My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 — Signs Of Genetic Disease

“Hahaha!! So you say that Bai Chuan was drunk last night and forced you to solve math questions, then you asked your dad for help through phone before you can finally went to sleep at twelve?AHAHAHA!! I- I can’t, I’m gonna laugh to death!” In the studio, Fang Hui’s laughter can be heard echoing early in the morning.

Mu Xiaoya covered her forehead, thinking that she still has math formulas in her mind. She can guarantee that she didn’t do so many math problems even when she was preparing for high school exam.

“You can thank your lucky star to have a father who teaches mathematics, if your father teaches Chinese, do you still have anyone who you can ask for help? If someone asked why, your dad had to answer that ‘my daughter was forced by her son-in-law to do math’… hahaha!!” Fang Hui felt more amused the more she thought about it.

“Have you laughed enough?!” Mu Xiaoya shouted with a black face, this woman laughed all morning!

“No… I just felt… this thing is indeed… it’s quite funny aaaahahaha!!” Fang Hui can’t control herself anymore, she really felt that this thing will be enough to make her laugh for a year. After a while, she finally can barely control herself, “You used to tell me how cute Bai Chuan was, but I didn’t think so, however now I can see that he’s pretty cute after getting drunk.”

“He wasn’t drunk.” Mu Xiaoya explained, “Professor Feng said that alcohol stimulates his latent personality.”

“Split personality?”

“It’s not a split personality, it’s…” Mu Xiaoya recalled Professor Feng’s words and explained, “Because of autism, part of Xiao Chuan’s personality was self-suppressed, this personality can only be brought out under the situation when his mood gets out of control. Alcohol makes Xiao Chuan’s brain more active than usual, so it may trigger some things he wanted to do but didn’t do.”

“So when you were taught math before but still can’t understand even after so many times, Bai Chuan didn’t get angry, but it wasn’t because he wasn’t angry, only because his personality was suppressed so he had no way to fume out, ahahaha~!!”

Laugh! Laugh again!

“I won’t speak with you anymore! I’m going to draw the design.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t want to care about Fang Hui anymore, so she returned to her seat with her unfinished coffee. She designed a pair of autumn boots last week and found it too simple, so she wanted to add some unique accessories to decorate it, making it both detailed and good-looking. While still looking for inspiration, her phone rang suddenly.

“Mom?” Seeing the caller ID, Mu Xiaoya called out with a smile.

“Excuse me, is this Teacher Shen’s daughter?” The voice that answered her was completely unfamiliar.

“I am, you are?”

“I’m Teacher Shen’s co-worker, surname’s Yang. Teacher Shen suddenly fainted in class just now and is now in the infirmary.”

“What?!” Mu Xiaoya stood up straight from her chair, “I… I’m heading there right now, please take care of my mother for a while.”

“Don’t worry too much, the school doctor just said it might be hypoglycemia, it’d be okay after Teacher Shen takes a little break. Teacher Shen is now on intravenous drip but Teacher Mu isn’t at school right now so I’m calling you to tell this.”

“I understand, I’m coming there, thank you.” Knowing that her mother was fine, Mu Xiaoya can finally calmed down somewhat. She hung up the phone and went out with her bag.

“What happened with Auntie? I’ll go with you.” Fang Hui also heard Mu Xiaoya’s call.

“It’s okay, just a low blood sugar, I’ll be fine going there myself.”

“Then don’t be nervous, drive safely on the road.” Fang Hui said.

Mu Xiaoya nodded, then went out to Qingyuan Middle School.

When she arrived at the infirmary, Shen Qingyi had already awake, but the intravenous drip was still hanging on her arm.

“Mom, are you okay?” Mu Xiaoya leaned close to her mother and raised her hand to test the temperature on her forehead.

“Don’t worry, no problem, it’s just the old illness recurring again.” Shen Qingyi smiled.

“What old illness? How come I don’t remember that you have an old illness of fainting?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Actually, it’s just a hypoglycemia, plus a little heatstroke.” The school doctor on the side explained, “Teacher Shen, you can’t just give lessons to students without eating your breakfast again.”

“Mom, how can you not eat breakfast?” Mu Xiaoya’s face suddenly was full of reproach after hearing that it was because she didn’t eat breakfast.

“Yo, now it’s your turn to discipline me? You didn’t eat breakfast everyday when you went to college and you still have the face to say this to me?” Shen Qingyi looked askance at her daughter.

“You’re a teacher, how can a teacher set a bad example ah?” Mu Xiaoya was speechless.

“Alright, I know, I was in a hurry to grade exam papers and forgot to eat breakfast, I won’t do it again in the future.” Shen Qingyi patted the back of her daughter’s hand and promised.

“How about dad? Why isn’t he here when you fainted?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Your dad took the students to compete in Chengbei Middle School. He went alone, so he can’t leave the students. Besides, it’s not a big problem ah.”

“Oh~~” Mu Xiaoya glanced at the intravenous drip, then said to the school doctor, “Doctor, isn’t it time to pull out the needle?”

The school doctor came over and saw that the bottle had been emptied, so he took the needle off Shen Qingyi’s hand and said, “There’s no big hindrance, go back and rest, don’t forget to eat breakfast in the future.”

“Okay, thank you Doctor Liu.” Shen Qingyi thanked with a smile.

“Thank you.” Mu Xiaoya brought her mother back to next door’s home community, went to the kitchen and boiled water, mixed milk and tea bag and made a cup of milk tea for her mother. “Drink this milk tea first, I’ll whip something up quickly.”

“Thinking of it, you promised to come back tonight and cook for us.” Shen Qingyi laughed, “You really can cook?”

“Of course ah, you’ll try my craftsmanship in a while.” Mu Xiaoya turned over the refrigerator and found that there were only a few tomatoes and potatoes left. “Mom, there’s no food in the refrigerator, so I can only make do this time. I’m going to go out and buy vegetables in the afternoon and make something delicious for you and dad tonight.”

“Okay.” It was rare for her daughter to be this filial, Shen Qingyi also responded with a smile.

However, the diligent people couldn’t help themselves. When Mu Xiaoya was cutting potatoes in the kitchen, Shen Qingyi took a mop and began to clean the floor. Seeing that, Mu Xiaoya immediately went out the kitchen while still holding a kitchen knife, “Mom, what are you doing?! Didn’t I tell you to rest?”

“It’s okay, I’m already fit again, it was just an old illness, really.”

“What old illness? I have never seen you fainting before.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t believe her.

“Today happened because I didn’t have breakfast so it became somewhat serious, but I used to be absent-minded for some time.”

“What? What absent-mindedness are you talking about?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“I can suddenly feel dizzy sometimes, but it’s not serious, and it’s just for two or three seconds, it’s like if you’re squatting on the ground and suddenly get up and walk away.” Shen Qingyi explained.

“How come I didn’t know about this matter?”

“Didn’t I just say this? It’s like I was suddenly possessed for about two three seconds, sometimes I even forget everything, when can I find the chance to tell you then?” Shen Qingyi said.

“Then… have you been to the hospital to check it?” Mu Xiaoya asked.


“Why didn’t you go ah? There must be a reason of your frequent dizziness.”

“It’s hereditary, your grandaunt and aunt all have it. Your grandaunt now is already more than 60 years old, but she’s still alright.”

“Hereditary?!” Mu Xiaoya only felt a loud noise ringing in her head.

Did I just find out about the signs of hereditary disease? If this genetic disease didn’t happen all of a sudden, then can it be detected in advance?

“By the way, did you feel dizzy too? I first felt dizzy when I was about at your age.” Shen Qingyi asked her daughter.

“I don’t.” Mu Xiaoya shook her head and forced herself to calm down.

“That’s good, I think that this illness is half suppressed by your dad’s gene.” Although it’s not a big problem, but if her daughter can be healthy, Shen Qingyi was naturally happier.

“I’m going to cook, and after you finish eating, we’re going to go to the hospital for an examination.” Mu Xiaoya smiled, told her mother not to mop the floor again and then went back to the kitchen to cook.

After having lunch, despite Shen Qingyi’s opposition, Mu Xiaoya still took her to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination.

After a thorough examination, all indexes shown were normal, her mother was very healthy.

Mu Xiaoya let out a sigh of relief, and at the same time felt a bit of a loss before she started blaming herself: Mu Xiaoya, you’re too unfilial, what are you feeling a loss for? Do you really hope that your mother has the same problem with you?!

“Didn’t I say it already? I’m okay. Just look at you wasting all that money and still tossing me around for the whole afternoon for nothing. The school arranged a medical examination every year, and three months ago I already got my medical report, everything was normal.” The tired Shen Qingyi couldn’t help but rebuke her daughter.

“Just take it for me so I can feel at ease ah.” Mu Xiaoya tidied up her mood.

“Relieved now?” Shen Qingyi poked her daughter’s head with her finger.


“Then, let’s go, didn’t you say you want to cook a big meal for me and your dad?” Shen Qingyi got up with a smile and the two left the hospital together.

When they got home, Father Mu and Bai Chuan were already waiting inside. Originally, they wanted to go to the hospital, but after making a phone call, they knew that Mu Xiaoya and Mother Mu were already on their way home, so they waited here obediently.

“Qingyi, how is it?” Mu Ruozhou asked with concern.

“I’m okay, if you don’t believe it, you can go over the stack of examination reports in your daughter’s hands.” Shen Qingyi laughed, “It’s just the old illness recurring again, and it just so happened to recur together with low blood sugar. Xiaoya was worried so she forced me to go to the hospital for a thorough check.”

“It’s good to have a check.” Mu Ruozhou obviously knew about his wife’s problem, “Although your dizziness isn’t a serious problem, but if it can be cured, then it must be cured.”

“The problem is, nothing was found at the examination ah.”

“You’re probably too tired recently, how about if you leave the head teacher position?” Mu Ruozhou didn’t want his wife to work too hard.

“My job is just getting on the right track, and my children are just getting used to me, I can’t change.” Shen Qingyi refused without thinking.

Bai Chuan didn’t talk much, from the moment mother-in-law entered the door, he only stood beside Mu Xiaoya and expressed his concern through his eyes.

Shen Qingyi noticed Bai Chuan’s gaze and reassured, “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

“En.” Bai Chuan was relieved.

“Dad, mom, there’s no food left in the refrigerator, I’ll go with Bai Chuan to buy some food, we’ll come back and cook dinner for you guys later.” Mu Xiaoya put the examination report in her hand on the coffee table in the living room and took Bai Chuan out.

There was a vegetable market not far from the gate of the small home community, but considering the messy environment of the market, Mu Xiaoya finally chose to go to a supermarket. It’s just that from the time they went until they arrived back, Mu Xiaoya had been laden with worries, and Bai Chuan on her side was somewhat at a loss. He even tried to start the conversation, but Mu Xiaoya only dismissed him with an ‘en’ or ‘ah’.

Bai Chuan wasn’t good at speaking, and at this time, Mu Xiaoya clearly refused to communicate, this made Bai Chuan a bit scared. When they arrived to the gate of the residential area, Bai Chuan finally couldn’t bear it anymore and stopped his steps, at the same time, reaching out to Mu Xiaoya who was walking forward by herself.

“Ah? What?” Said Mu Xiaoya who finally returned to her senses.

“I’m talking to you, but you didn’t pay attention.” Bai Chuan complained.

“Sorry, I was just worrying about my mom’s illness so I didn’t hear what you said. What did you say just now?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“I understand, let’s go back.” Bai Chuan released Mu Xiaoya, carried the vegetables and continued to walk. He just wanted to know what Mu Xiaoya was thinking about.

“…” Understand what? Mu Xiaoya was a little muddled.

Back at home, Mu Xiaoya carried the ingredients directly to the kitchen, while Bai Chuan stayed  in the living room and waited for dinner with his parents-in-law.

“Xiao Chuan, is Xiaoya’s food delicious?” This was a question from her own biological father. After all she already grew up so big, but Mu Ruozhou had never seen his own daughter cook.

“Delicious.” Bai Chuan nodded.

“You’re asking Xiao Chuan, of course he’d say it’s delicious.” Shen Qingyi laughed, Bai Chuan’s thoughts were all on her daughter, anyone with eyes all can see it. But it seemed that after marriage, Bai Chuan’s condition was much better than before, his speech and reaction were much more quick and acute.

“Ah, that’s right.” Mu Ruozhou also laughed.

Bai Chuan looked at the two elders who were talking and laughing in ease, and suddenly stood up very solemnly and bowed.

“Xiao Chuan, what are you doing?” The two people jumped in a startle.

“I want to ask you for one thing.” Bai Chuan said.

“What thing? You speak ah.” the two looked at each other, their faces were curious.

“Can you both stop getting sick again in the future…?”


Oh? The key to Xiaoya’s illness? (・∀・)

Xiaoya, tell Xiao Chuan about it! He can help you this time!! ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 58
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