The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 — Condescending

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Wang Ke smiled and said, “I’m going to go greet some people. Chief Jiang is very busy. There’ll be banquets in the future.” 

Jiang Zihan said, “How about this, put the bill on me. You guys have fun.”

Third Group Leader Qiu Zhiyuan felt as if he had seen his lover. He couldn’t help but wipe away some tears. “Chief Jiang is very straightforward. I’ll definitely spread the word of Chief Jiang’s kindness. Let everyone remember Chief Jiang’s favor and virtue.”

Jiang Zihan laughed, “Just don’t get drunk and it’ll be fine.” 

“Don’t worry, we will definitely protect the reputation of the company.” 

As three people were talking, they saw Cheng Jinyu run out from the private room. “No good, I really can’t drink anymore otherwise I’ll throw up for you guys to watch.”

Yang Zijian chased after him and firmly grasped Cheng Jinyu’s clothes. “You can’t leave. You did a great service today so you’re not allowed to leave.”

Cheng Jinyu begged for forgiveness from him. “How is that considered a great service, I merely wore a suit, that’s all. I really can’t drink anymore, let me go!” 

Yang Zijian drank a bit. Even though he was not drunk, his mind was a bit dizzy. He turned his head around to loudly shout, “Should we let our mascot go?”

“Don’t let go, absolutely cannot let the beautiful man leave.” The people inside the room agreed. Two more people immediately came out. Among them, one extended his hand and wrapped it around Cheng Jinyu from behind. “Come back, we can’t let you leave yet.”

Cheng Jinyu extended his hand to grab onto the entrance to the private room. “Quickly let me go. I really can’t drink anymore.” 

Yang Zijian came up and grabbed Cheng Jinyu’s ticklish side. Cheng Jinyu who was most afraid of being tickled, immediately laughed and swayed to a side. If other people saw him they would think he lost his mind from his drunkenness.

But Cheng Jinyu’s appearance was really too good. In addition to the incredibly eye catching suit, his face was bright red from the alcohol while his lips were an alluring blood red. Don’t even mention how men don’t have this kind of seduction, even many women would not have this kind of allure. 

Sure enough, many people’s gazes in the restaurant were attracted by Cheng Jinyu, especially that laughter. It was very clear with a deep magnetism, incredibly pleasing to listen to, like a cello. 

Wang Ke couldn’t help but say, “At that time I didn’t discover that he was so good looking.”

Qiu Zhiyuan laughed. “This is proof that our sales department can raise good people. The crucial point is that he became cheerful. Previously, he had his head down and didn’t speak. People simply didn’t notice him.”

Jiang Zihan thought, so it was originally like this. No wonder during the numerous amount of times he had gone to the Chen House, he had never paid attention to this person. 

Wang Ke said, “Chief Jiang, If you have business to attend to, then I will leave first to go greet the department people.”

Jiang Zihan glanced at his watch. “It’s still early, I’ll also go!”

Wang Ke was slightly confused. He didn’t understand why he would suddenly change his mind. Furthermore this boss appeared to be very kind to people, but beneath the surface, h was actually in fact someone who resisted people for over a thousand miles. This sort of gathering of colleagues, he truly had never attended them before.

But right now he already opened his mouth. Wang Ke could only respond, “That’s great, it really is the privilege of the sales department.”

Three people headed towards the private room. Cheng Jinyu had already been dragged back inside by Tang Zijian and them. There were a lot of people inside the private room, no less than forty. A table for twelve was full.  

Next to the alcohol table were two sofas. In front of the sofas were coffee tables. In front was a karaoke station where you could sing. 

Qiu Zhiyuan announced, “Comrades, look who came.”

“Manager? Chief Jiang? Chief Jiang also came!” Nearly everyone all stood up. 

Cheng Jinyu and Yang Xijian at the time were joking around. Hearing that Jiang Zihan arrived, hurried to stand up, their gazes also looking over there. 

Jiang Zihan’s gaze also looked over there. He clearly saw that just now Cheng Jinyu had a smiling expression on his mouth that immediately disappeared. 

Inside his heart, Jiang Zihan felt a little unwell. He said, “Put the bill on me. You guys only need to worry about eating and having fun.”

“How great, many thanks to Chief Jiang.”

“Chief Jiang sit over here.”

“Chief Jiang, hurry over here.”

Nearly everyone surrounded him, while some others did not go over just yet. A cup of wine was a must.

Jiang Zihan was also very easy going. For each and every proposed a toast, he drank them all. 

The people from the sales department very rarely get a chance to see Jiang Zihan. It was only at company annual meetings, or a glance from afar. Normally, they could not propose a toast to him. 

Right now the boss came, and was also very amiable. These people were originally very talkative, and naturally would not give up this opportunity. Jiang Zihan was enclosed by everyone. He would say a word to the east and say a word to the west. People would talk and he would turn towards them. His chance to talk was actually not a lot. 

Jiang Zihan stood up and spoke, “In a moment I still have things to do. I can only drink some wine with you guys. We can get together again when we have time and talk.”

“Ok, ok. Chief Jiang is a very busy person. If Chief Jiang has stuff to do, then he can leave first.” 

Jiang Zihan’s gaze around inside, “Have I already drank with everyone here?” 

Yang Zijian happily laughed and ran over. “There’s still me, I haven’t drank yet.” 

Yang Zijian walked over quickly. “Blessings were all spoken by others. I’ll just wish Chief Jiang to hurry and bring back a wife to be our lady boss.”

“Hahaha.” Everyone laughed, but even though their faces all held laughing expressions, their gazes couldn’t help but linger at Jiang Zihan. 

While Yang Zijian was a fast person with fast words, everyone still really liked him. But to talk about the boss’s personal affairs, it generally wasn’t a very good thing. 

But Jiang Zihan’s face did not even slightly change. He only smiled and said, “You also need to hurry.” Then drank the wine in his hand. 

After Jiang Zihan drank this cup of wine, his gaze fell to Cheng Jinyu’ direction. Cheng Jinyu really did drink quite a bit. He was laying on the sofa with his eyes closed to recuperate. 

The area where the sofa was was a bit dim. This kind of lighting, cast on this person’s face, was almost like a halation effect in photography. He layed like this calmly on the sofa with his eyes closed. Jiang Zihan didn’t know if it was because he had drank a lot, but looking at this moment, Cheng Jinyu was like a painting of a beautiful man on the wall. 

Ex. of Halation Photography

Qiu Zhiyuan yelled, “Did everyone toast with Chief Jiang?” 

“Yes, yes, we all toasted.”

Qiu Zhiyuan smiled. “Many thanks to Chief Jiang for honoring us with your presence. We’re even more thankful for giving us this chance to express ourselves. Our sales department will definitely not fail to live up to Chief Jiang’s expectations. We will definitely achieve even better achievements.”

Wang Ke also added, “Group Leader Qiu spoke very well. Chief Jiang carefully watch our achievements.”

Jiang Zihan replied, “I haven’t seen any achievements, I can see it clearly even if I’m not there.” Jiang Zihan left a single phrase and in front of everyone’s astonished gazes turned around and left. 


JADE: Here is the next chapter of LMSE! Also quick question to everyone, a lot of the sentences uses the word “Ba” or “Ma” a lot, they dont really have an actual meaning, its just a form of expression. Should I keep them in the translations? So far I’ve been excluding them to make it sound more English but I’m wondering if I’m taking away the “feel” of the original text by taking them away. Thoughts?

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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 23

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  1. Since ba/ma hasn’t been used since the beginning, I think it’s fine to leave them out. (If it was a certain character’s quirk and distinguished them, it might be important to add ba/ma back in.)

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