Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 46)

Ye Ying Ge narrowed her eyes.  Seeing Bai Yan Nian’s angry expression and how certain his voice was, he was a bit believable.

But if what he said was true, it wasn’t a bad thing.

«Heavenly Sword» was a game where other than having skills, having money is also a must for a great god.

If Bai Yan Nian was invited to this anniversary celebration for experts, it meant that he must have spent quite a bit of money on this game.

Then again, it meant that his father at home had quite a bit, being able to let him splurge like this!

“Che, so what?”  Ye Ying Ge deliberately raised her brow and said with pursed lips, “My contracted will definitely be stronger than you.  For a noob like you, he could destroy you with one hand!”

“Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  I never thought it, I never thought it, old sister, you also play the game?”  Bai Yan Nian suddenly realized why he would see Ye Ying Ge at this celebration, so she also played «Heavenly Sword».

After his cold laughter, he said, “I really don’t know who has the dog eyes to take you as their contracted, he must have blown up the entire Milky Way in his last life!”

“You!”  Ye Ying Ge’s face had already turned green in anger from his words.  She angrily stomped her foot and her voice screeched a bit as she shouted, “I’m still better than you, you don’t even have a contracted!  Isn’t it embarrassing! What a joke!”

“I don’t have a contracted?”  Bai Yan Nian gave two snorts before saying, “My contracted is the server’s number one beauty, can an old lady like you compare to her?”

“This old lady is also the number one beauty in my server, how can’t I compare!”  Ye Ying Ge patted her chest as she revealed a look of utmost confidence.

She was confident in her own looks, otherwise there wouldn’t be middle aged people and young people who liked her.  Even the great gods in the game pampered her.

This kind of charm, could Luo Qing Chen compare?

“Don’t make me vomit!”  Bai Yan Nian shook his head with a smile of disbelief as he said, “You can be considered the number one beauty in a server?  What kind of damn server are you in! There aren’t that many people, so you’re self proclaimed?”

“Pei, this old lady doesn’t need to be self proclaimed.  Wait until this old lady’s contracted Young Master comes, just wait to kneel!”

After saying this, she headed towards the banquet stage with her ten centimeter tall heels.

Bai Yan Nian knit his brows.  His mind was still filled with what that old lady had just said a few seconds ago.

Contracted, Young Master?

Damn!  Which shameless person is also called Young Master, it really lost face for him!

He gave two angry snorts before taking the cell phone from his pocket to call the number Reed Song gave him last night.

After a while, a slightly angry female voice sounded, “Hey, who are you?”

“I am Young Master, are you Reed——”  Bai Yan Nian slightly knit his brows.  This voice was very different from what he heard on YY.  But why was it that in a different situation, he felt it was a bit familiar.

“Ying, ying, ying, dear, I was just bullied by a bastard!  You have to get revenge for me later!” Ye Ying Ge didn’t recognize the other side’s voice for a while and continued to act pitiful.

But Bai Yan Nian could recognize it.

His heart was like a river of ice cold water pouring down, hitting all his internal organs and making his breathing become faster without stopping.

He walked in the direction of the banquet stage as every single hair on his body trembled.  Even his fingers couldn’t stop shaking.

Until he saw Ye Ying Ge sitting in a corner of the banquet hall talking on her phone.

He was frozen in place and it was like there was lightning over him that could explode at any moment!

Seeing Ye Ying Ge acting pitifully into her phone, he felt his stomach churn and he directly threw up.

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