Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 — [No Title]

“May I know the Young Master’s surname? What are you called?” Yang Jing asked lightly as he looked at Zi Moyan. “Where do you live?”

“I am surnamed Zi, called Yan. I am but a wandering traveler, I don’t have a fixed place for a home.” Zi Moyan did not tell him of her real name, because she knew that as the Yan Yang CIty Lord and with the Imperial Court sending her here to deal with the flood problem, Yang Jing would naturally have heard of her name. If she said it out directly, then it would blow her cover.

“Oh, Zi Yan, this is a good name.” Yang Jing laughed, he then took the opportunity when no one was paying attention to secretly throw a look at Yang Qi standing by the side. With a look of revelation, Yang Qi sneakily left after receiving the signal.

Yang Jing picked up the wine cup, offering Zi Moyan a salute with his face filled with genuine gratitude.. “Many thanks to Young Master Zi for saving my daughter, allowing her to avoid this struggle. Humble Yang is really, extremely grateful!”

“It was just a lift of my hand, City Lord Yang needn’t be so courteous.”

After dinner, Yang Jing gave the incessantly bashful daughter of his a look. “Yue’er, you having a narrow escape from danger this time was all thanks to Young Master Zi. Quickly lead Young Master Zi to the west wing where he’ll be staying. Along the way, you can properly thank this Young Master.”

“En, okay.” Yang Yue snuck a glance at the young man’s handsome side countenance, her face flushing slightly. Such a bright, quick-witted young man with his perfectly carved face and jade-white skin, any human would be captivated with a look, right?

On the way, neither of them spoke. Yang Yue only snuck glances at the young man from time to time. Seeing the coldness at the end of his brows and black carnelian-like eyes suffusing a clear-cold light, her young heart skipped a beat. Immediately lowering her head, a wave of disappointment washed over her, did he not like her? Otherwise, why wouldn’t he talk to her?

“That, Young Master Zi, do you not like Yue’er?”

Zi Moyan, who was previously mulling over an issue, had her train of thought interrupted. She couldn’t make heads or tales from Yang Yue’s question, but her face was still that of indifference. “No, you’re thinking too much, Miss.”

Seeing Zi Moyan’s expression of keeping people a distance of thousands of miles away, mist started to collect in her big, round eyes. “Then why is Young Master being so cold to me? Isn’t this called dislike?”

“…” Zi Moyan didn’t expect this. She had only not spoke, but it managed to hurt someone’s feelings??

“Miss, Zi Yan has always been like this, so please give give me”

Yang Yue blinked, the grief on her face swept clean in an instant. She could sense it, his gaze landed on her body, she had managed to catch his attention. She felt happy inside, but incessantly bashful as well with her flushed red and her heartbeat couldn’t help but increase. “It’s fine.”

Her quiet voice was like that of a mosquito. If it wasn’t for Zi Moyan’s remarkable martial arts and astonishing hearing, the latter wouldn’t have even been able to hear Yang Yue’s two-word response.

They kept walking until they arrived at the west wing, which was also the place Zi Moyan was staying tonight. This residence was split into the east and west wings. The east side was where the womenfolk and Yang Jing reside in, while the west side was for guests — Dazhu stayed in the west side as well.

Yang Yue lead him in a roundabout way, but they still arrived at the designated place pretty quickly. “We’ve arrived at the west wing, you’ll be staying here temporarily. Actually, it wouldn’t be a problem if you stay a few more days.”

When she spoke up to this point, her little face flushed red again, feeling a bit embarrassed. How could she say these kind of embarrassing words? However, she really did hope that he could stay longer, better if he never leaves.

“En, thank you, Miss. Please go back, Zi Yan won’t be seeing you off.” Zi Moyan didn’t notice there was something wrong with her, because unmarried daughters of aristocratic families in the olden times were originally extremely bashful when interacting with males, only then would they be this awkward and reserved. Zi Moyan didn’t think too much on it as she entered her room without looking back.

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