Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: Chu Nan Xian’s side story (Part 1)

I used my faith to exchange for eighteen years of peace for you.  Unless these white bones return to the earth, I will guard you until one hundred without worry.  ——Chu Nan Xian

I always thought that I would suffer through countless hardships in my life.

But I never thought that when the sun set that day, I would actually meet her again.

I would never forget the seventh day after she married into the King Chu Manor.

She called my name and I turned to look at her.  The sky was clear that day and the sun shined bright.  With the sun as a backdrop, she revealed a sweet smile to me.

In that moment, it was like a shimmer of light shining into my heart.

Although there was a faint disappointed feeling in the bottom of my heart.  I was afraid that this was all a dream and I would wake up from this dream in the blink of an eye.

Especially when a maid came to find her, I always felt lost.

Up until she seriously made a cup of tea for me, putting in my favourite begonia flowers and honey.

There was no poison.

There was no poison.

There was no poison.

She didn’t know the sweetness of that tea sweetened my entire world.

No matter what she did after, it was all dazzling.  During the Pine Mound Mountain Hunt, she used my imprinted arrows to put Chu Bei Ye to shame.  It was like seeing a different her.

She was no longer that person whose heart would skip a beat at seeing Chu Bei Ye.  Her eyes were no longer filled with thought, they were just looking at me…..

Actually that night, when I was sleeping, I performed divination at the Evil Monarch’s Court.

The divination showed that she was someone from somewhere else.

She was her, but not her.

I was very clear that my seventh princess consort, at least in this life would only have me in her eyes.

This kind of result truly made me flattered.

After that, I carefully took care of everything for her.  Bit by bit, no matter what it was, I would cherish her.

But sometimes I still hated myself for not saving her earlier.

At the Bright Moon Mountain Villa,  when Chu Bei Ye had her locked in the secret room.  Even though I divined that she would be in danger, I was helpless against it.

In that crisis, I left the Evil Monarch’s Court with my two souls and six spirits to save her.  I truly am proud of that moment.

If my one soul and one spirit had this kind of powerful ability, how good that would be.

But even if I didn’t have it, if I could live a peaceful and happy life with her, I would want nothing else.

But the heavens weren’t willing and the disasters of my life kept coming.

Jun Yao Chen only knew that Qing Qing was his disaster, but he didn’t know that he was my disaster.

I used my identity as the Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head to divine that my one soul and one spirit would die by his hands.

As for whether I could be reborn or not that was all unknown.

But even like this, I didn’t feel any pain.

The only thing that filled my heart with pain was how cold she was to me in the dungeons.

Even though I didn’t believe it, not even a single word.

But when she gave me the divorce papers, my heart was still torn apart by pain.

I suddenly felt that death was quite good……

At least I wouldn’t need to experience the pain she gave me……

I vaguely remember that the sky was filled with snow that day and I stood in the snow as I felt my disaster coming.

She stood on the high walls and when I looked at her, her face was filled with despair.

Without knowing my, I felt incomparably satisfied.

The expression she had when she looked at me let me know just how important I was in her heart.

It really was worth it……

I closed my eyes.  Although I was penetrated by thousands of arrows, I never gave up on her.

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