Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 41


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“It’s fine, it felt good.”

The way the young beastling said it was slightly unnatural.

Mo Jiu Shao was stunned for a moment, but he quickly understood. Actually, as long as he knew Envy’s character as well as his intentions, then it was not hard to figure out what was going on.

He smiled, speaking to him softly:”What a good child you are.”

EzoicEven though he had been praised, the little beastling did not feel happy hearing it. Instead, he looked very seriously at Yan Chen. Expectation and unease could be seen within his clear eyes, as if he did not know at all what kind of answer he wanted to hear.

The wrathful lord who had been expressionless the whole time finally raised his lips into a smile, but what came out of his mouth could only be heard as nothing but sarcasm:”If it felt good, then please continue.”

The little beastling’s eyes widened in surprise.

Yan Chen approached him and placed his palm behind his neck. They were both very close, so mush so that they could feel their breaths on each other’s face. It seemed as if they were going to kiss, but from the start to the end, they stayed at that distance that was neither far nor close, yet just like the hearts of the two, that distance could never be shortened.

With a trembling voice, the little beastling spoke almost in a plead:”Uncle……”

Yan Chen’s eyes were cold light the nights of early winter. The frostiness did not hurt, but was still enough to make people shiver:”Perform well, the lord of Pride will like you very much.”

After saying this, he turned to leave without any hesitation.


The little werebeast tried to stop him, but he did not dare to say anything more. Only until the doors closed did he finally fall to the ground. As if the sky had just crashed down on him, his handsome face was now full of despair.

Mo Jiu Shao felt his heart clench abruptly as he stared at him, and that expression on his face.

They were truly too alike, that face was exactly the same. When he made that face……It almost seemed to dig out all those memories from his mind.

Mo Jiu Shao frowned and slowly started to ask:”Why do you like Yan Chen?”

The werebeast stared straight ahead, and answered listlessly:”He was the one who raised me.”

A quick flash went past Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes.

In a soft voice, the werebeast continued:”I know that my life had been very short, reaching not even two years since my birth. For a human, I would just be a toddler. But I’m not a human, I was aware of everything around me since my birth, I remember Ling Xuan, I remember what he did to me, and I also remember how I survived from that hellish life. I thought I would end up like that forever, and that I’d never be able to get away from Ling Xuan no matter what. But he took me away……I knew that he had other reasons for taking me away, but……He treats me well, very, very well……”

Speaking up to this point, the little werebeast started to choke with sobs,”He would comb my hair gently, give me delicious food, he would speak to me in the nicest voice ever……One year, for you that may be just the blink of an eye, but that was half my life. I became used to him, I got to understand him, and even planted him deeply within my heart. I know that he was actually very scared of the cold, and also that he would always wake up in the middle of the night, rouse by his thought, and I also know that he likes plum blossoms a lot. He loves them so much, that he was even willing to live on such a cold and snowy place.”

The little beastling’s voice was very clear, but the overflowing emotions that could be heard within his voice seemed as if it could light the air on fire, he continued:”If I could, I wouldn’t want to be turned into a human. When I was in my beast form, I could stay with him all the time, whether it was night or day. I could sleep together with him in his arms. I could get close to him so that I could send him my warmth; and I could also comfort him when he was roused from his sleep. I’m not afraid of the cold, I could go out to find a beautiful plum blossom, and place it by his window, I could see his comfortable smile that was not as cold.”

“But……After I transformed into my human form, that all changed. We still see each other everyday……But we can’t sleep together at night anymore. He wouldn’t let me into his house, and I wasn’t allowed to touch his things, I wasn’t even allowed to go outside to look for plum blossoms. It felt like we drifter further and further away, but something also changed. After I turned into a human, he would kiss me, he would touch me, and do things that were very comfortable and very intimate. Just when I was starting to feel glad about turning into a human, he told me……This kind of thing, was not something you could do only if you both loved each other mutually……”

At this, the werebeast’s eyes were already glistening with his tears. He turned his head to look towards Mo Jiu Shao, asking him weakly:”Is it really……Not something you can do because you love them?”

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him, and finally responded after a moment of silence:”If you love a person, then it is true that you would want to do that sort of thing with them.”


The eyes of the little werebeast brightened up instantly.

But very soon, Mo Jiu Shao’s next words caused his eyes to lose all their luster.

“But doing that did not mean you loved a person.”

“I……don’t understand.”

Mo Jiu Shao explained to him in a soft voice:”You could make love with each other if you had mutual love, but if you really loved them, you would never be able to tolerate them doing this sort of thing with another person.”

The beastling stared blankly ahead, and his dense eyelashes quivered. The tears that filled his eyes were nearly falling down his cheeks.

Mo Jiu Shao:”I’m sorry, but even though you might be very upset if I said it……Yan Chen does not love you.”


Large droplets of his tears flowed down. It was like the dark clouds in the sky were finally at their breaking point, and after his long suppressed feelings had finally erupted. It was like a large rain that covered the entire boundary between heaven and earth, making those who stood under it feel miserable and despaired.

A numbing, stinging pain surged through Mo Jiu Shao’s heart, but he still continued on:”Do you love Yan Chen?”

The little beastling could hardly muster a single word through his cry.

Mo Jiu Shao continued to ask:”If one day, Yan Chen was to be in danger, would you save him? Even at the cost of your own life?”

EzoicThe little beastling raised his head abruptly. Even though his fair face was covered with tears, he still spoke with firm determination:”He would never be in danger! He will definitely stay alive!”

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him:”Tell me, would you give up your life for him?”

The werebeast was stunned for a moment. It felt as if the instincts within his own blood prevented him from speaking, but as soon as he thought of the idea of Yan Chen being in danger, he pressed down the panic and unease within his heart:”I will, I’m willing……to do anything for him.”

Mo Jiu Shao:”Even if he did not love you?”

The face of the young werebeast turned as white as a sheet:”Even if he did not love me.”

Mo Jiu Shao reached out and tapped his finger on his forehead with sympathy:”Then, should I tell you what he wants to do?”

The little werebeast was stunned for a moment, seeming as if he already knew the answer. But he still mustered up the courage to ask:”What?”

Mo Jiu Shao told him:”He wants to resurrect Chu Mu Yun.”

The beastling sat there without moving, and without a sound.

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him without blinking, and each of his words struck him deep within his heart:”The sould returning pill can call Chu Mu Yun’s soul back, but he still needed his body.”

Chu Mu Yun instantly understood.

Chu Mu Yun:”00?”

Zero:”This is an automatic message, DOS2.0 has already turned into a fool from crying.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


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