Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 43)

[World] Little Bean: Truly disgusting.

[World] Different Firework: There’s no need to eat dinner anymore.

[World] Rain God: I don’t know why when some people show love, I feel it is very sweet.  When Demonic Year Young Master shows love, I feel it is especially disgusting.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Who cares about you!  Come up to the horn channel if you have the skills!

“Ding dong——”

Luo Qing Chen had been watching the crowd attacking Demonic Year Young Master in the world channel when a message sound cut through her thoughts.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: I’ll come pick you up for the anniversary celebration.  Are you in S City?

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: No need, no need.  I can go by myself, I also have to go pick up Life Written in Water.

The great god was coming to pick her up!  That would shorten her life, it was better to forget it!

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: That’s fine.

It had to be said, Luo Qing Chen had been gaming relatively less lately.  After all, as the original designer for the new job in «Heavenly Sword», it wasn’t good for her to keep taking time off.

Although she took quite a bit of time off.

Most of the reasons were……

“Director Mu, I don’t feel good today……”

“Director Mu, my little sister has a fever today……”

“Director Mu, my bunny is sick today……”


Actually the true reason was——


Territory Battle!

Nation Battle!

After all the excuses she were used up, she could only obediently go back to working overtime!

But she didn’t know that on a certain afternoon, when all the departments were holding a meeting.

Ye Ying Ge had come back to the company to tidy up her things.  As long as she thought of Luo Qing Chen causing her to lose her job, she was very unwilling.  If she didn’t give her a piece of her mind, her heart would be blocked the whole time.

However when she wanted to accidentally spill a drink on her original painting, she never thought that when she accidentally touched her mouse and opened the desktop.

It was a screen that she was very familiar with, «Heavenly Sword».

She never thought anything since Luo Qing Chen was «Heavenly Sword»’s original artist, it was very normal for her to log into the game.

But when she saw the ID, she was stunned in place.





She was actually Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust!  Why was Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust a girl!

She was actually disgusted when she thought of this.  She wanted to hug Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust’s leg, but she never thought that she was actually a girl!

It was a good thing she was smart and changed her target to Demonic Year Young Master, otherwise she would have been filled with regret right now!

After a while, when she recovered from her shock, the door to the conference room slowly opened.

She quickly left Luo Qing Chen’s place and headed towards the back door.

The current Ye Ying Ge was in a panic!

Tomorrow was the «Heavenly Sword» anniversary celebration and Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust was the «Like Summer Flowers» server’s number two player, so naturally she was going.  When Demonic Year Young Master saw such a beauty, perhaps her fat duck would fly away!

No, definitely not!

She already made a decision when she thought of this, which was definitely not to let Luo Qing Chen not go to the celebration!

Her eyes narrowed and she took out a cell phone with gritted teeth to call her cousin who was a street thug.

“Cousin, help me kidnap someone tomorrow morning.  Get on the highway after you kidnap her and bring her as far as you can in the direction of our old home.  When the matter is over, you can bring her back.

Like this, it would be unknown to everyone, right?

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