My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 — First Night At The New Home

This was Grandma Bai’s yard.

From when she entered the frame, Mu Xiaoya felt very familiar in here, just by hearing those familiar rustles of the wind blowing gently on the leaves and seeing the lounge chair underneath the tree along with the swing beside it.

That was Grandma Bai’s lounge chair, Grandma really liked sitting on it under the Chinese parasol tree while fanning herself to enjoy the cool breeze. However, she and Bai Chuan loved the swing the most.

“Brother Bai Chuan!” A little girl with a tornado pigtails ran in from behind the courtyard carrying a school bag, she rushed all the way from Mu Xiaoya’s house in the back.

Mu Xiaoya subconsciously followed.

The little girl ran into the room with such a proficient skill, and threw the school bag on her shoulder next to the teenager who was reading a book seriously, frightening the teenager until he jumped up.

“Brother Bai Chuan, it’s after school, let’s go out and play!” The teenager didn’t speak and his face seemed somewhat unwilling, but the girl forcibly pulled him out regardless of the teenager’s wishes.

“I want to swing, you push me, ok? I’ll push you later.” The girl sat on the swing first and turned her head to urge him. The teenager can’t help but hastened and pushed her lightly.

“Try harder ah, push with all your body’s strength.” The teenager finally understood the girl’s request under her urging, and then he used all his strength to push the girl high up into the sky. But the girl didn’t tell the teenager what to do next, so when the girl swung back from the highest to the lowest point with a hearty laughter, it immediately bumped against the teenager who was standing still at his place until he flew away.

“Brother Bai Chuan!” The girl pulled the teenager desperately, and when she saw the nosebleed on the teenager’s face, she cried out in shock, “Sob sob… no, don’t die!”

The girl didn’t know how to give first aid, she only knew to wipe the blood on the teenager’s face with her sleeve. After wiping the blood, she wiped her tears, and so, when Grandma Bai went outside after hearing the noises, there were two children with faces full of blood on the yard.

The girl knew she made a trouble, she was afraid and sad, she couldn’t stop crying at all. Then, under the surprised eyes of Grandma Bai, the teenager raised his hand to cover the girl’s eyes, “Don’t cry anymore.”

Mu Xiaoya remembered that this was the first sentence that Bai Chuan said to her.

Taking off her glasses, Mu Xiaoya directly met Bai Chuan’s eyes. The teenager in the video had grown up and learned to smile slightly, “Xiaoya, happy Chinese Valentine’s day.”

“Thank you, Brother Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya held the VR glasses in her arms tightly and addressed him like she did in the past.

Bai Chuan smiled even happier, he then pulled out an invitation from his pocket and gave it to Mu Xiaoya, “The game I designed, the conference, you come to participate.”

Mu Xiaoya took it with both of her hands. This invitation carried all the achievements of Bai Chuan’s career so far, and she’s fortunate enough to be given the chance to enjoy it together with him.

Late at night, Mu Xiaoya laid in Bai Chuan’s arms and asked a question she wanted to ask from a long time ago, “That day… how did you suddenly talk to me?”

Grandma Bai was startled when Bai Chuan suddenly spoke to her that day, because before then, Bai Chuan would only spoke out no more than three words in a year.

“I have always been talking to you ah.” In reality, Bai Chuan had been talking to Mu Xiaoya, from when the girl pulled him out of the study, until he was bumped by the swing, Bai Chuan had been talking, but no one seemed to understand what he said. At that time, Bai Chuan was also used to this situation, and he also didn’t find it strange. But when Mu Xiaoya cried and her tears continued to fall down, he finally shouted out in his anxiousness.


From then afterwards, Bai Chuan suddenly found a way to communicate with the outside world.

After the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the next two days were weekends. Because Bai Chuan strongly resisted other people going to his and Mu Xiaoya’s new home, so the moving process of the two people was especially desolate, with only each person dragging a suitcase.

Mu Xiaoya felt that it was somewhat lonely, but Bai Chuan really liked it.

Slippers are a pair, toothbrushes are a pair, chopsticks are a pair, teacups are a pair, towels are a pair… It seemed that the whole world was wrapped with pairs of things, and this strongly satisfied the OCD in Bai Chuan’s heart.

Seeing Bai Chuan happy, Mu Xiaoya took out a watch from her bag, this watch was given to her by Bai Zheng when they left the mansion. There was a gps function in the dial, Mu Xiaoya wanted to put this on Bai Chuan as a gift, surely Bai Chuan wouldn’t throw it away like this.


“Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya called out to Bai Chuan who was looking for every ‘couple’ things in the room.

“For you.” Waiting until Bai Chuan got closer, Mu Xiaoya then passed the watch to Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan took it, gave one glance at the dial and frowned after detecting something.

Was it discovered? Mu Xiaoya thought about the watch that was thrown out before, she asked with some guilty conscience, “You… don’t like it?”

“The watch is broken.” Bai Chuan answered.

“Broken? Where is it broken?” No way ah, this watch is so expensive, I just read the invoice and its worth is hundreds of thousands. That’s right, the tycoon Bai Zheng gave this watch along with the invoice, he didn’t care if others was scared by the price.

“It’s two seconds slower in every hour.” Bai Chuan answered.

“…” So you can see something like that?

Mu Xiaoya thought that she might have found the reason why Bai Chuan threw the watch back then, he might had thought that the watch was broken too, “Then… then I’ll take it back for repair.”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded and gave back the watch to Mu Xiaoya.

Mu Xiaoya truthfully retold everything to Bai Zheng, he was silent for a while before replying with a sentence, ‘Got it’.

Because there weren’t many things moved in, the process of unpacking their things was relatively simple. The two took the clothes out of the suitcase and hung them, connected the wifi to their phones and computers, spread out the newly washed and sun-dried sheets and quilts on the new bed, and their tasks can be considered done.

“We still lack a meal, then this house will smell like delicious food.” After they finished laying down everything, it was already three in the afternoon, although no one came for a house-warming party, but Mu Xiaoya still wished to celebrate it a little with Bai Chuan. They went to the nearby shopping mall together to buy ingredients and seasonings. They originally planned to buy only one meal portion, but didn’t expect that they would come back after purchasing miscellaneous other things that filled up two big suitcases.

“I’ll cook.” Coming back home, looking at all the spices and ingredients, Mu Xiaoya lifted her sleeves in excitement.

“I’ll watch TV then.” Bai Chuan obediently sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, perfectly reconstructing Mu Xiaoya’s plan.

“If I knew it’d be like this, I’d have told you to help me in the kitchen.” Mu Xiaoya shook her head and bitterly smiled, but today was only their first meal, so she’ll let Bai Chuan enjoy this satisfaction for a few days, and then train him slowly into a good househusband. Hehe~


When Mu Xiaoya cooked, Bai Chuan’s attention wasn’t on the TV at all. He occasionally glanced at the kitchen, and with every glance, the smile in his eyes would deepen.

This meal is prepared especially for me, alone.

Mu Xiaoya’s cooking skill can only be considered average, furthermore, there were only two people eating, so she only made three simple dishes and one soup. However, she carefully arranged the dining table with elegant and clean tablecloth, beautiful perfumed roses, a circle of candlesticks and the red wine Fang Hui gave in addition to the plants on the terrace.

Sitting at the dining table, Bai Chuan couldn’t wait to pick up his chopsticks.

“Wait a minute, I’ll take a picture to send to the group.” She can’t let them come to have a house-warming party, so she found another way to tell them that her moving to the new house had been successfully accomplished. Phone calls were too deliberate, and it was more natural to just send it to the family group.

As Mu Xiaoya expected, both Bai and Mu’s parents were worried about their moving, even if they knew that nothing would happen, they just wanted to know if their children had settled safely.

As soon as Mu Xiaoya’s message came out, five likes appeared almost at the same time, followed by comments.

Li Rong: ‘Dinner looks very sumptuous, I didn’t expect Xiaoya to have such a good cooking skill.’

Shen Qingyi: ‘It might be a takeaway.’

The undermine coming from her own biological mother made Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but twitch her mouth. She didn’t really cook at home, so she replied on the spot: ‘I’ll go back and cook for you next time.’

Shen Qingyi: ‘It’s really not a takeaway ah, then I’ll wait patiently here.’

Father Mu: ‘There’s still me.’

Mu Xiaoya blanked after looking at the messages these past two days; After rebirth, she always missed the dishes made by her mother, but how could she never think of making a meal for her parents?

“Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan raised his hand in front of Mu Xiaoya’s eyes.

“En?” Mu Xiaoya lifted her head up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing?” Mu Xiaoya fixed her mood and picked up the red wine to pour a glass for herself and Bai Chuan. “Xiao Chuan, I want to see my parents tomorrow and cook a meal for them.”

Don’t recall it, don’t feel guilty, just find out what you’ve missed and make it up immediately. There are some things that would be too late when you just wake up to see the truth, so don’t let it be late again. [T/N: She ‘woke up to see the truth’ when she died in her past life.]

“They haven’t eaten your food yet?” Bai Chuan felt a little strange, parents-in-law and Xiaoya have lived together for more than 20 years, haven’t they eaten Xiaoya’s food before?

“They haven’t ah, you’re the first person to eat my food.” if it’s according to this life.

“Oh.” Bai Chuan picked up his chopsticks and ate a bite, it made him the first person to taste Mu Xiaoya’s craftsmanship. He determined that no one took this position before quietly breathed out a relaxed breath.

“Is it delicious?”


On the other side, the Bai family, after reading the family group, adding praises and leaving some messages before eating their meal, suddenly began to discuss the issue that they had never considered before.

The one who first brought up this problem was Bai Zheng. After looking at Mu Xiaoya’s message, especially the eye-catching bottle of red wine in the photo, he raised the problem that they ignored for more than twenty years.

“Dad, mom, can Xiao Chuan drink alcohol?” Bai Zheng asked.

“…” Father Bai.

“…” Mother Bai.

“There should be no problem ah, our family’s capacity for alcohol seems to be pretty good.” Father Bai said, not so sure with what he said himself.

“It’s okay even if his endurance isn’t good, worse comes to worst, he would just fell asleep immediately.” Mother Bai can’t help imagining a little.

Bai Zheng remembered the scene when he drank for the first time, it seemed that there was really no adverse reaction, and furthermore, the alcohol in red wine was low, Mu Xiaoya also won’t let Bai Chuan drink too much, so he just threw it into the back of his mind.

“Xiao Chuan… you… what are you doing?” Halfway through the meal, Mu Xiaoya, who was suddenly taken to the study room by Bai chuan, was really confused.

“Solve the problem.” Bai Chuan patted a piece of white paper, on it was written what appeared to be math problem for third year high school student. However, how the heck the present Mu Xiaoya knew to solve such a math problem? Her knowing that this was math problem for third year high school was already good.

“I… I can’t.”

“Not solve, no sleep.” Bai Chuan was abnormally strict.

“Xiao Chuan… you, what’s wrong with you ah?”

“Solve the problem.” Bai Chuan beat the table again, startling Mu Xiaoya.

“Are… are you drunk?” Mu Xiaoya gazed at the ruddy face of Bai Chuan.

“Solve the problem!”

And thus, on the first night in their new house, Mu Xiaoya was almost tortured to death by math problems.

Author’s NOTE:

Girl Ya who had studied three times but still can’t understand: ‘It’s difficult ah~’

Teenager Chuan who had taught three times without success: ‘So stupid oh~’

Grandma Bai: ‘You say Xiaoya is stupid, she won’t come again later oh~’


(*≧▽≦) MATH!!! Xiao Chuan suddenly turned into an overbearing… math teacher?! Omg, Xiaoya, I know your pain! (╯°▽°)╯ ┻━┻

Also, “They haven’t ah, you’re the first person to eat my food.” if it’s according to this life. – who’s the one that got to taste her cooking in her past life? (・・;)

On another note, someone asked about my and novi’s release schedule: There’s no set schedule, we work on this whenever we feel like it. Novi tends to post this faster than me, but I personally post this about once a day.

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 57
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