Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 44)

Ye Ying Ge’s plan proceeded very smoothly.  The next morning, Luo Qing Chen was covered in a hemp bag as soon as she went out and was thrown into the back of a hauler truck.

This is simply!  What slut wanted to murder her!

At the same time, the driver Mu Qian Liu sent to pick up Luo Qing Chen was following the truck while also reporting the situation to his boss.

Although Luo Qing Chen had already rejected him in the game, saying she didn’t need him to pick her up, he was still a gentleman.  He received her address from human resources and had a driver pick her up, giving her a pleasant surprise.

He never thought that the moment the driver arrived, he would see her being pulled into a car and taken away.

“Who kidnapped her?”  The eyes of Mu Qian Liu on the other side of the call turned cold.  It was like his eyes alone could freeze everything around him. Even the beautiful secretary beside him was trembling in fear, like she saw a ghost in the middle of July.

“I don’t know the details, but it seemed like a street thug.”  The driver was tightly following the hauler truck, not daring to relax at all.  He was staring forward, but he didn’t forget to report, “Boss, I’m going on the highway now.”

“Follow.”  His brows knit and his face turned dark.  His fingers quickly flew across the keyboard and he used an unknown hacking software to enter all the surveillance videos around Luo Qing Chen’s house.

It was like his driver had said, the ones who took his contracted had been prepared.

After that, his brows narrowed again.  He hacked all the surveillance cameras taking pictures of license plates on the highway and finally he saw the two vehicles on the Huai Hai Highway entrance.

The record was from five minutes ago, which meant that Luo Qing Chen was already on the highway.

This highway was an hour and half long and one couldn’t stop or turn on the highway.  Just where did these people want to take her?

“License plate: MA5807.  Investigate who the owner is and all his close relative and friends.

“Yes, director Mu.”  The beautiful secretary quickly opened her laptop and began typing on the keyboard.

After three minutes, she stood up and said, “The owner’s name is Ye Wei, he had a cousin who was fired from the V Group just a few days ago.”

“Ye Ying Ge?”

“Yes, director Mu.”

His eyes became even darker.  It was like a horn of death was blown and his aura became incomparably strong.

He picked up the keys to his Maserati Ghibli beside him and walked downstairs.

“Ding ling——”

As soon as he stood up, his cell phone rang.  He looked at the caller ID, it was Cold Moon Heaven Light who he had exchanged numbers with yesterday.

“I say, Thousand Snow, you really aren’t kind!  You said you would send a beauty to pick me up, but now you’re leaving me in the cold wind?”  Cold Moon Heaven Light complained into his phone.

“I’m going to pick up Qing Chen, something has happened.”  Mu Qian Liu knit his brows as he panicked a bit.

This was his first time panicking in his life, he was afraid that something would happen to her.

“Who?  Qing what?”

“Eastern Painted.”

“Pu, Eastern Painted’s name is so girly!  It’s just like the little loli she had made!”  Cold Moon Heaven Light laughed on the other side of the phone, not feeling the cold coming from Mu Qian Liu at all.

“Un, I’ll talk to you later.”  After saying this, Mu Qian Liu hung up without saying a thing and walked out the door.

The beautiful secretary quickly followed behind him and said, “Director Mu, let me handle this matter, I will definitely bring her back safely.  The «Heavenly Sword» anniversary celebration is about to begin.”

“There is no «Heavenly Sword» without her.”

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