My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 — Valentine’s Gift (3)

Five o’clock.

Mu Xiaoya, who had already packed up and ready to leave work, suddenly received a message from Bai Chuan, and she let out a surprised sound.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Hui asked.

“Xiao Chuan said he’s going to work overtime.” Mu Xiaoya looked puzzled. She had planned for a while to pick Bai Chuan up from work and find a place to spend Chinese Valentine’s day together.

“No way, overtime on this day? You haven’t reminded him yet?” Fang Hui asked, a bit surprised.

“I haven’t… Xiao Chuan has never had overtime before.” A major peculiarity of autistic people was that they followed a regular pattern of life.

“Then, what’s with this situation?”

“I’ll ask.” Mu Xiaoya found Bai Zheng’s WeChat and sent a message: ‘Brother, is Xiao Chuan going to work overtime today?’

Bai Zheng also felt that it was a bit strange, so he replied: ‘I’ll go and see.’

Five minutes later, Bai Zheng finished checking up and replied: ‘Yes, he’s gonna work overtime, don’t worry, I’ll arrange the driver to send him back.’

“It seems that your Valentine’s day this time can only be spent with me.” Fang Hui put her arm on Mu Xiaoya’s shoulder and said with a bit of regret.

Mu Xiaoya put her phone down and lied on her work place with a dejected look.

“Don’t be sad, isn’t it just a Valentine’s day? You haven’t had it in the previous twenty years anyway.” Fang Hui consoled.

“Is it still the same?” She hadn’t been with anyone for more than twenty years, but she now has a husband already and she still can’t celebrate this day? It made her felt depressed when she thought about it, “I even gave him a gift in the morning, I especially reminded him that today is Valentine’s Day, but, unexpectedly, he still go and work overtime, that blockhead.”

Exactly, isn’t he a blockhead? Moreover, he’s not a normal blockhead ah, I hadn’t heard that an autistic person can have any progress before. Fang Hui only dared to say this in her heart, of course, she still had to work hard to appease her dejected married friend in front of her.

“Okay, this sister will accompany you this Valentine’s Day, eat, shopping and watch movies, I’ll accompany you to the end ah. Absolutely can coax you more than your husband.”

“Let’s go! I’ll swipe his card empty!” Mu Xiaoya said resentfully.

“You’d have to buy a house ah, otherwise, it’d be hard to max out his card.” Fang Hui ridiculed.

Naturally, the two didn’t buy a house. They went to dinner together, walked around the street for a while and finally dispersed without buying anything. The reason was because of Bai Chuan. Mu Xiaoya was being absentminded throughout the journey, looking at her phone over and over again. Fang Hui saw her like this, so she simply let her go back while she went alone to find her own entertainment. In this kind of ‘couple day’, there are more single men and women at the bar, so today was a good day to hunt each other while not worrying that the one you hunt already have a partner.

Mu Xiaoya returned home, but Bai Chuan’s still not returned yet, however, the rest of the Bai family were all in the living room.

“Xiaoya, you’re back.” Li Rong saw Mu Xiaoya alone and there’s a trace of apology in her eyes. Today was Chinese Valentine’s Day, she and her husband were already an old couple but Bai Guoyu still gave her a present. However Bai Chuan chose to work overtime on such an important day. Thinking of this, Li Rong can’t help but glared at the two men at home.

“…” Bai Guoyu was aggrieved that he was still being glared at even though he already gave a present. Although he’s the chairman, but he never interfered with the game company’s matter. In order to express his innocence, he united with his wife and looked at Bai Zheng in condemnation together.

Bai Zheng got up calmly, leaving a sentence about going to his room and left the place at ease.

“Dad, mom, I’m also going upstairs.” Mu Xiaoya’s mood was really not good, so after she said her greeting, she followed Bai Zheng to leave.

“Just look at this… what are you, this chairman, doing? Letting Xiao Chuan work overtime on such an important day?” Li Rong asked her husband.

“How could I know? I don’t take care of this game matter all along ah.” Bai Guoyu explained, “Besides, with Xiao Chuan’s character, even if I want him to do overtime and force him to work, he still won’t listen even a tiny bit ah.”

“…no matter, it’s you guys’ fault anyway.” Li Rong also knew that what her husband said made sense, but as a woman, Li Rong understood Mu Xiaoya’s mood better than them. What’s more, for Mu Xiaoya, Bai Chuan’s only good point probably was that he took her as his everything, if even this good point was gone, what should Bai Chuan rely on to keep Mu Xiaoya with him?

“Alright, alright, we’re all big fools.” In this respect, no one can win against women, so he just calmly called himself a big fool.

Back in the deserted room, Mu Xiaoya felt somewhat uncomfortable. It looked like that it was the first time for her to come back to this room alone since she and Bai Chuan got married. The servants of the Bai family were very dedicated and cleaned their rooms with due diligence every day, but without Bai Chuan’s accompaniment, this clean room just looked like a hotel.

Mu Xiaoya took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Bai Chuan: ‘Xiao Chuan, when will you come back?’

Bai Chuan: ‘I’ll be back after finishing some stuff.’

Mu Xiaoya: ‘Pay attention to your body, don’t get too tired.’

With a sigh, Mu Xiaoya put down her phone, turned to the cloak room and took a pyjama from the closet. When she looked back, she saw the shoe box that was placed on the shelf so carefully like it was Bai Chuan’s baby.

“You’re so happy when you received the gift, but why can’t you go home earlier?” Mu Xiaoya stared angrily at the shoe box, as if she was staring at Bai Chuan. Although she was a little bit grumpy, but she knew better than anyone else that Bai Chuan had always been like this ah.

He has autism, and naturally, his EQ was low, he can’t consider and take care of many things. He won’t understand your request, can’t detect the hidden meaning in your words, he even can’t requite the energy or time that you spent for him. Mu Xiaoya actually had prepared herself about these things before getting married. But, in fact, after they got their marriage certificate, Bai Chuan has performed really well.

He would hug her when she cried, gave her flowers the next day and walked for three hours just to make a surprise and pick her up from work. These were far beyond Mu Xiaoya’s expectations, but these things inflated her rationality, it made her desired to ask for more.

“Just wait until you come back, let’s see how I’m going to clean you up.” Mu Xiaoya’s mood was somewhat better after letting out the bits of resentment in her heart. She had thought about it, when Bai Chuan came back, she must read aloud every future festival days once through for Bai Chuan to hear, and let him keep in mind that no overtime would be allowed for these festivals.

Taking a shower, blowing her hair dry and watching a movie, Mu Xiaoya sat alone on the bed and waited until eleven o’clock, but she still hadn’t seen Bai Chuan coming back.

“Why is it so late?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but make a phone call to Bai Chuan because of her anxiety.

The phone was quickly connected, not waiting for Mu Xiaoya to ask, Bai Chuan already said, “There’s still 10 minutes left before I can complete it, I’ll be back before twelve.”

“Can’t you do it tomorrow?” Mu Xiaoya asked worriedly.

“Can’t, have to be done today, wait for me.” After saying this, Bai Chuan took the initiative to hung up Mu Xiaoya’s call for the first time ever.

At the same time, on the balcony of the third floor, Bai Zheng was also calling Assistant Lu Yang, “Is Xiao Chuan still in the company?”

“Yes, but it should be done anytime now. Astro said that Second young master was already on the last stage, I estimate that it’ll be done soon.” Lu Yang reported while drinking coffee.

“You’ll send him back in a moment, pay attention to safety.”

“Yes.” Lu Yang hung up the phone and went to get a cup of coffee with a wrinkled face, “I need to drink another cup to refresh.”

Bai Chuan was still not coming back, Mu Xiaoya of course couldn’t sleep at all, so she wrapped herself with a blanket and sat on the balcony while looking at the mansion’s gate. Although she knew that Bai Chuan was still in the company at this time, and that he wouldn’t be able to return in a little while, but she could calm her heart by looking at that direction.


The notice light from her phone lit up and Mu Xiaoya quickly picked it up. She saw the message sent by Bai Chuan: ‘I’m going back, wait for me.’

“Wait for what? I’ll sleep just for you to see.” Mu Xiaoya stood up angrily, walked back to the bedroom and even laid on the bed. However, after turning around for a while, she still can’t help but returned back to the balcony.

“I’m waiting. I’ll let you see me so you’d feel guilty about it.” The summer night wind felt cool and pleasant as it brought a taste of sunlight and dispersed Mu Xiaoya’s troubled heart. If there’s a Chinese parasol tree here, she can install a swing underneath it and go to cool off.

It’s already 11.45, if he didn’t come back, the Chinese Valentine’s day would be gone in a while.

Suddenly, a beam of light came straight from the front. Mu Xiaoya narrowed her eyes and saw a car approaching the mansion’s gate.

“Second young master, is Second young master back?” Uncle Li who had been worried about Bai Chuan and hadn’t slept a wink, saw the car and hurriedly opened the mansion’s gate.

The car drove in, stopped, and the rear door opened. Bai Chuan came out while holding something in his hands, hurrying to enter the mansion. Uncle Li who was eager and wanted to help, didn’t even have the chance to look at Bai Chuan clearly.

“Second young master…”

“Uncle Li, I’ll go back first.” Lu Yang, who completed the task, greeted Uncle Li with a smile, and then went back to the same road he took. Today is Valentine’s day ah, the time when the Cowherd and the Weaver girl meet. Him ah, is only a magpie.

[T/N: the tale is about a cowherd and a weaver girl whose love wasn’t allowed and thus were separated by the silver river (milky way). Once a year, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day.]

Thump thump thump…’ A series of footsteps, heavy and urgent, was heard. Mu Xiaoya controlled her impulse to go up and welcome him as she stood in place, waiting for Bai Chuan to come in.

The door was opened, and Bai Chuan saw Mu Xiaoya who was standing on the balcony with a glance.

“I’m back.” Bai Chuan smiled, smiling so happily, like a wanderer that was returning from a long trip, seeing the lights shining warmly at home.

“You’re back.” Mu Xiaoya also smiled. All her grievances, all her petty plans to take a revenge on Bai Chuan, were all vanished when she saw the smile on Bai Chuan’s face.

“11.50.” Bai Chuan walked to Mu Xiaoya, still breathing heavily.

“You also know that you’re late ah.”

“There’s still ten minutes left.” Bai Chuan raised his hands and held the thing in front of Mu Xiaoya’s eyes.

“VR glasses? Why are you taking this back?” Bai Chuan was holding a pair of white VR glasses, the indicator blue light were flashing.

“Valentine’s present.” Bai Chuan added, “I made it by myself, it’s unique and unparalleled.”

“You… did it for me?” Mu Xiaoya suddenly found it hard to breath, could it be…

“Quickly look, there’s still nine minutes, the video can be finished in seven minutes.” Bai Chuan was anxious to help Mu Xiaoya put on the VR glasses and pressed the power button.

The blue light radiated from the glasses, and Mu Xiaoya entered a whole new world inside this bright halo light.


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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 56
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