Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 42


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How did such a sentimental 00 end up receiving a task like ‘capturing seven perverts’?

If he had not been the host, would this dumb little cutie actually be able to complete the task?

Chu Mu Yun sighed. It was rare that his mind and emotions would actually achieve such a high degree of unity.

Actually, the feeling of his own system having some ‘expectations’ of him, as well as for it to care so much that the little werebeast was ‘being slagged on’ was not that different.

Even though there was no way for him to share it with 00, it was fine.

Regardless, Pride’s plans have already become clear to him.

It was undeniable that this bastard can be quite inhumane when he was selfish.

The soul returning pill was able to bring Chu Mu Yun ‘back to life’, but Chu Mu Yun’s body had already become useless. That one mistake from that time had already caused Chu Mu Yun to be unable to cultivate, so even though it had been well preserved for the past three years, this was also a prospect worth worrying over.

After being brought back to life with some reluctance, that body would definitely be very weak. Not only was it unable to cultivate, it would still be quite dangerous from time to time. There was no saying that it might even end up dying again.

Not to mention, Mo Jiu Shao understood very well that Chu Mu Yun may not necessarily be willing to live. Forcing him to come back would inevitably give birth to other incidents.

And if you had to face any issues that may arise in the future, a healthy body would definitely be much more reliable than a weak one.

What’s more, the soul returning pill could only be used once. Mo Jiu Shao would definitely not allow Chu Mu Yun to ‘die’ completely.

So, when the lord of pride saw that little werebeast, the idea of obtaining that body had sprouted within his mind.

With Envy raising hell as well, everything was going in natural order.

The premise was that Chief Chu would not try to do anything to them.

But how could he not?

If he didn’t make these two bastards suffer some losses, how would they ever learn?

The little werebeast was looking dazedly in front, and finally spoke after a long time:”Is this what he raised me for?”

Asking in a soft voice, his obscured eyes were like a dry riverbed, no tears came from them. he only thing that was left was a scar that represented his pain and despair:”Did he turn me into this on purpose as well? I was only a tool for him, an object, something to resurrect that person’s lover……”

As he spoke, that cruel, bloody reality dyed his eyes red with fear:”He treated me so well just so I could relax, and change into the appearance he wanted……wasn’t it?”

Mo Jiu Shao sighed softly, and asked:”Would you still love him after knowing all of this?”

He had asked him a question, but it was nothing more than a confirmation.

Just like what the little werebeast had said, that was Yan Chen’s plan.

The body of the little beastling swayed, and his pupils that have lost their clarity was like a dusty sapphire gemstone. Still beautiful, but one would only feel sad to look at it.

He was silent for a long time, but he finally spoke with his trembling lips:”I understand now.”

Mo Jiu Shao waited for his reply.

The little beastling closed his eyes, and waited for a moment before he answered:”I will do what he wants.”

A soft smile appeared on Mo Jiu Shao’s lips. Before he left, he told him something very confusing:”If you look at it from another angle, you’ve really turned into the person he loves.”

Even though……His soul was gone.

After sending away that scumbag Pride, Chu Mu Yun maintained his sorrowful countenance and sat on the bed dazedly for a long time.


“Don’t worry, they’re gone.”The mirthful voice of a man suddenly rose up.

Chu Mu Yun could trust him. After all, there was enough delicious meat on his hands, it was enough to tame a little wolfdog.

Since nobody was here, he did not have to continue the act anymore.

The little beastling finally relaxed his perked ears, and his stiff body finally relaxed. He had been covering himself up with a blanket, but now, he did not care anymore. He simply pulled the blanket off and got off the bed with his body bare.

Ling Xuan leaned back beside the window with his arms crossed, and his gaze was on his body.

Even though he was being stared at, the naked Chu Mu Yun did not feel any discomfort at all. He picked his clothes up slowly and put it on with ease.

His body had some very nice curves. Even though he still had the tenderness of a boy, and his waist was also relatively slender, the way he moved exuded the charming, free, and easy-going aura of a mature man. The contrast between the two was great, but when put together, they had an amazing charm.

Wrath could feel his own throat getting quite parched. Frankly, he really wished he could grow up sooner. He really wanted to see what sort of exciting power was hidden within that man.

Chu Mu Yun finished dressing himself in his nightgown and noticed that the little wolfdog was looking quite eager. He could not help but try to calm him down:”Have some patience, the Shaoyue sword style requires a large amount of physical strength. We’ll talk about this again after I leave the Shining Plum Mountain.”

Ling Xuan:”Will you still be able to stay with me after you leave?”

Chu Mu Yun looked at him with an ambiguous gaze and smiled:”What? Scared I’ll run off?”

Ling Xuan smiled:”Who can stop Mo Jiu Shao now?”

Chu Mu Yun’s interest was piqued:”Are you afraid of him?”

Ling Xuan responded to him meaningfully:”I’m afraid of you.”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”I’m a man of my word, you have my promise, and I won’t go back on it.”

Ling Xuan looked at him:”Tell me then, what are you actually planning?”

Chu Mu Yun asked him instead:”What do you think?”

Ling Xuan:”Are you trying to get revenge against Mo Jiu Shao and Yan Chen?”

Chu Mu Yun blinked his eyes:”Would you believe me if I said no?”

Ling Xuan did not even pause:”I don’t believe it.”

Chu Mu Yun:”There we have it then.”

That was what he said, but Ling Xuan felt that things definitely would not be this simple.

Just like how he had always been plotting schemes for Pride and Envy, this little fox was also tempting him at every moment.

Even though he wasn’t acting now, everything he did, everything he caused, and everything he worked towards, there was not a single thing about him that he did not find alluring.

And he was always very precise and clever. Even while he had a clear view of everything, and knowing that this was all just a ruse, he couldn’t help himself from walking into it.

Interesting, he really had not seen anything as interesting as this in a long time.

Chu Mu Yun was still thinking pondering about tomorrow. After some thought, he turned towards Ling Xuan:”I want to go out for a while.”

Ling Xuan asked:”Hm?”

Chu Mu Yun asked:”I have to say my farewells to Yan Chen.”

Ling Xuan was not very convinced about that.

But just as he was about to leave, Ling Xuan asked again:”Will you die?”

Chu Mu Yun suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Ling Xuan’s voice rang out from behind him:”Mo Jiu Shao and Yan Chen will know the truth sooner or later, how could they let you go when that time comes?’

Chu Mu Yun did not turn back:”So what if that happened?”

Ling Xuan was only worried about one thing:”I don’t want you to die, nor do I want you to be destroyed.”

Chu Mu Yun finally turned his head back and spoke to his face:”I will definitely give you what you want, there’s no need to worry about anything else.”

He did not say anything more, and went out to head towards Yan Chen’s abode.

But while he was slowly approaching, Chu Mu Yun had been quietly lowering the power of the ice spirit beast’s body down to 70%.

Even if he had the holy snow lotus, that looming flame was still rearing its head even with his power lowered to this stage.

He could not be too obvious about it either, but this will definitely be enough to raise Yan Chen’s suspicions.


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