Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 45)

Mu Qian Liu hadn’t even gone downstairs yet when a group of journalists here for the anniversary celebration swarmed him.

They held their microphones to interview this young tyrant who was already worth over several hundred million or to take more pictures of his handsome face.

“Director Mu, at least say a few words before leaving.”  The beautiful secretary said beside him in a low voice.

She was panicking a bit.  For «Heavenly Sword» to have this day, it involved quite a lot of people’s blood, sweat, and tears.  This anniversary celebration was more for showing their year of «Heavenly Sword» players and their income.

To be honest, she had followed director Mu for this long and she had never seen him abandon the greater picture like this to move alone once.

In her eyes, her boss was cool, calm, courageous, and prudent.  He always had a plan B no matter what he did, planning ahead to a non human level.

She admired this kind of Mu Qian Liu and she looked up to him with heartfelt emotions.

But the current him, it simply did not seem like Mu Qian Liu.

His eyes were cold and his brows were knitted.

The anniversary celebration was about to begin and the banquet hall was just to the left.  As the V Group’s chief executive, he had a responsibility and obligation to say a few words.

But right now, his worry about a person’s safety had surpassed everything.

He knew that the truck was already on the highway and he couldn’t catch up even if he had a race car, but he still wanted to go.

He wanted to head in her direction and chase her.

“Understood.”  After a while, he narrowed his eyes.  His voice was as cold as dead water as he headed towards the banquet hall.

The host of the banquet hall was already introducing the experts of each server, letting them come onto the stage to enjoy the limelight.

At the same time, Bai Yan Nian was standing at the entrance of the banquet hall, waiting for his female companion, the number one beauty in the entire server to come.

Without knowing why, he was a bit excited.  There was an ID card and a room card at a five star hotel in his right pocket that made him even more excited.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t get his goddess, he was still the contracted of the number one beauty in the entire server.  Like this, he would take back the face he lost during the past few days.

But he never thought that before his contracted came, he would meet a person that would disgust him.

It was the old woman who hooked his dad and had been chased out of the company by director Mu, Ye Ying Ge!

“Yo, who is it now?  Old sister, you still have the face to come back to the company?”  Bai Yan Nian looked at the slightly old fashioned Ye Ying Ge in her golden dress not far away and taunted her in a cold voice.

He really didn’t know where her confidence came from, dressing up at her age, it really hurt his eyes.

“Scram!”  Ye Ying Ge rolled her eyes and crossed her hands as she said, “Trash like you, you’re only worthy of standing at the door to welcome guests.  Pei——”

There have been many bad things lately.  She hadn’t gotten rid of the Luo Qing Chen matter in her heart and there was more trouble.

“I’m sorry old sister, I was invited here!  I am completely different from you who is selling your body to gain position!”  Bai Yan Nian gave a snort, as he looked at her with eyes filled with disdain.

In his eyes, this old lady wasn’t even worthy of holding his shoes.  Just being in the same space polluted the air!

“You?”  Ye Ying Ge’s shoulders trembled as she laughed, “Just you?  You can also be invited? Ha, ha, ha, ha, you really are making me laugh myself to death!  You don’t even practice before saying lies!”

“I’m lying?”  Bai Yan Nian gritted his teeth and pointed at her nose as he said, “Just wait until the host reads my name and then I’ll ask if your face hurts or not!”

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