The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 — Attack of the Black Car

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Cheng Jinyu really did drink a lot. He was muddle headed as he came out of the restaurant.

Although Yang Zijian was more clear headed, he had already started to sway. Cheng Jinyu asked, “Want me to take you back?”

Yang Zijian waved his hand. “No need, I’ll take you back”

Cheng Jinyu saw he couldn’t even stand steadily. ”Forget it, no need to send each other off. Let’s just all go back to our own homes.”

“Nope, out of the question. Today I must take you back. Today I got the form signed because of you, therefore I must send you back, send you back home.” 

“How are you going to send me?” Cheng Jinyu knew that this person used the tram to get to work. He rented a place near the company to live.  

“Electric bike, I can operate one!” Yang Zijian said as his body ruthlessly swayed to the side, almost falling to the ground. 

Xiao Sun smiled. “Forget it, forget it. I had better escort our mascot back. You obediently go back home. I’ll ensure that Jinyu gets back home.” 

“Won’t do, no one is allowed to fight me on this. Today Jinyu must be sent by me.”

To reason with a drunkard really doesn’t make sense. 

At last Cheng Jinyu could only sit on the bus with Yang Zijian. As soon as this person got on the bus, he fell asleep. Cheng Jinyu really did not know what this guy insisted on doing. Shaking him awake, he told him to go home. But Zijian was determined to send him back home first.

Cheng Jinyu got off the bus and Yang Zijian followed. 

Cheng Jinyu said, “I’ve arrived home, it’s late. You don’t need to follow me up. My mother’s body is not well. Normally, she sleeps very early.”

Yang Zijian looked at the neighborhood in front of him. “Which house is yours?” 

Cheng Jinyu pointed. “I live here. Ok, hurry and go home. It’s better if I call a taxi for you. It’s the middle of the night, hurry and go home!”

Yang Zijian smiled. “Jinyu, I feel that we were brought together by fate.”

AdvertisementCheng Jinyu noded his head, “Brought by fate, brought by fate. Don’t move, I’ll go call a taxi for you.”

Cheng Jinyu just walked two steps forward when he saw a person emerge from the dark. It was Wei Hua, the person who had already broken relations with him. 

For a split second, Cheng Jinyu felt that they did not break up. It was similar to many times in the past. This person would always wait there for him to come back. 

Cheng Jinyu stood where he was as Yang Zijian came after him, “Jinyu, I’m not going back tonight. Can I stay with you? Does your house have room?” 

Yang Zijian drank until he was drunk. His walk was staggering side to side. Cheng Jinyu instinctively used his hand to help steady him. Yang Zijian took advantage of the moment to lean against his body. 

Wei Hua definitely did not think he would see this kind of scene. Although Cheng Jinyu used his mother to vow his marriage, Wei Hua did not believe it. 

They loved each other for seven years, yet not even a blush could be seen. Although their love wasn’t earth shattering, it was still deep and profound. In the end, it was carved in bones and engraved in the heart. 

Wei Hua did not feel that their separation needed to weep bitter tears, but at least it would still have a bit of a sad feeling. But the person in front of him, he unexpectedly turned his head around and got married. 

What is he in his heart? Their many years of emotion, what did it count as? 

Wei Hua calmed his face, walked over with big strides. “Who is he? Your husband? Didn’t you say he was a vulgar and ugly old man?”

“Husband? What husband? We’re all men here ok?” Although Yang Zijian was drunk, his mind was actually clear. 

Cheng Jinyu did not respond to Wei Hua. He turned around to call for a taxi. Without any explanation, he threw Yang Zijian inside it, then gave money to the driver. 

As the taxi left, Cheng Jinyu tried to calm his heart as much as possible before finally turning to face Wei Hua. “You’re looking for me for something?” 

Cheng Jinyu’s face was a special kind of serene and beautiful. Even Wei Hua had not seen this kind of expression on him in years. It was brimming full of youthful energy and confidence.

The previous Cheng Jinyu always gave people a lifeless feeling. Even though his appearance was not beautiful, it still attracted people.  

But that kind of Cheng Jinyu made you feel very serious, and restrained, as if spending an extra moment with him would make you feel the days drag by.

The current Cheng Jinyu did not have that feeling. It was like the moon in the sky, perfect.

Wei Hua thought of the previous Cheng Jinyu. When he had fallen in love with Cheng Jinyu, it was not the same situation as it was currently. At that time, with one glance he became infatuated with this person. However that person was unapproachable, he could only watch from afar, longing.

It wasn’t until he quit school and became Chen family’s servant, that he had a bit of hope. He invested three years of time and wrote a great amount of letters to get this person to accept him. 

But, even if he was the moon in the sky, once possessed he became ordinary and mediocre. Then after letting go, that full moon once again hung up in the sky. When he became unattainable, he finally discovered that the original moon had that type of beauty to it. 

Wei Hua was disorderly upset. Cheng Jinyu directly said, “Sorry! I’m not feeling too well. I’m going back first.” 

Cheng Jinyu finished talking and wanted to leave, but Wei Hua reached out to pull on his hand. 

Cheng Jinyu turned his head around, “What exactly do you want?” 

Wei Hua, “You, you really got married?”



Cheng Jinyu thought it was very funny, “What do you mean why? Getting married is my business, do I need to ask for your opinion? Do I need your permission?”

Wei Hua’s face showed a bit of sorrow. “You.. you… you cannot harm yourself just to retaliate against me.” 

Cheng Jinyu firmly shook off his hand. “I already said it very clearly, me getting married has nothing to do with you. It’s my business. I don’t need you to come to ask about it.” 

Cheng Jinyu finished talking and wanted to leave. Wei Hua chased him. “You still hate me? You still blame me don’t you? Don’t tell me after breaking up we still can’t be friends?”

Cheng Jinyu angrily replied, “Cannot! I don’t know if other people can do it, but I cannot.”

“But, you’re the one who proposed to seperate…” 

Cheng Jinyu only felt even more angry. Why did this person come here today? It couldn’t be to just question him about this, is it? 

Cheng Jinyu bit his lip. He didn’t even get a chance to open his mouth when he was suddenly met with a flash of light, followed closely by the sound of a car starting up. 

The neighborhood Cheng Jinyu lived in was rather shabby. At this time, even a taxi was rare, much less private cars. 

Cheng Jinyu also couldn’t think of who would drive at this time of night. The car started coming towards Wei Hua. Cheng Jinyu was standing some distance from Wei Hua. In addition, that car was aiming straight for Wei Hua. 

A car with very bright lights and a very loud horn started coming towards Wei Hua. 

Wei Hua did not even have enough time to think about what was going on. He turned around and ran. But that car was not willing to let him go. It accelerated and chased him. 

“Damn it, Jinyu hurry and call the police.” Wei Hua did not forget to yell out. 


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 24
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