Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 10)

A ten men dungeon with five people in each small team.

Demonic Year Young Master was in a small team with Western Reed Song, but once Life Written in Water who he was married to came to the team, he put Life Written in Water into his team and gave Western Reed Song to Luo Qing Chen!

Aiya, this kind of team really messed with her mind.  Should she deal damage or should she heal herself?

The first and second boss were considered quite smooth, after all, she made up for 60% of the damage off the second team!

This meant that other than the two Nurses, the remaining seven people of the ten men group couldn’t deal as much damage as her alone!

This was simply crazy!  There was a problem with Demonic Year Young Master’s real play, he could reach the top three with this kind of damage?

She!  Didn’t!  Believe it!

[Team] Demonic Year Young Master: The Flowing Light isn’t going on YY?

Ze, ze, Luo Qing Chen on the other side of the computer couldn’t help raising her brow.

Demonic Year Young Master directly called out the name of her job and had this kind of tone, this was simply trying to start something!?

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Begin.

This kind of precise and simple word wasn’t giving the other side face at all.

[Team] Demonic Year Young Master: If it OTs (The boss’ aggro is taken by the highest DPS), what do we do?

Normally speaking, a team had a tank who blocked the boss in front and a Nurse who healed that tank.  But if there was a DPS with high damage, there was the chance of taking the boss’ aggro and letting the boss target them instead.

Because Luo Qing Chen’s damage was too high, the last two bosses almost went OT, so Demonic Year Young Master asked this question.

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: I’ll heal myself.

Is there a problem?  Why was he healing himself?

[Team] Demonic Year Young Master: You’re not dealing damage?

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Can you deal as much as me?


This Demonic Year Young Master was treating Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust as a romantic rival, but Luo Qing Chen didn’t know if it was because of Life Written in Water or if it was because of Western Reed Song.

[Team] Western Reed Song: Then start the boss!  The main tank will do his best to draw aggro and not let Eastern Painted OT!

Seeing the gunpowder in the team become stronger, Western Reed Song quickly spoke up!  She was afraid that both these high level tyrants would leave her!

Actually, properly speaking, the one that made it easiest to pull the boss’ aggro away was Demonic Year Young Master’s Void Jade job since his [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall] dealt instant damage.

It was a pity that his skills were lacking!

However, they fought the third boss nine times and they still didn’t pass it!

The reason was basically the same, it was a problem with the Nurse!

As the third boss was the final boss of the [Ten Men Great Wall High Level Dungeon], it had relatively special skills!

This boss would gain another level of its buff every time a person died and if you used the [Soul Stone] (Resurrection item) and died again, the boss would gain another level of the buff.

Once the boss’ buff reached level ten, its damage was heaven defying!  Not to mention that every time, once it reached level fifteen, the boss’ damage was something even Luo Qing Chen couldn’t resist.

[Team] Life Written in Water: Second team’s Nurse, can you just lay there (Not resurrecting after dying)?

Luo Qing Chen knew that they were all in YY, so there was only a single reason why they were typing!

The YY room must be very awkward, so there was no one speaking!

[Team] Western Reed Song: Wu, I don’t know much since I haven’t played for a long time, I’ve caused trouble for you all!

Luo Qing Chen trembled on the other side of the computer.  Her stomach would churn if she was facing such a direct little white flower, alright?

[Team] Demonic Year Young Master: It’s fine, Reed Song, you just lay there!  There is a period of time where the boss is invincible and it is relatively difficult with the Nurse gaining aggro from healing during this time.  You’re new to this, you’re quite good.

[Team] Life Written in Water: As a Nurse, your healing isn’t even as good as a Flowing Light in light form?  I really don’t know what is good about your playing.

Si——Everyone took a cold breath!  This was directly insulting someone!

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