Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 25)

It had to be said, «Sword World»’s command truly was powerful.  After all, of the skills of the experts, «Drunken Dream Land»’s Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud should be the best.

Luo Qing Chen was standing in the back of the party, changing between light and dark forms.  While dealing damage, she didn’t forget to heal herself.

This was because she felt that during this Territory Battle, Sweet Smile should only have Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud in her eyes.  She belonged to the category of being given no support at all.

[System] Warning!  Player Only Love Young Master is currently using the [Blue Bird] Skill to attack you.

Damn!  Is there a problem with this Only Love Young Master!  Going red name during a Territory Battle?

Normally speaking, once guilds were set to hostile, one could attack as soon as the other side entered their territory, so there was no need to go red name.

After that, she locked onto Only Love Young Master.  She appeared beside her and instantly used the [Soul Ban] before exploding three [Soul Beads] on her, leaving her with only a sliver of HP.

But who would have thought that in an instant, there would be a flash of pink light beside Only Love Young Master before Demonic Year Young Master appeared right beside her.

Ai, looking for a helper!

The instant Demonic Year Young Master saw Luo Qing Chen, he used a Rage Pill and sent the big move [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall] at her position.

Luo Qing Chen immediately used [Void Flow] to change positions with Only Love Young Master, this noob, before she activated her [Invincible Nirvana] to wildly heal up.

The instant she recovered her HP, several high level members from «Sword World» had surrounded her.

She still had a [Soul Mirror] CC removal skill in her hand at this moment, but with how many people there were, she would still probably die.

The main group was quite ahead of them, so there was no one here to heal her and let her deal damage.

She suddenly felt a bit unwilling.  If she had a Nurse, she would still have a chance to win.

[World] Only Love Young Master: The shame you have given me, I will systematically return it to you.

The instant the words appeared in the world chat channel, her [Invincible Nirvana] had run out.  The Templar tank next to her wanted to use a [Thunder God Thousand Crack] on her and she could do nothing at all.

But if she were to die in the end, she had to die with everything she had.

She used a [Soul Mirror] to release Demonic Year Young Master’s CC skill.  She then locked down Only Love Young Master and used several Unparalleled Skills, systematically slamming them onto Only Love Young Master.

In less than half a second, Only Love Young Master fell down dead.

[Nearby] Only Love Young Master: Damn.  A kind of man who loves killing little girls, you truly are shameless.

Only Love Young Master didn’t forget to complain in the nearby chat before falling dead.  Because she didn’t dodge all the skills, she only had a sliver of HP left.

In that moment, a Light Blade with red eyes charged over, planning to release a large skill.

She gave a shrug and revealed a helpless smile.  When she planned to take her hands off the keyboard, her HP bar above her head was instantly filled.

She was stunned for a minute before pressing down on the teleport skill that had come off cooldown, sending her to a safe place.

In that moment, a figure wearing a large red elk outfit appeared in front of her before it charged out at Demonic Year Young Master.

Without saying anything, he instantly cast a Three Star Unparalleled Skill and killed him.

With how fast he was, even Luo Qing Chen didn’t see it clearly.

She looked around on the screen and didn’t see Sweet Smile or any other Nurses.

Then who had healed her just now?

While she was filled with curiosity, she opened the battle log.  There was a pink notification that caught her eye.

[Battle] Your contracted Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud has used [Forever and Ever], healing fifty two thousand HP.

Ha?  WTF, what skill is [Forever and Ever]?

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