Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 47)

Ye Ying Ge sitting in her chair noticed Bai Yan Nian’s actions not far away and heard the waves of barfing sounds, but why did it seem like it was coming from her phone?

Suddenly, there was a very disgusting and unbelievable thought that appeared in her mind.

No, no, no, impossible.  She told herself this as she tentatively got up and moved in Bai Yan Nian’s direction.

Before she even walked halfway, she heard Bai Yan Nian roar out, “Don’t you come over here.”

Like this, Ye Ying Ge was certain.

She felt her mind explode and instantly turn blank!

Young…..Demonic Year Young Master was Bai Yan Nian.  How could the big thigh be this brat in front of her!

After a few seconds, she took a deep breath.  She decided to completely ignore Bai Yan Nian and walked towards the front of the banquet hall.

She had to stay elegant, she absolutely had to!  She definitely couldn’t ruin her own plan from that fall from Bai Yan Nian.

After all, the ones who came to the anniversary celebration were all experts from the various servers, they were all rich people.  She felt that she was as pretty as a flower, she definitely had a chance.

Sitting in a spot, her lips couldn’t help curling into a sinister smile.  She suddenly felt that Bai Yan Nian was a fool. The entire company knew that he liked Luo Qing Chen, but he didn’t know Luo Qing Chen’s ingame name was Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust.

He even helped her bully her, it really was funny thinking about it now.

But this truth would never be revealed since at this moment, the so called Eastern Painted Brocade Dust was currently racing down the highway.

At the same time, Luo Qing Chen on the other side spent an entire half an hour before she broke out of her binding.

This group of idiots, using only a bow tie to tie her up, don’t they know it can be opened just by pulling on it?  If it wasn’t for her hands being restrained by the sack, she would have opened it in just a few seconds, alright?

At this time, she had to complain to her system!

When she was in danger like this, the system actually acted dead without saying a word!

System, system, come out!  Speak, why didn’t you save me from this danger!

[The host wasn’t harmed at all!]  Is there a problem! There are no broken bones and you don’t even have the smallest injury!

That idiot kidnapped me, his methods are so rough and stupid!

[Reporting to the host, the kidnapper is Ye Ying Ge’s older cousin Ye Wei.]

Damn!  Trash!  Where am I now?

[You are currently rushing down the highway!]

Pu——This Ye Ying Ge’s methods truly are rough!  But, I am more concerned on why did she want to kidnap me?  You wouldn’t be telling me that this is revenge for me making her lose her job, right!

[That is one of the reasons.  The other reason is that she accidentally saw your computer screen, finding out that you were Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust.]

Damn!  That old woman really is shameless, even peeping on me!  Does she really think I’m a fool who knows nothing about this world!

[Perhaps so……]

With the system in hand, I have the whole world, alright?


System, did you forget to remind me of something?

[The host’s spatial storage has the item from the last world: The teleporting canvas shoes.]

Ai, you really do have a conscience!  I want to take out the teleporting canvas shoes!

[Ding, the teleporting canvas shoes has been taken out of the spatial storage.]

Without knowing why, there was a trace of excitement in her heart.

She calmly put on the pure white canvas shoes and her lips curled into a faint smile.  She closed her eyes to think of where she wanted to go and disappeared from the back of the truck.

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