Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 9)

“Ding dong——”  There was the sound of a friend’s message again, but the one sending it wasn’t Life Written in Water, but rather Western Reed Song.

[PM] Western Reed Song: Great god, do you want to come clear the [Great Wall Dungeon]?  We are missing one person!

Luo Qing Chen slightly narrowed her eyes and opened the world team list to see Western Reed Song’s team.

She was indeed in the same team as Demonic Year Yong Master!

Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled into a faint smile as she sent out a meaningful sentence on the keyboard.

[PM] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: I want to bring a Nurse, is there still a space?

The Nurse she was talking about was naturally Ye Qing Mo.  After all, to complete this relationship dismantling task, she had to let the madame and the mistress meet first!

Ye Ying Ge in front of the computer hesitated a bit.  When did Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust have a set Nurse (Someone who plays together regularly), how did she not know about this!

She wanted to reach the great god of the rankings, but she had gotten off to a bad start.

The first one she wanted to hook was naturally the number one Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, but even though she was the “number one beauty”, Great God Thousand Snow didn’t even add her as a friend!

After her countless PMs and friend requests were rejected, she changed her name to Western Reed Song.  She decided to change her target and aimed for another great god!

Of course, while preparing to hook Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, she also planned on hooking the married Demonic Year Young Master.

The so called a good plan has no holes that can be dug out.  If she failed again on the path of Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, she had another Demonic Year Young Master she could work hard on!

After all, she heard that Demonic Year Young Master loved beauties and the Life Written in Water wasn’t as beautiful as her!

The title as the “number one beauty” wasn’t just an empty boast!

[PM] Western Reed Song: Alright!  I’ll kick someone!

Ye Ying Ge hesitated again and in the end, to let her have some more time with Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, she agreed to let her bring a Nurse!

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust has joined the team.

[Team] Life Written in Water has joined the team.

In that instant, the atmosphere of the team became awkward!  But to this kind of awkwardness, Luo Qing Chen was very satisfied!

This was because she was very satisfied!

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Begin.

When everyone was strangely silent, Luo Qing Chen spoke in the team channel with an incomparable domineering tone.

To be honest, she even felt she was a bit handsome!  No wonder she was the male god of so many little girls!

[System notification] Do you wish to enter the Great Wall High Level Dungeon?  Yes/No!

Luo Qing Chen moved the mouse and clicked yes.

Even with the team leader balancing the team, the Great Wall High Level Dungeon in «Heavenly Sword» was only a level fifty nine dungeon.  Luo Qing Chen was currently at the max level of seventy nine, this properly speaking was completely crushing the dungeon!

But this was a high level dungeon.

The so called high level dungeon was that if the boss of the dungeon didn’t die within fifteen minutes, it would go berserk and it could deal thirty thousand damage with each hit.  It would normally instant kill players and even with Nurses, one could hold at most for two hits!

Even if it was a level fifty nine high level dungeon, it required top level equipment to finish, as well as the team to have a tacit understanding and good cooperation!

Normally speaking, they would use YY voice chat for this kind of dungeon!

[TL Note: A reference to QQ voice chat.]

Therefore, after that.

[Team] Western Reed Song: Voice channel 19920619, come and listen for orders.

Luo Qing Chen only gave a cold snort, this kind of dungeon was only a trash dungeon that only needed four out of ten competent people in her eyes!  As long as there were three strong DPS and a single Nurse, they rest could all act dead!

Of course, if it was someone like Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, his job could also tank, so they would only need three competent people!

[Team] Life Written in Water: Finish this quickly, there’s still country battles at seven!

Luo Qing Chen could clearly feel the impatience Ye Qing Mo had against Ye Ying Ge, it seemed like she could see the abnormal relationship between Demonic Year Young Master and Western Reed Song……

After all, they were the leader and vice leader of the team, even a fool could see through this, alright?

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