Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 — Substitute In As the Doctor

It was only at Yang Qi’s reminder did Dazhu take note of the incomparably handsome young man standing by Yang Qi’s side. He was too concerned just now that he hadn’t paid any attention. Only now did he notice that this young man was, perhaps, a bit too stunning — even more stunning than that third young miss. How was this going to let burly men like them continue on living?

He only inwardly muttered for a moment before immediately remembering that his sweetheart was still sick and hastily called the young man out. “Since young master, you understand medicine, then hurry and go have a look at the third miss, Miss Yang.”

Yang Qi felt it inapt when he saw that the Prime Minister was this forthright as to drag the man straight to the young miss, so he blocked the way. “Prime Minister, sir, I haven’t reported this to Master yet.”

“Do you know what time it is now?” Seeing Yang Qi blocking him, Dazhu’s face distorted in anger. “Human life is beyond value, but you’re still ‘Master’?!” He didn’t bother with Yang Qi’s obstruction, dragged Zi Moyan by the collar, and headed in the direction of the inner rooms.

“This – This…” Yang Qi sighed lightly, unable to stop him. Forget it, curing the young miss’s illness was the most important anyhow.

In the ancient times, unknown men could only enter a boudoir of one’s family after getting the consent from the master of that house. Otherwise, it would be considered as impertinent. After all, this was an unmarried girl’s room, it wasn’t somewhere one can go in as one liked.

Under Dazhu’s forceful dragging, Zi Moyan arrived inside of the third young miss’s room. This girl didn’t have many things in her room, but there were not few either — jewelry, a mirror, a wooden table, stools, and various kinds of products were all there. Because it was a temporary lodging, none of the products were properly placed. And since this was a girl’s private room, there would inevitably be a light fragrance circulating the air.

There weren’t a lot of people in the room — Yang Jing, the pink-robed Yang Yuwei, and the light purple-robed Yang Xue were all huddled in front of Yang Yue’s bed. As for the person lying on bed, her charming face was as white as paper, causing people‘s hearts to squeeze up.

Each and every person’s expression was different, Yang Jing could be said as anxious to the point of sweating. Seeing his precious daughter unconscious with no sign of waking up, how could he not be anxious? Yan Yang City had a huge pile of work that he hasn’t dealt with yet, and now there was a problem with his daughter as well. They have seen so many doctors, but it was no use. He was now so distressed that he was like a cat on a hot tin roof!

Yang Yuwei, however, looked as though she was watching a play. Seeing the unconscious Yang Yue, there was a look of schadenfreude on her powder-filled face.In her opinion, it didn’t matter whether or not Yang Yue woke up — it would be even better that she didn’t!

Yang Xue was rather calm, but that hint of worry lingering within her purple eyes betrayed her inner thoughts.

Yang Jing had been depressed before, but when Yang Jing saw the Prime Minister casually bringing an unknown male and entering his daughter’s room just like this, he was even more resentful. If it was not for the man being the Prime Minister, Yang Jing might have just downright called someone to chase the man off.

“Your esteemed Prime Minister,” His tone was completely discourteous, revealing his impatience. “What are you doing?”

“City Lord Yang,” Dazhu didn’t mind Yang Jing’s rudeness, but hastily explained instead. “This little brother knows some medicine, he might be able to cure the third miss’s illness if he was to take a look!”

Once Yang Jing heard that the young man knew medicine, it was like he had managed to grasp onto the last strand of hope. Currently, everyone was helpless against this crisis, so they could only resort to giving medicine to a dead horse [1]. Who knows, this young man might really be able to cure Yue’er.

Yang Jing’s dissatisfaction was swept clean, promptly gestured for this Zi Moyan to come to Yang Yue’s bed and let him have a look.


[1]死马当活马医: Proverb, means to keep trying everything in a desperate situation — as long as there was the smallest of chance (as long as it wasn’t 0), it would be worth a try.

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