Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 43


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The entire Shining Plum Palace, and even the entire Shining Plum Mountain had its doors open to Chu Mu Yun wherever he wished to go.

There were only two places he was prohibited from going.

The first was the place Chu Mu Yun had racked his brains to enter, and had even ended up exposing himself to Wrath through the use of an array: the study. And the other, was Yan Chen’s abode.

When Chu Mu Yun was still just a little cub, Yan Chen would hold him, and they would sleep together in their residence. But ever since his human form came out, he had his own room, and was moved away from there.

Chu Mu Yun understood very well what Envy was thinking about.

Amongst the seven lords of the demon world, Envy had the darkest character; he was extremely insecure, not trusting of anyone, and liked to play with people’s feelings. Be it in family, friendship, and love, he liked to break everything apart and to pour paint all over it. Just killing a person was barely enough to satisfy him, what he pursued was spiritual destruction, and to bring out the deepest, most wicked envies within a person. And it was because of these uncontrollable emotions that he chose to destroy everything incessantly.

Right now, Chu Mu Yun only wanted him to know one thing. Only by making him understand this would Envy’s portrait finally light up.

In the deep darkness of the night, the little werebeast had been standing outside for a very long time. It was not until his body had turned icy cold from the wind, and was even covered up by frost and snow did the door finally open.

Naturally, Yan Chen was aware that he had arrived, he had just made him stand out on purpose for this long.

But the little beastling was not mad. He was so cold outside that his lips had turned purple, and even his face was very pale. Both his eyes were a little red and swollen from crying too much, he looked very haggard, just like a traveller who had gotten lost in a dessert, looking like he would fall at any moment, but he still tried his best to stand up through the countless days and nights.

Yan Chen looked at him, but there was no pity in his violet eyes. There was even a mocking curve playing at his lips:”Done?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, the words that came out were like sharp daggers, stabbing into his heart. The little beastling that was already on the verge of despair widened his eyes in an instant, full of innocence.

Yan Chen stared down at him and smiled coldly:”Or should I say, was Pride not able to satisfy you?”

As soon as he said this, he took hold of the boy’s chin. Seemingly, he was going to kiss him.

But the little werebeast who had never refuse him actually turned his head away abruptly, evading it.

Yan Chen’s pupils darkened. He put some force in his hand that was holding his face, and forced him to turn over:”What? You’re saving yourself for Mo Jiu Shao so early?”

The little beastling was forced to look at him, but his pale blue eyes were empty.

The smile in Yan Chen’s eyes was cruel and sick:”Come, tell me, what did Mo Jiu Shao tell you? How did he get you so smitten in such a short amount of time? He’s really as capable as ever, so his little tricks for coaxing children works on everyone, does it? Even an ice spirit beast can learn to love for him?”

Hearing his last words, the little beastling raised his head to look at him with sorrow:”Is that all I am to you? An ice spirit beast?”

There was no warmth in Yan Chen’s face at all:”What else did you think?”

All the little werebeast could feel was that crash in his mind. That bitterness that filled his heart was seeping out into every part of his body, and even his blood vessels were being corroded by those feelings, it was too painful.

“I came to say goodbye to you.”

Yan Chen kept silent.

The little beastling struggled to control his emotions in an attempt to make himself look less shameful:”I want to leave with the lord of pride……”

Before he was even able to finish, Yan Chen cut him off fiercely:”Don’t you know you’re only a substitute for him?”

“I know.”The little werebeast responded calmly,”I look the same as Chu Mu Yun, and he was his lover……”Saying that, he looked at Yan Chen,”You like him too, don’t you?”

The look within Yan Chen’s eyes as he looked at him was unclear:”That’s right, I like him.”

The werebeast curled his lips in a smile in mocking of himself, but he did not say any more:”I came tonight just to say goodbye to you, thank you for taking care of me for so long, I’m very grateful.”

When he was almost done speaking, he started to choke back on his words. But after he had finally known everything, he had no regrets.

He turned and was ready to leave, but Yan Chen grabbed his wrist.

With great force, he was able to leave a bruise on his wrist even without using his powers.

The little werebeast turned back in pain, and frowned at him.

Yan Chen enunciated each word, one by one:”The only reason Mo Jiu Shao is taking you away is to revive Chu Mu Yun.”

The little beastling:”I know, he told me.”

Yan Chen’s violet eyes had almost darkened to the colour of ink:”You’re still going to go even if that was the case?”

The little beastling:”Yes.”

Yan Chen spat out:”Don’t you know? If Chu Mu Yun comes back to life, then you’ll be worth nothing!”

The little beastling trembled very lightly, but he spoke after a short pause:”I know.”

Yan Chen finally could not hold down the anger in his chest:”What did he say to you!”

The little beastling raised his head to look at him very seriously. But at the end, he only shook his head and said to him weakly:”That’s fine, I’m just doing what I want to do.”

Yan Chen pulled him and bit down roughly on his lips. He kissed him without any warmth or tenderness, there was only his venting and revenge, releasing all of the dissatisfaction and resentment he held within him, allowing that demon to run rampant within his heart, to let the darkness swell so that the negativity would never dissipate. He let his heart that was buried in the deepest depths of his heart sink further, and further.

After being dumbfounded for a short moment, the werebeast pushed him away abruptly. He had rejected him once again with a firm stance.

Yan Chen looked at him, and suddenly realized that perhaps, this little ice spirit beast was not ignorant to love. He had a heart, but that heart would never learn to love him.

Just like before, he had nobody. Nobody would ever……truly care about him.

It would always be him, alone, forever and ever.

Yan Chen let him go, and pulled back all his emotions. He returned once more to that great lord that always held a cold smile on his lips:”I wish you well.”

The little werebeast took a deep breath and tried his best to stand up. He lifted his feet to leave, but just as he was about to leave, he finally could not resist turning back to Yan Chen:”If Chu Mu Yun comes back to life, could you pursue him?”

Yan Chen looked at him coldly.

The little breastling’s voice trembled, and there was a look of pleading and hope in his eyes:”He will fall for you, he definitely will.”

Yan Chen laughed, he understood what he was thinking.

Look, as long as you fall in love, you would become selfish no matter how pure you were; and no matter how kind you were, you would still turn wicked.

He had spent so much effort to raise this little werebeast, and now, this little guy was relying on him as if they were just family. He would not feel jealousy for him, nor envy, he would only obey to him, and follow his will. Obedient, just like a good child.

But now, that pure little werebeast had learned to be possessive. He learned what it was to feel envy, and would even use tricks to obtain the heart of a person.

That’s right, he asked him to pursue Chu Mu Yun. If he succeeded, then would Mo Jiu Shao end up looking only at the little werebeast?

After all, this little werebeast had given his body to revive Chu Mu Yun just for Mo Jiu Shao. He had given him such a huge sacrifice, so if Chu Mu Yun turns his back on him at the very end, wouldn’t that little werebeast have been able to obtain Pride?

An amazing thought, simply wonderful.

This was the dark envy that corroded one’s humanity.


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