Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Sir Ling Xiu’s side story (Part 1)

Endless joy in life and no regret in death.  Are you willing to save me in the next life? ——Ling Xiu

When I was born, my father and mother were no longer by my side.  My father was locked in the Heaven Race’s prison and my mother wandered in an immortal mountain, thinking of ways to save father.

Since I was young, I lived with Ling Shuan and big sister Ling Yao.  Big sister was very gentle. Perhaps it was because our mother was not by our side, so she was very protective of me and Ling Shuang, always treating us very well.

Big sister told me that there were more men than women among the Beast Race of this world.  Therefore, if I see a female after heading out, I should take the chance and make her my other half.

But I found out after growing up that big sister’s words weren’t right.

As long as I went out, there would be females confessing to me.  No matter where I went, I was the center of attention.

Just this angered Ling Shuang to death.

But he was the big brother that loved me, until……

The Sacrificial Spiritual Sword’s seal broke and big sister sacrificed herself to the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword.

Everything happened too quickly, so fast that I couldn’t even react before big sister no longer existed.

I hated myself and I knew Ling Shuang also hated me.

That day, the sky was red and purple.  After a reverberating sound, the entire Endless Temple fell into a deathly silence.

The person I saw at that time was someone who looked exactly the same as big sister.

She silently looked at me, using big sister’s voice to ask me if I wanted to leave with her.

Actually, I knew in the depths of my heart that this person was not big sister, but in that moment, my heart and my eyes were blinded.

I thought that even staying by the side of this person who looked the same as big sister was fine.

Only when Ling Shuang attacked Phoenix Feather City did I finally awaken.  In the end, it was my fault.

Xi Ying was not Ling Yao and I could tell from Ling Shuang’s eyes that he hated Xi Ying.

For him to hate a person like this, it must be related to big sister.  My guess is that when the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword’s seal was broken, perhaps it was related to the Witch Race or even Xi Ying.

My heart was suddenly filled with guilt.  Actually, with my spiritual power, I could block Ling Shuang’s Divine Law Bead, but in that moment, I was a bit disgusted.

I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong.  Perhaps if I died, I could meet big sister and find out the truth……

No matter how much care or love there was, the only thing left would be someone crying at a grave.

The first time I saw her was in the ice mountain’s Profound Ice Grave.  It was a pity that I didn’t have a heart at that time and didn’t remember anything, appearing in front of her just like a fool.

Her blade was fast and she was covered in blood, but her eyes were still clear in that moment.  Without knowing why, the her of that moment seemed like she was glowing.

There was only one thing in my mind.  I wanted to protect her, I definitely wouldn’t let her be hurt.

I blocked all the attacks for her, falling into her embrace covered in wounds.  Without knowing why, I was very attached to that feeling. With the faint aura coming from her, I forgot the pain all over my body.

Actually, I knew that she had the Nether Flame, the thing that could kill me.  But I closed my eyes, unwilling to leave her side.

I suddenly felt very foolish, like the fool she called me.

But she destroyed the Nether Flame in the end and patted my head as she said beside my ear, “My name is Luo Qing Chen.  I have no family, no lover, no one to protect me like you. If we can make it out of this alive, how about you marry me?”

My heart trembled and my lips curved slightly as I gave a slight nod.  I didn’t know if she could see it, but I really wanted to marry her.

I didn’t know if she would dislike me.  I was a fool without a heart……

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