Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 23)

Since the ones who took Central State last week was «Sword World», their main point this time was defense.

What «Drunken Dream Land» needed to do was attack!

Luo Qing Chen turned off her cell phone that kept ringing.  She took a large sip of several tapioca pearls and sat up, waiting for the command to come.

She heard a grand voice giving commands in the YY chat: First team will attack [Central State], second team will guard [Rock Hammer], and the third team will attack a small point.  Don’t touch [Eastern Sea].

Last week, «Drunken Dream Land» took the [Rock Hammer] large point, so the second team only needed to guard it.

As for the reason why they didn’t attack [Eastern Sea], it was mainly because the «Scattered Falling Flowers» guild had an alliance with the «Drunken Dream Land» guild.

But this was not the main point.  The main point was that Luo Qing Chen had already crushed the [Godly Thousand Miles] and used the [Pink Gold] Wings worth twenty eight thousand RMB, as she charged towards [Central State]

“Ding dong——”  The moment she fell down, there came a contracted message.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: You’re not changing your title?

Luo Qing Chen was stunned.  She looked at the incomparably overwhelming [Hanging Cloud Battle God] over her character’s head, she couldn’t help sitting in a daze.

What was wrong with this title?  She felt it was quite handsome! Only the top three of the arena had this title, alright?

Top three?  That meant that Demonic Year Young Master also had this title!

No, she couldn’t use it!

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Alright, I’ll change it!

After that, she changed her title to the another unique title of the «Like Summer Flowers» server, the [Treasure Pavilion’s Pavilion Master].

This title came from your collection of equipment, accessories, mounts, and wings in the game.  For someone like Luo Qing Chen who cared about beauty and fashion, she felt it was very suitable!

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Eh——

Mu Qian Liu on the other side of the screen slightly knit his brows.  He thought: This little girl really……She didn’t understand style!

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: How about it, isn’t this great?

There was no copy of this title in the entire server!  How wasn’t it great?

[Action] Player Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud has used the princess carry on you!

She saw her computer screen suddenly shake and she could no longer move it up or down.

Looking closely, at this moment, a handsome young scholar like her was being carried by a man with two large swords on his back.

Actually, it looked a bit awkward.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Change to match mine.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned, as her gaze locked onto the space above Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s head.   After that, her face couldn’t help turning red.

He was using the contract title, Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust · A pair for eternity.

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Ah?  Alright……

She couldn’t help feeling a bit shy, but she still changed her title.  Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud · A pair for eternity.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Un.  A contracted can use a princess carry without asking for permission.

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Ah!  Alright. I haven’t made a contract before, so I’m not to clear on this.  So, what else can be done?

After that, she was filled with incomparable regret from her question.

This was because the sudden notification made her tremble.

[Action] Player Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud has used princess carry kiss on you!

As the name suggests, a kiss while being held in a princess carry!

This action was incredible smooth.

The only problem was that two men were doing this kind of thing not that far away from [Central State].

If it sounded good, it was a beautiful love between men.  If it sounded bad……It was eye piercing!

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