The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 — Distinguish Oneself

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Cheng Jinyu watched as Wei Hua ran away, flustered. He even lost a shoe. Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

From his pocket he pulled out his phone. It was dead. He was a bit embarrassed. The heavens didn’t bless him, but he couldn’t blame himself for it.

He put his phone back into his pocket, turned around and left. 

Although he drank quite a bit of alcohol, Cheng Jinyu still went to work early the next day. In contrast, the rest of the sales department practically weren’t there.

Some came early in the morning, signed a few things then left. There were also some who simply just didn’t even show up. 

Wang Ke saw the empty office and his eyebrows wrinkled intensely. With one glance, one could see only Cheng Jinyu sitting in a corner. 

“Are you okay?” 

Cheng Jinyu stood up and replied, “I’m fine and well.”

Wang Ke looked at the outfit on Cheng Jinyu and frowned. “Where’s the suit from yesterday?” 

“I already sent it to the cleaners. I’ll definitely be able to get it back tomorrow.”

“Go downstairs to the company brand store and get clothes from them. Tell them I said to get yesterday’s version. Change, then come with me to for a business trip. 

“Eh?” Cheng Jinyu stared blankly. “Me?” 

“If not you, then who? Look at these idlers. Only you came.” 

Cheng Jinyu did not dare to be careless. He hurriedly responded, “Okay, I’ll go then.” 

Cheng Jinyu finished changing and tidying up his things. Then, without delay, he went to Wang Ke’s office. Wang Ke was the general manager of the sales department. It was Cheng Jinyu’s first time going out on a business trip with this person. He also did not know what they were going out for today, and couldn’t help but be a bit nervous. 

Wang Ke knew he was new. “Just follow my lead. If I ask you to do something just do it.” 


When Wang Ke brought Cheng Jinyu out the door, there was already a car waiting outside. 

Wang Ke directly gave Cheng Jinyu a book of data. “Today we’re going to meet the higher ups of Hisense Company. This is the company’s information. You need to use this short amount of time to look through it.”

“Yes.” Cheng Jinyu hurriedly received it and earnestly looked it over.

Wang Ke looked at the male next to him. He did not discover before that this person was so handsome. Especially when they wear a suit. In an instant, it gave people the feeling he was a child of aristocracy.

Young people now were very scatterbrained. There were also a few who looked very arrogant. But the youth in front of him was very peaceful, very stable, and made people feel very comfortable. 

During the entire journey he very seriously looked through the data. He was not like other staff who came to Wang Ke to curry favor. He also did not deliberately flaunt his intelligence. 

Very quickly they reached Hisense headquarters. Cheng Jinyu got out of the car first, then helped Wang Ke open the car door, and then picked up all the materials they brought. 

He did not deliberately stand behind Wang Ke. It was just that he was very considerate and natural in his actions, so much that so that one didn’t even notice it. 

Wang Ke nodded his head. “Let’s go then!” 

Two people entered Hisense headquarters. The primary goal of Hisense was to develop and manufacture Hisense cell phones. But the phones within the domestic market were not very optimistic. Hisense cell phones were also beaten into pieces by phones from foreign markets. 

But someone purchased Hisense company and completely reorganized it. They hired new talents, vigorously advertised, and after 6, 7 years of effort, Hisense cell phones once again came back to domestic stores. 

This time after returning, not only did it quickly occupy domestic stores, but it was also preparing to open international stores. Cheng Jinyu reviewed Hisense company’s data, and couldn’t help but admire this superior that raised Hisense up from the dead. 

Hisense company currently has over ten thousand people. Even the leadership level has thousands of people. This was one big bill. Naturally, it was Wang Ke’s project. 

 A Hisense employee brought them inside the office. “Manager Zhang is currently in a meeting, please wait a bit for him.”

“Okay.” Wang Ke said. “Did you finish looking at the data?” 


“How much did you remember?”

“Pretty much most of it.” 

“Good, later be aware of the mood of the room.”


The two people in the middle of taking a rest suddenly heard three people come in from outside. The person in front was the person Wang Ke was looking for, Zhang Yishan. 

Zhang Yishan smiled and said, “Manager Wang has arrived?” 

Wang Ke’s face immediately put on a smiling expression. “Yes, I’ve been wanting to make a visit to Manager Zhang, but knowing you’re busy, I didn’t dare to casually disturb you.”

Zhang Yishan said, “Exactly, very busy. Not only do I need to deal with the custom made outfits, but there are a lot of other problems I need to deal with as well. To make a long story short, time is limitedt.”

“Yes, Yes.” Wang Ke hurriedly said, “Please sit down. I’ll follow our system and introduce to you our modified clothes for this time.”

This wasn’t the first time Wang Ke had business with them. They had met a few times before. It was just this Manager Zhang was too picky. From beginning to end, they couldn’t get past the style of the clothes. 

Zhang Yishan sat in the head seat. Jis subordinates sat down by his side.

Wang Ke had Cheng Jinyu open the computer and prepared to introduce the clothes for this time. 

Zhang Yishan suddenly said, “Who is this person? A new model found by your company?” 

Wang Ke smiled and said, “Exactly! Since one can’t tell if a printed outfit is good or not, we hired a model to come display it. Xiao Cheng, step forward to let Manager Zhang take a look.”

Cheng Jinyu was a bit embarrassed, but right now his wage was 4k from Jiang Zihan. Probably only models could make that much.

Cheng Jinyu walked out from the corner he was in and stood not too far away. This way he could let Zhang Yishan and the rest look clearly. 

Cheng Jinyu pursed his lips, then he opened his mouth, “This time’s outfit was specially designed by Mr. Temo. Mr. Temo was inspired by nature.”

These days Cheng Jinyu spent reading all kinds of data nonstop. Although right now he knew what a sales rep did, he still felt that he needed to have experience.

Because he wore this outfit yesterday, he had looked over everything pertaining to the outfit yesterday. Although Cheng Jinyu could not repeat everything word for word, but relying on his conversation skills, he tirelessly spoke everything about the outfit.

Wang Ke was a bit shocked. It was without a doubt that the information introduced by Cheng Jinyu was no match for his own prepared data. But the crucial point was that Cheng Jinyu achieved a much greater result than he could have.

First off, this outfit with his appearance, captured the attention of the opposite party. His voice was incredibly pleasing to listen to. One word at a time he delivered the info, giving people an aesthetic perception. It gave people the feeling of wanting to continue listening.

As expected Zhang Yishan repeatedly nodded his head. Everyone’s gazes were directed on Cheng Jinyu. It seemed that the more they looked, the more satisfied they were with the outfit. 

When Cheng Jinyu finished talking, he walked back to behind Wang Ke. And as before he let Wang Ke advance. This kind of not seeking the limelight, a person knowing when to advance and retreat, Wang Ke felt even more satisfied. 


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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy Chapter 25
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