Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 56)

Luo Qing Chen didn’t keep asking, the host had come onto the stage and began this national math conference.

At first there were all kinds of introductions and boasting.

It wasn’t until the ‘genius competition’ began that everyone became excited.

Every person’s ticket had a label and there was a number written on it.

The host pressed the number display on the stage and chose which numbers to come onto the stage.

There were no limits to problems, whether they were sequences or functions, they could appear as long as they were math questions.

This was a test of everyone’s entire math skills.

Coincidentally, the first person chosen was Ji Chen.

“Ah, I’m about to be the first one.”  He had a relaxed smile and he didn’t forget to tease Luo Qing Chen beside him, “Don’t come onto the stage when your number is chosen, I can’t bear to abuse you.”

Ji Chen’s smile was very warm.  There was a feeling that with a single smile from him, it lit up the entire world.

Luo Qing Chen knew that he wasn’t afraid of bullying her, but rather being bullied by her.

“The one who just came up was last year’s runner-up, is everyone feeling pressure now!”  The host was still boasting as he came forward.

The competition was about random questions, so there were two tablets on the side.  Whoever could write the answer first was the winner.

The questions scrolled very fast.  If the two of them wrote the answers within five seconds of each other, they would both pass.

It had to be said, Ji Chen really was good.  Facing all kinds of different opponents, he still didn’t lose.


Li Sheng came up.

Ji Chen had a very casual look, but Li Sheng was different.

Luo Qing Chen could feel the flames burning in Li Sheng’s eyes, they were flames saying that he had to win.

“A powerful match is now about to begin.”   The host excitedly said, as the tablets on stage lit up with questions.

To be honest, although she didn’t like Li Sheng, he was indeed a math genius.

But compared to Ji Chen, he couldn’t keep up.

The sharp-eyed people under the stage could tell that Ji Chen was solving the questions faster than Li Sheng.

Although Li Sheng could always catch up in five seconds.

But the further back he went, the more Ji Chen had the advantage.

Li Sheng knit his brows and deliberately said, “When Ning Qiu left you, it wasn’t because she loved me, it was because she had my child.  Right, I took advantage of her drunken state to knock her up.”

Li Sheng’s voice was very soft, but he knew that Ji Chen beside him heard him.

He had written half the answer on the tablet, but he knew that he couldn’t keep going.

Ji Chen didn’t even think as he threw a punch at Li Sheng, using all his strength.

Maybe his past already faded and perhaps he no longer loved Ning Qiu, but the rage in his heart had festered and it would explode one day!

“Peng!”  Li Sheng fell to the ground.  He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with a smile as he looked at Ji Chen and said, “You’ve lost.”

The host quickly pulled them apart and made a ruling.

He had lost last year because he saw Ning Qiu at the competition last year and he still lost this year because of Ning Qiu……

Ji Chen turned over and looked at the unfinished question on the tablet.  He revealed a helpless smile before looking at Li Sheng, “Is the taste of victory really that good?”

After saying this, he turned and walked off the stage.

“It is!”  Li Sheng roared out, as his eyes turned bloodshot, “As long as I can beat you, Ji Chen, it is good!”

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