Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 11)

[Team] Demonic Year Young Master: Alright!  What use is there in saying all this, start the boss!

These words were without a doubt standing up for Western Reed Song.  After all, in front of the person he was married to, Demonic Year Young Master was still siding with her.

As expected, people being beautiful meant they had capital.

After that, the tanks of the team charged at the boss.  The first skill the boss released was one that Western Reed Song couldn’t evade and it directly killed her.

With Western Reed Song dying, the second team didn’t have a Nurse and the DPS were lacking healing.

Luo Qing Chen could only switch between forms, healing herself while dealing damage.  She didn’t forget to occasionally look at the ‘damage dealt list’ in the top right corner.

As expected, she still ranked first with 40% of the team’s damage.

“Roar——”  The boss gave a roar.

After a damage dealer of the second team fell, the boss’ buff reached level ten and the main tank couldn’t hold on any longer!

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows.  After casting her Three Star Unparalleled Move, she attacked several times and there was only 1% left of the boss’ HP.

After that, the boss released an absolute killing skill.  Other than the Nurse Life Written in Water who had relatively high HP, the rest all fell to the ground.

Luo Qing Chen released her [Invincible Nirvana] and her fingers quickly typed a few words on the keyboard.

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Put Life Written in on the second team.

She was openly provoking Demonic Year Young Master.  After all, a person who was lying down didn’t have any right to go against a person that was still fighting the boss.

Demonic Year Young Master was very unwilling as he placed Life Written in Water on the second team.  He just saw that after Luo Qing Chen used her [Invincible Nirvana], she moved away from the boss before hitting the boss with [Soul Beads].  The instant they blew up, she took the set that belonged to her.

After that, before the team captain could say anything, Luo Qing Chen directly left the team.

A great god’s aloofness was being released in full!

“Ding dong——”

[PM] Western Reed Song: We’ve troubled Great God Eastern Painted!

Luo Qing Chen on the other side of the computer gave a cold snort and directly pressed the delete friend button.  She didn’t leave any face for Western Reed Song at all.

Since she had already thrown away this face, she would directly clash with them!

But she never would have thought that there would be an announcement in the world channel after a while.

[System announcement] Player Demonic Year Yong Master has forcefully cancelled his marriage.  He now vows to never see and never return to player Life Written in Water.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: I really did have blind golden dog eyes!

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes turned cold and she couldn’t help giving a cold snort.  She said to herself, “Ai, this preemptive move really isn’t bad!”

[Horn] Life Written in Water: The heavens can see what a person does.

[World] Western Reed Song: Stop arguing……It’s my fault.  Big sister Life Written, let me apologize to you. Don’t misunderstand, Young Master was only bringing me on a dungeon run.

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Is that so!?  You think I can’t see the strange relationship between you and Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust?

Ze, ze, ze, this Demonic Year Young Master had directly called out her name, did he really want to start something!

[Cross server/Like Summer Flowers] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Come and talk on the cross server channel.

This system clearly showed the difference between a tyrant and a poor person!  Demonic Year Young Master could still use a horn, but Western Reed Song could only pretend to be a poor girl in the world channel.

And she went directly into the cross server chat.

A single horn in the market cost ten Heavenly Coins (10 RMB), while a single cross server speaker cost a hundred Heavenly Coins (100 RMB) and it couldn’t be interrupted.

[World] Candy Consort: What is going on?  Young Master’s meaning is that Eastern Painted stole his wife?

[World] Song in the Clouds: It’s very clear!  But Western Reed Song’s words are a bit interesting!  I dare say that it was Young Master who hooked the ‘number one beauty’ first?

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: @Song in the Clouds, bastard, none of your damn business!

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  1. Is it common in CN MMOs to charge people for chatting??? Even in free MMOs I’ve seen I’ve never heard of a developer doing that…

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