How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (17)

Translated by: Niladri


Currently, it was time for evening prayers. Every devout believer would partake in this. Princess Windsor was naturally praying in front of the God of light. Lu Heng quickly contacted Windsor through descension.


“Your Holiness, father pope.” Princess Windsor greeted Lu Heng.


“Windsor, you have been working hard.” Lu Heng nodded to her.


“It’s my pleasure to be able to do this trivial thing for you.”


After enquiring Princess Windsor about the recent affairs of the Vatican, Lu Heng found that this seemingly soft and gentle Princess Windsor, assisted by two Cardinals, was very well suited for the teachings of the Pope of Light.


“Can your brother find out what you’re doing on the Vatican’s side?”


Lu Heng felt it was necessary to pay attention to the movements of the child of destiny of this world, Emperor Surrey. After all, in the original timeline, His Majesty Pope Joseph died in the hands of the Emperor. Although it hasn’t been long since he came into power and so, it should not be time to start fighting against theocracy yet, but Lu Heng did not want to capsize in the sewer.


“He, at first, sent messengers all day long to persuade me to go back, but I made excuses and worked hard to send them back. Recently, some small aristocrats in the Empire have united to make trouble for the new monarchy. It’s enough to give him headache for some time. I don’t think he’ll bother me for a while. When it came to her brother, Princess Windsor revealed qualities befitting a young girl.


It seemed that the princess of Windsor and her elder brother had a very good relationship.


{Little assistant, did this princess Windsor also play an important role in the previous world? Can you really not give me any hint at all? }


{Congratulations to 666 for activating the new function. When you meet key people, you can check the relevant information about the previous state of the world from your assistant. }


{… Why didn’t you tell me about Princess Windsor before this? }


{If you don’t ask me, how would I know your questions? If you wanted to know, you should have asked… } The Little assistant seemed to be watching some old movie recently.


{Stop talking nonsense. } Lu Heng was still talking with Princess Windsor here. Although his spiritual strength has been trained by the civil servants of the department 1, allowing him to perform dual communication, he still felt very uncomfortable.


{In the original plane, Surrey happened to learn about the collapse of the divine realm and the power of the Pope of Light deceitfully receiving faith in the name of God. Unexpectedly, Princess Windsor learned about it. Princess Windsor was a fanatical believer who wanted to devote her whole body and soul to the Holy Light, only to learn that all this was the pope’s lie. After losing her faith, Princess Windsor grew weary in her heart and died of a serious illness. }


{So that’s why Surrey was so intent on killing Pope Joseph, a revenge for his sister? } Lu Heng was in a state of disbelief.


{According to my analysis, this should be the reason. In the limited data records, Surrey is a ruthless person who can make use of anyone. Only towards his sister, he is docile and obedient. }


{Speaking of it, you can give me all the information about Surrey from the last plane, since I’ve met him too? }


{Surrey is the child of destiny of this world. His every move involves the direction of the timeline throughout the whole plane. With your current employee rank, your authority is insufficient. }


Although the key information was not available because of lack of authority, Lu Heng, in his mind had a rudimentary idea of a plan after knowing about Princess Windsor’s experience on the last timeline. But before that, there was another place where Princess Windsor could help.


“Do you know any noble ladies from the Bega Empire who are studying in the History Branch of Maple Leaf College?” Lu Heng asked.


There was a reason why Lu Heng asked such a question. Maple Leaf College’s History department, Music department and Painting department were the places where noble ladies liked to go to study most.


“I have a good friend who is a third-year student in the History department of Maple Leaf College. Her academic level in history is very good. Not long ago, the head of History department accepted her as a student.” Princess Windsor said.


“In a month’s time, I need you to find something in the treasure library without leaving any trace. I’ll explain to you later.”


Lu Heng also asked Princess Windsor to pay attention to some matters in the church, and then prepared to lift the divine descension.


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Before leaving, Lu Heng asked, “Windsor, have you ever wondered what is the purpose of light?”


“That is naturally God’s mercy and gift to all living beings.”


“You can think about it and answer me the next time when we meet again.” Lu Heng shook his head a bit, and then lightly touched Windsor’s forehead, sending into her body a great deal of Holy Light that he had recently generated through the power of faith.


Lu Heng tried lay a seed in Princess Windsor’s heart. For the sake of this beautiful girl, she will not die of sorrow for losing her faith in the future. His Majesty Surrey, who was full of the ambition of reunifying the mainland, would not be preoccupied with theocracy if his sister could become Pope of the Papacy of Light.


Lu Heng left in a hurry for a reason. Ionas had used the Divine descension on Lu Heng, allowing him to share everything he saw. He now heard the Golden Dragon say that he could not let Lu Heng suffer losses, forcibly sharing his vision with Lu Heng.


And through the shared vision of Ionas, Lu Heng saw a little conflict over there. Some senior students seem to be unable to withstand Ionas entering Maple Leaf College through special enrollment after the enrollment season, and wanted to bring him down a notch. Lu Heng was not worried about Ionas’ troubles. He was more worried about whether the fierce golden dragon would flatten the whole Maple Leaf College with a tantrum if he was not there.


Going back in time a bit.


Ionas’ performance in the classroom made every teacher very satisfied. As a top-quality genius, there would always be some arrogance or free spiritedness, which always led to some unpleasant things in the first day of class with the teachers. Therefore, the teachers in charge of the special classes both loved and hated the geniuses with the highest qualifications.


However, the entry of Ionas gave them a surprise. Throughout this morning’s class, the genius was so good that all the teachers were touched and wanted to thank God for his gift.


From the year they had entered the college to the present, this was the first top qualified genius who didn’t make any trouble on the first day of the course. The teacher of battle spirit theory thought so. As for this genius being too silent in class and unwilling to communicate much, it was only a minor problem.


If these teachers knew that Ionas had left only his body in the classroom, and the entirety of this dragon’s mind was in another place, one would wonder if they would have been so touched.


At the end of the morning course, Ionas rushed to find his treasure. Although there was the divine descension with which they could follow each other all the time, he always felt uneasy when his most precious treasure wasn’t around him.


However, there were always people who did not have eyes that liked to appear at inappropriate times. 2


“Hey, rookie,” a strong-looking warrior came up with a group of men and from his uniform, he should be a sophomore of the warrior department. “I heard that you have good qualifications, but you also got a special recommendation to come in?”


Ionas frowned as he looked at a crowd of people blocking the way.


“Well, he’s arrogant. I don’t think that his qualifications are good. Here, let’s speak with our strength.” The soldier taunted again.


A man next to him whispered, “John, you shouldn’t start. I don’t want my points to be deducted anymore.”


“Rest assured, this rookie certainly is not clear about the college rules. Didn’t you see that I was provoking him to start first?” John also answered in a low voice. However, they did not realize that the Ionas in front of them was not a human being, but a giant dragon. For humans, the hard-to-hear low-volume communication between them was clear in the ears of dragons.


“You want to fight with me?” Ionas didn’t feel angry at all. He just thought it was a bit weird. After all, the people in front of him were not even as strong as one of Lunlun Zuokeharu’s toes. When the power gap was too large, the provoked party will not feel angry; at most will feel a little surprised.


“Are you afraid? If you obediently hand over all your weekly resources to us, I can consider not waving my fist against your beautiful little white face.” John added another taunt, trying to irritate the gifted student in the special class in front of him.


John came to Ionas for trouble only because he was envious. When his excellent brother had missed the enrollment season because of an unavoidable accident, the college refused to accommodate in any case, and forced him to wait for the next enrollment season. But now this noble young man, because of his good birth, was easily be admitted by breaking the rules. John knew that this Ionas, hasn’t even registered in the Alliance of Warriors. It’s just a gifted nobleman who had neither hard work nor any strength.


“Not fighting? Then I have something urgent to do, get out of my way.” Ionas felt that he could spare two sentences to these ants, which was a great act of generosity from the Dragon lord.


“Oh, is young master is going to lose his temper? I’m so scared.” John was still relentless.


Ionas’s eyebrows grew tighter and tighter. He had not seen his own treasure for four hours and twenty-six minutes, and he was beginning to feel restless. This feeling had nothing to do with the ants in front of him. It was an uncontrollable sense of insecurity that gushed from the depths of the soul, as if something irreparable would happen if the person was not in his eyesight.


Ionas’s eyes slowly surged with a color of tyranny.


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