Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 — Yang Xue

When Zi Moyan returned to Yang Jing’s home, she saw Dazhu and Yang Jing discussing something, their expressions grave. She wanted to go have a look, but her path was blocked by Yang Yuwei.

Yang Yuwei circled Zi Moyan, looking here and there thinking: This man looked just like a penniless pauper, he probably just wants to stay here and freeload. Hmph!

The disdain in her beautiful eyes become more evident at the thought. “I say, you’re but a penniless doctor. Don’t you see my Father discussing the country’s affairs with the esteemed Prime Minister? Why are you wandering around when you should be staying obediently in your room? Don’t go disturbing others when you haven’t even looked at yourself.”

“I’m not interested in what they are discussing, it’s you who’s blocking my path.” Zi Moyan’s face was emotionless. She didn’t even give a glance to Yang Xue as if she was nothing but empty air.

“You—!” Yang Yuwei was enraged. Wasn’t he nothing but a penniless doctor? He actually dared to treat her like this. Che, she’ll have him on his knees sooner or later. Just wait until she became the Prime Minister’s wife. Would pinching him then be like pinching an ant to death?

Zi Moyan walked around Yang Yuwei, whose face was turning purple then green, heading towards the west wing. There was a girl of light purple robes standing in front of her residence. The beautiful, light purple figure standing under the ginkgo tree seemed to merge with the surrounding scenery. It was a sight to behold. Seeing the many ginkgo leaves that were sticking to her collar, one could tell that the girl had been standing there for some time.

When the girl heard the approaching footsteps, she immediately turned. A pair of purple eyes as beautiful as crystals locked on the gradually closing in Zi Moyan. “You have returned, Young Master.”

“What did Miss Yang Xue come to see me for?” Zi Moyan asked blandly as she  looked at the other.

When Yang Xue heard Zi Moyan identify her as Yang Xue and not mistaking her for her younger sister Yang Yue, astonishment flickered through her purple eyes. “You actually recognize me? You didn’t confuse me with my little sister?”

“You and your little sister are identical in appearance, but your auras and inner hearts are completely different from each other, so it isn’t that difficult to differentiate you two.”

Hearing Zi Moyan’s reply, a smile appeared in Yang Xue’s purple eyes, her expression soften by a lot as well. “Young Master really does have good eyesight.”

“Why did Miss Yang Xue come to look for me and to even wait this long for?”

“I came only to tell Young Master that if you need anything, do not hesitate to tell Yang Xue. This is to thank Master Zi’s kindness for saving my little sister.”

Zi Moyan had a favorable impression towards this rather steady Yang Xue, therefore, her tone softened many folds. “The Miss is considerate, I’ll let you know if I ever do need something. Your sister’s illness isn’t too much of problem anymore, so there won’t be any repercussions. She’ll only need to properly get rested, is all.”

“En, thank you Young Master. I will be leaving first then.” It was only after Yang Xue left did Zi Moyan noticed the purple handkerchief dropped on the ground. It was probably Yang Xue’s — she must have dropped it when she wasn’t paying attention just now.

She picked up the handkerchief and unfold it to see a strange, circular pattern embroidered on it. On the pattern were a pair of silver white flood dragons revolving around a blue colored flame at the center.

When Zi Moyan saw this pattern, she frowned slightly. Pursing her lips, she put away the handkerchief before entering her room.

It looks like she must find an opportunity to return the handkerchief to her.

Without realizing it, it has been a month since she’d arrived at Yan Yang City. Within this month, the most interesting thing to see was Dazhu and Yang Jing arguing every day because of the flooding problem. Just this morning, Zi Moyan was woken up by the two people’s quarrelling.

“Prime Minister, sir, you have already been here for a month, how should we tackle the flooding problem? If this were to drag on, I won’t be able to give a justifiable account to Yan Yang City’s people!”

“What are you so tied up in a knot for? This official naturally has a way to deal with the flooding. What you should be doing is to let this Prime Minister eat well, sleep well, and then have your family’s third miss married to me.”

“Esteemed Prime Minister, what are you joking about? This…”

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