Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Little theater side story

In the dark Chaos Space, there was an extra faint blue light that lingered there.

System notification: It’s very afraid alright!?

Ling Xiu just casually stood there and released super powerful spiritual energy, making the system stand there patting its little chest as it asked its most favourite ten questions!

[System: A special report with the magnificent Beast God filled with love who has just arrived on stage, the system is very excited!  Everyone use your empty voices to welcome the most handsome, elegant, cold, and infatuating «Abstinent Beast God» world’s male lead, sir Ling Xiu!]

Hu, hu, hu, hu——A cold breeze blew through the Chaos Space, ending the system’s introduction!

[“Hello, sir Ling Xiu.”]

“Un, hello.”

[“First question: When you saw her in the Profound Ice Grave, did you think she was a bad person?”]

“I was still a fool back then, how could I know!”

[Fools also have their own thoughts!]

“Eh——Back then, I felt that as long as I protected her, she would be mine.”

System’s voice over: I hate being fed dog food directly like this.

[“Second question: Why did you change the assigned palace on her plaque at the sacrifice ceremony?  (Please give me a bit less dog food)”]

“My girl, I’ll protect her myself.  Why would I give her to other people?”

Truly so!  So overbearing!

[“Third question: Who is the person you hated the most in this world?”]

“Is there even a need to ask?”

[……No need, the system knows it’s Xi Ying.]

No, it’s Su Ye!  So even though I knew the Marrow Cleansing Pill would have a double effect on him, but I didn’t say anything!  He should be even taller than Mo Bai right now!

This system is scared, is there anyone who can help this system ask the questions?

……A deathly silence!

[“Fourth question: What did you feel the first time you kissed her?”

“Desperately trying to control the feeling inside that wanted her!  I thought about it after, if I didn’t use my spiritual energy to control myself after taking off her belt, she wouldn’t have been in so much pain!”

[You mean that you want to do ¥#%%……¥#%% with her?]

“I think you don’t want to be a system anymore, right?  You want to be shattered to pieces, right?”

[Sorry, this system is still a baby, sir Ling Xiu will definitely choose to forgive it!]

So terrifying, quickly apologize!

[“Fifth question: Many people think that your emotions for Ling Yao is very deep, is there any difference between Ling Yao and her?”]

“Familial love and love.  These are different kinds of emotions, they can’t be compared.”

[“Sixth question: When was your most vulnerable time?”]

“When she sacrificed herself to the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword.  When the Exquisite Ring pushed my away, my world turned blank.”

[“Seventh question: Do you like the mortal her or the princess her?”]

“Mortal!  Because I could always protect her.  She didn’t need my protection anymore after she became the princess, my heart was filled with discomfort!”

[“Eighth question: What do you think is the most domineering thing you’ve ever done?”

“Connecting to her with the Unbreakable Soul.  I vaguely remember the look she had back then, that kind of feeling!  Actually, I enjoyed it very much! After all, I died together with her, it was the happiest thing in my life.”

This!  System!  Hates!  Eating!  Dog!  Food!

[“Ninth question: You lived together for ten thousand years, scattering dog food and not arguing at all.  Didn’t you feel bored?”]

The system felt a cold aura, but it still had to ask this question!

“I just want to know, why wasn’t it a hundred thousand years or an eternity?”

System, three seconds!

[“Tenth question: Ke, ke, say something to her!”]

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.  Life after life, the cycle will never end.”

Ai, thank you for feeding everyone who hadn’t had enough.

[I now solemnly announced that the interview of the «Abstinent Beast God» world’s male lead, sir Ling Xiu is over.]

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 3/100]

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