because I was weak!  I didn’t have the right to choose or the right to resist!  After all, if I didn’t have the chance to meet her again, it didn’t matter who was my princess consort!”

[Sorry, this system shouldn’t have let the little fairies eat dog food!  This system was wrong!]

“Un, it’s good you know!”

[“Ninth question: What did you think when you kissed her the first time?”]

“When can I get a second kiss?”


“Tenth question: What is the thing you want to do with her the most?”]

“Sleep with her…..”

[“There must be thought and it has to be reserved!”]

“Allow me three thousand strokes to paint her absolute beauty.”

[The system is satisfied!  The system now announces that the interview with the «Weak King» world’s male lead Chu Nan Xian is over.]

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 5/100]

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  1. I can’t believe this has such a low rating on novelupdates ? I left a review on there, hopefully some will change their minds and read this! Thank you so much for translating this, it’s so fluffy and cute and the translation quality is amazing! Can’t wait for the next arc ?

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