Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Sir Ling Xiu’s side story (Part 2)

When we met again, I no longer remembered her.

The past disappeared like smoke.  I stood outside the Star Palace, looking at the bright moon in the sky and I revealed a helpless smile.

Life, it could actually be this boring.

Mo Bai sent me my favourite peach blossom soup.  The taste wasn’t bad, but after finishing it……

It was a bit hot.

I knew that there was something wrong with the peach blossom soup, but I didn’t know why I didn’t realize it. 

In the next instant, she shook her head as she appeared in front of me.  She had no spiritual energy at all, not hiding at all as she stuck her head into the room.

I felt my heart skip a beat and my heart that was warm instantly became boiling.

Who was this person?  She was wearing a white robe and had passed through the God Punishing Sword Array without any injuries, standing in front of me with a harmless appearance.

The worst thing was that my heart kept beating fast without a care.

All of my reason disappeared and I finally understood what big sister meant back when we were kids, where she told me about the trembling and desire one felt when meeting their loved one.

The terrifying drug made me kiss her and tightly hold her in my embrace.

This was my first time hugging a girl.  This feeling of squeezing together, I was actually unwilling to let go.

She said that she came to the Star Palace to take me as a master because of my high abilities and she said that she had passed through the God Punishing Sword Array because of her willpower……

God?!  Does she think I’m a fool?  Using this kind of lie that couldn’t even fool a three year old, how could she say it with such a straight face?

The most terrifying thing was that I wasn’t mad at all, rather I felt she was a bit cute.

The day the maids were being assigned, I who had never participated in these sacrificial ceremonies actually secretly ran over to watch.

When I saw Xi Ying use her spiritual energy to change the palace she was assigned to, there was a trace of heart that suddenly filled my heart.  I didn’t even think, as spiritual energy left the tip of my finger and headed to the plaque.

There was a bit of satisfaction in my heart, I would see her again……

Only, she really was someone who loved trouble and chaos.

But after she came to the Star Palace, it seemed to be filled with life.  Even Mo Bai who didn’t like talking to maids came to especially like her.

Sometimes when I inadvertently saw her smiling and chatting with Mo Bai, there was an indescribable feeling in my heart.

Not to mention her so called destined husband, Su Ye.

I couldn’t control the anger inside me, as well as that faint heartache.  I hated her talking to another man, smiling at another man. Not to mention Su Ye even hugged her.

He actually hugged her!?

I was so angry that I directly changed the pattern of the God Punishing Sword Array, deliberately pushing her to Su Ye.

Actually, I just wanted her to care about me, smile at me.  Telling me that there was nothing between her and Mo Bai.

Perhaps she could even say to me that she only loved me……

Or perhaps after a night, I would miss her very much and personally go pick her up.

But I never thought that she would charge into the God Punishing Sword Array without any hesitation.

I went to her side as fast as possible, but she was already covered in blood, falling into my embrace being covered in wounds.

Seeing her pale face and the blood that was almost dry, I felt my heart fill with a pain like it was being twisted.

In that moment, I knew that I loved the person in my embrace.  She controlled all of my thoughts.

I was unwilling to move even a half a step away from her.  Unwilling to see her being injured or feeling sad.

I thought that I would always be by her side in this life.

All the way until death, all the way into the afterlife.

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