Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – Cold-Hearted

Zi Moyan stated insipidly, “This First Miss Beauty is, of course, beautiful like an immortal. Although she belongs to a brothel, but she possesses a fresh, simple yet elegant temperament; a natural beauty with outstanding talents – she is fully deserving of being the First Miss Beauty!”

This was, in fact, her true thoughts. Every first-rate subordinate under her were all picked from the garbage heap of beggars four years ago, at the time when they were still young.

She had seen through the uniqueness in each and every one of them, hence she added more effort into nurturing them.

They were her confidants, and as of today, every one of them were hegemons of their area. Yue Lengxin, for example, was the Palace Lord of Moon Spirit, who was feared by all in the Jianghu. Her every aspect caused Zi Moyan to be very satisfied.

After listening to Zi Moyan praise someone else, Murong Tianchen’s face was getting more and more ugly. His eyes even changed to a blood-red color, it was as fearful and terrifying as the Asura arriving……

He likes her, he actually like someone else!

Never mind that Zi Moyan didn’t take notice of the consideration Murong Tianchen showed, but to think ‘he’ took fancy to someone from the red-light district!

“You like her?” His voice was as hoarse as a devil’s, hiding restrained anger in it.

Liu De distinctly felt the temperature drop sharply. This Emperor’s dark aura was even more – uh…… it seemed that he might die a very miserable death……

Once he thought of the future, he had the urge to run into the wall. Dear Gods, please come save him!

Zi Moyan noticed the man acting differently from normal, and his question pulled her up short. Could it be that he really does like Lengxin, hence the jealousy?

It would be better if she clear things up.Thinking up to this point, Zi Moyan answered with a shake of her head. “No, Your Majesty. Your Subject doesn’t like her, nor do I like anyone else either.”

In regards to love, her stance was rather indifferent. Even in her previous life, she didn’t have much interest in it at all.

In her previous life, all of her attention was on how to cure her younger sister Menghan.

It was also because of this that she was extremely successful in her career. She was crowned as a cold-hearted queen back then, not even having one boyfriend at thirty years of age.

It wasn’t because she didn’t have many people chasing her, but because she’d crippled all of those who expressed good will to her! Since then, her surrounding was quieter and her admirers shrank back and only appreciated from afar.

When Murong Tianchen heard this, his face instantly take a turn for the better. However, as long as it was someone who would catch Zi Moyan’s attention, he would need to be vigilant. Who knows if his Yan’er might be swindled away just like this!

Regarding that Miss Beauty, he still needed to gear up with one hundred and twenty percent alertness.

“You are the Prime Minister now,so you need to set an example as one. You shouldn’t go to that kind of place again. Just like they say, men and women shouldn’t be intimate with each other so he should maintain a distance with the other gender from now on.” Murong Tianchen’s voice soften a lot as he spoke in dead earnest.

“Yes, this Subject understands!” Zi Moyan didn’t think too much on it. In any case, she was a woman to begin with, so there wasn’t much concern whether or not she associate with other women.

Zi Moyan’s agreement caused Murong Tianchen’s mood to turn for the better. He considerately placed Zi Moyan’s favorite food into her bowl as he spoke: “Yan’er, eat more. This is your favorite red braised fish.”

After eating, Murong Tianchen very much wanted her to stay – better yet, have her live in the Resting Palace.

He would have opportunities to eat more tofu[1] if it was like this. However, he hadn’t even brought up the suggestion before it was immediately send into the Cold Palace.

“Your Majesty, this Subject still has things to attend to and adding in that I need to go to Yan Yang City tomorrow, I must go back to pack. If Your Majesty doesn’t have anything for me to do, then this Subject will leave first.”

Murong Tianchen watched the back of the smart figure getting further and further, inwardly swallowing the bitterness in his heart. He hasn’t even say anything, his plan hasn’t even began, before it died within the womb. His Yan’er…… when could he obtain ‘him’?

Why does he feel that the day he would get Zi Moyan was that far in the indefinite future……?


[1]吃豆腐: Take advantage of someone (… the physical contact kind.)

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