Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 24)

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Pu, this is also fine.

Luo Qing Chen’s expression, the current her not only had a face that was red to the tip of her ears, her heart was also beating incredibly fast!

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Un.

Mu Qian Liu replied before letting her down.  Then he clicked her image to request a trade.

[System] Player Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud has requested a trade.  Yes/No.


After the trade window opened, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud put three things in.  Love Lunch Box Contract Skills, Life and Death Contract Skills, and as well as a Christmas Red Elk Coat!

God!  It turned out to be a limited coat where there was only one available!  In her memory, this was a special set that was released last Christmas.

There was only this one set, which one man and woman must buy at the same time, trying to grab it at midnight.

In her memory, the original host also tried to grab this dress late at night, but it was a pity that it was taken by someone since her hand speed wasn’t fast enough.

She had thought that the person who had bought it would show it in the world chat and then she would ask to buy it at a high price.

But it was a pity that the person who bought this limited set had never appeared.

At least until now, this set had never appeared in the «Like Summer Flowers» server!

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: So these clothes were bought by you back then!

Luo Qing Chen had a stunned expression, alright?  The great god actually had the hobby of instant killing limited sets!

No wonder she didn’t know who bought it back then at all!

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Un.

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: But I can’t wear this limited set at all!

Although she had a hobby of collecting rare fashion items, the male set was taken by the great god.  What did he mean by giving her the female set, did he want her to change genders?

This game «Heavenly Sword» seemed to have this function, the market seemed to sell a ‘Gender Changing Card’.

You can have an older sister or a loli!

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Keep it first, it might have a use in the future.

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Alright……

Other than her changing genders, she didn’t think it would ever have any uses.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Of those two skill books, the [Love Lunch Box] is a buff potion and the other [Life and Death] is a skill that can summon me at any time.  Both of them are contract skills.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes lit up.  She didn’t even think as she first opened the [Life and Death] Skill Book.

After all, this gave her a sense of safety of having a great god follow her at any time!

But after that, the orders from the angry roaring voice in YY scared her.

That incomparably powerful voice that seemed like it was ripping that person’s throat apart roared out: Press in, press in——

In an instant, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud used his [Flying Sword] mount.  He pulled Luo Qing Chen onto it and they wildly charged onto the battlefield.

They charged onto the frontlines and jumped down together with tacit understanding, killing their way onto the battlefield.

Other than the passionate singing voice in YY, the commanding voice became even more excited as he roared out: Nurse, heal!  Tank, block them! Flowing Light, kill the CC player! Void Jade, use your big move! Flowing Light, directly charge in with [Flashy Scattered Blades]!

After that, a row of players charged forward.

On this large scale battlefield, both sides charged at each other.

While everyone’s blood was surging from playing, there was a horn that caught Luo Qing Chen’s attention.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Damn, father is here!

Bai Yan Nian was currently in a simple internet cafe near the Royal Feast Restaurant, sitting beside a large uncle who had his legs crossed and smelling the air filled with smoke.  But to get into the Territory Battle as soon as possible, he endured it!

[World] Only Love Young Master: Young Master, you’re finally on.  I missed you.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Baby, I’m here!  Mua, mua!

Luo Qing Chen on the other side of the computer couldn’t help feeling nauseous!  God! How could there be such a person in this world!

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