Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Sir Ling Xiu’s side story (Part 3)

But I violated my own promise in the end, the promise that I would protect her for her entire life.

They used the chance when I headed to the Endless Temple to cast the forbidden Blood Curse Technique in the Star Palace!

Xi Ying, she actually did something like this!  She could actually become this ruthless!

Only the heavens knew how much pain was in my heart when I saw her in her snow white robes, being completely submerged in water.

The feeling of anger, coldness, regret, fear, and despair filled my body.  I would never forget it in my entire life.

I knew that I couldn’t remain here, I couldn’t let her be in any danger.  Even if I died, I could never let her die.

So I made my decision.  When I went to the Endless Temple to retrieve the Tranquil Breath Grass, I would also cast the ancient forbidden technique, Unbreakable Soul.  

Luckily I had a Beast God’s body, letting me use this kind of forbidden technique.

That way I would never leave before herr.  This way, no matter what happens in life, she would never leave me alone.

This way, in the years that I was alive, I could always be by her side.  Watching over her, pampering her, protecting her.

Without knowing why, the heavens loved playing jokes on my.

A hundred years ago, big sister sacrificed her soul to seal the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword and a hundred years later, she stole my position and did the same thing.

I didn’t blame her, but I wanted to know……

Why didn’t I die!

There was the ancient forbidden technique, there was the Unbreakable Soul, we should have died together!

Why did it lie to me, why did I have to bear this alone, why was it this cruel!

This world already had no meaning to me at all, I hated this world, completely hating it.

I drank large amounts of wine each day and for a moment, it could numb my mind and stop the pain I kept feeling.

But that in the end was only an instant.  Day and night, my mind was occupied by her figure, being surrounded by her smile.

I really didn’t want to live……

But when I was about to give up, Liu Guang told me the crown prince was asking for help.

Xi Ying figure suddenly appeared in my mind.  Big sister’s grudge with her hadn’t been resolved yet, how could I let her die……

No, I don’t want to live.  I want to kill all the Witch Race and sacrifice them to the dead.

After that, I would go with them.

But I never expected that after the heavens were so cruel to me, they actually finally looked out for me.

I stood at the foot of the sacrificial platform and looked at her in her pink immortal dress, while being surrounded by faint pink light.  My heart skipped a beat, filling with excitement like finding a lost treasure.

I didn’t even dare speak.  I was afraid that if I spoke, I would wake up like a dream.

But it was a good thing the dream stayed and she remained.

Only, she was a bit angry as she looked at me.  I knew why she was angry, she must think that I wanted to save Xi Ying.

However, I didn’t want to save her, I just didn’t want her to bring big sister’s face to hell.

Moreover, I didn’t want to dirty her hands.

I never thought that she was the Heaven Race’s little princess, falling to the mortal world was just one of her life’s trials.

She was passing her trial and I gave all my love to her.

I suddenly felt gratitude towards Ling Shuang, thank you for helping me set this engagement.

Thank you for letting me openly marry her, marrying the Heaven Race’s little princess that I dreamed about day and night.

No, she was just my Luo Qing Chen.

Everything scattered so easily, it truly was said.  Only one thing to say, wait for me in the next life.

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