How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (18)

Translated by: Niladri

self-edited(see bottom of the chapter for more info on this)


John was totally unaware of the danger he was facing. The teenager named Ionas, although a little taller than him, was still slightly more slender than the powerful warriors. His face also contained the haughty look of a youth who was clearly inexperienced in the ways of the world. It was this kind of noble young men that John hated most.


John saw the young noble suddenly lower his head, and started to lightly tremble, increasing the contempt in his heart: “What kind of noble youth are you that just a few words pushed you on the verge of crying? Maybe you should go back to your mother’s lap and suckle on milk. Maple Leaf College is not a place for children to play in like their homes. You, young master can’t even protect the person dear to you.”


John then only saw a pair of scarlet eyes before his consciousness fell into darkness.


Neither the students nor John’s comrades saw what Ionas had done, when John abruptly flew backwards and smashed into a stone pillar. The immensity of the force caused cracks to appear on the sturdy pillar. John, however, merely managed to spit out a mouthful of blood before he had fainted.


John was the leader of second-years in the Warrior division. He has been tested in the Alliance of Warriors and was a (proficient) swordsman. And this seemingly thin Ionas so easily beat him to kingdom come. Was there such a massive gap between their battle spirit techniques? No, he didn’t use battle spirit techniques at all. As long as battle spirit was used, it would be certain to leave traces; but in this case, none of the people present found any trace of it.


Ionas was seen moving step by step towards the incapacitated John. However, in the face of his momentum, no one dared to stand in his way. Although his head was slightly lowered causing the hair on his forehead to block his piercing eyes, it was still terrifying.


“You, repeat that last sentence?” Ionas lifted his right foot and casually placed it on John’s chest.


“Didn’t you say something?” He tilted his head, as if in doubt, and then exerted a little force with his feet.


Only then did everyone see that Ionas was not quite right. With the strength he had just displayed, if he stomped with his foot, John would certainly fall into death’s embrace. John’s friend finally mustered the courage to rush forward to save John, but it was too late. The pleading voices from the rest of the crowd had no effect on the man at all.


“Io.” A soft voice resounded from the small garden at the entrance. It’s not very loud. If one didn’t listen carefully, it could easily be drowned under the pleading shouts of the other people.


Ionas paused, and suddenly disappeared from he was standing.


As soon as Lu Heng called out the name of Ionas, he suddenly felt a tightening in his waist. Then his entire body fell into the embrace of Ionas, and he was startled by the other person’s scent. Lu Heng flicked his finger and a thread of light bolted straight into the body of the man who had fallen on the ground. The sun shone the brightest during this time of the noon, and everyone present had their full attention on Ionas. As a result, the light of healing went undiscovered.


Lu Heng couldn’t care much about the others. He whispered to Ionas, “Io, you take me back first.”


The others in the garden felt only a gust of wind blowing past, and by the time they recovered their wits, the figures of the two men in the garden had disappeared.


“What was that just now?”


“A Giant Dragon?”


Lu Heng’s original intention was to let Ionas stay in his dormitory before trying to appease him. But before he realized it, Ionas had brought him directly back to his cave in Dragon Island. Perhaps in his subconscious mind, this was the safest place for his treasure.


As soon as he entered the cave, Ionas held Lu Heng with his claws and placed him on his chest. The dragon’s entire body lay huddled together on the ground. Lu Heng was protected by his sturdy body and placed in the safest position. He was not allowed to go out, nor was he allowed to be coveted by outsiders.


Lu Heng knew Ionas’ obsession and stubbornness. He waited quietly for the ragged breathing of the dragon to gradually calm down. Then he said, “Io, can you change back into a human form? If you go on like this, you’ll fall asleep again.”


No response. However, Lu Heng knew that Ionas would not fall asleep at such a time.


“Io, I want to hold you.” Lu Heng continued.


As soon as the voice fell, the huge form that enveloped Lu Heng’s whole body disappeared, and in that place stood the tall and slender teenager with black hair and blonde pupils. Lu Heng stepped forward on his own initiative and gently embraced him.


“Io, I let you use divine descension on me. Even if my spirit is completely open to you, can you still not erase the discomfort in your heart?”


“This great one is the Dragon Lord, and there exists no living creature on this continent capable of stealing anything from me, let alone my most precious treasure.” In Ionas’ voice, there was a rare sense of uncertainty. “But in my heart, there is a sense of panic that I can lose you any time. I always feel that you are not fully mine yet.”


Lu Heng gave a low laugh, held Ionas’ shoulder and pushed him a little away. Before Ionas could express his discontent, he tiptoed on his forehead and kissed him again, “How about this?”


“Not enough.”


“Here’s this.” Lu Heng put his lips on Ionas and licked it gently with his tongue narrowly sticking out.


Ionas answered back by supporting Lu Heng with his right hand, and gripping his waist with his left hand.


Night fell and the final rays of light disappeared. The cave slowly fell into darkness, and only some muffled sounds could be heard, like the sound of friction for rubbing og clothes and the ambiguous sound of lips and teeth intertwining.




“No! Io, this can’t be done!” Lu Heng’s voice was tinged with a trace of panic.


From the darkness came the sound of someone being lifted to the ground.


“Dragons don’t hurt their spouses.” Ionas said aggrievedly.


The conversation soon stopped again.


Well, the ultimate way to domesticate a fierce dragon is still very effective.


When Lu Heng woke up, he felt something wrong. The chest that he was sleeping on seemed to be too strong. Even though Ionas was powerful and unparalleled, he should have been a tall and slender teenager.


Soon, Lu Heng propped himself up on the bed, and sat up half-way. The robust and tall figure of Ionas was lying on an artwork-like bed made by an elf craftsman, which Ionas had especially taken out from his collection. Whether his facial features or body structure, they both seemed to have been carefully sculptured by the God of Art himself. He was perfect from every angle.


Lu Heng was not too surprised, because although the man’s face seemed much more mature, it could be inferred at a glance that this was Ionas.


Perhaps sensing Lu Heng’s gaze, Ionas’s eyelids moved and he seemed to be waking up. However, he did not open his eyes, but directly grabbed Lu Heng pulled the latter over towards himself.


Lu Heng’s vision spun and he quickly used his hand to prop himself up Ionas’ chest: “You can’t sleep anymore.”


“Not sleeping,” Ionas opened his eyes. “What this dragon is doing is mainly deepening his feelings with his spouse.”


Lu Heng’s face was stiff because under the quilt, he clearly understood what the man indicated through deepening his feelings: “Io, I’m a human being…” ”


“All right.” Seeing Lu Heng’s fragility, Ionas, as the Lord of Giant dragons who was considerate of his spouse, finally relaxed his hand in a magnanimous way. “Your human body is really so weak.”


It took two days and two nights to pacify the raging dragon. Lu Heng recalled the mess in Maple Leaf College, and he had a feeling of rolling his eyes. Ionas almost killed a student in a fit of rage, but fortunately he later saved the student, which he could somehow cover up. But in the small garden, under the gaze of all eyes, Ionas turned into a dragon, which made Lu Heng’s head ache.


Even after Ionas flew into the air, Lu Heng responded timely and covered it up with magic, so that no more people could see the golden dragon. At that time however, those people in the small garden actually saw Ionas transform into a dragon, and he had to focus his attention on Ionas. He did not have time to spare for using mind control to tamper with their memories.


I’m afraid this plan regarding Maple Leaf College will face some challenges.


Lu Heng still did not give up and Ionas changed his face and returned to Maple Leaf City after he had calmed down. The best pubs in the city have not heard any news like Maple Leaf College having a dragon.


This, how did this come about?


Lu Heng, full of doubts, returned to Maple Leaf College with Ionas assuming the form of a teenager. Still calm, they even met the student named John on the way to the dormitory.


“Wait for me, rookie. I will make you look good one day.” 1 John left this sentence and turned away, as if he had only had a common fight with Ionas and then lost to Ionas, instead of being almost sent to the embrace of death by the rookie he was speaking of.


“It’s so weird since people in the small garden definitely should have seen you turn into a dragon that day.” Lu Heng was sitting on the sofa in his dormitory. Ionas rested on his lap and grabbed Heng’s hands to play with.


Ever since that time on Dragon Island, Ionas had felt that his indescribable insecurity had almost disappeared. At last, he has a tangible feeling of grasping his treasure in his palm. It would be more perfect if we could deepen our feelings every night. Unfortunately, the human body is so fragile, the dragon lord thought such.


“Io, did you subconsciously use the Dragon Language magic of mind control?” Lu Heng asked.


“No, I couldn’t even perceive the existence of other people at that time.” Said Ionas.


This made Lu Heng perplexed confused until the end of the night finally brought him some answers.


A mysterious visitor in a cloak knocked on the door of their dormitory.


NILADRI: Good news!!! I finally have an editor. Celes has volunteered to edit this novel as she reads them and arc 1 is now completely translated and uploaded on isohungry. (Click on project page to get links to chapters or you can also click on links on the old site to get them). You guys don’t have to be tortured by my grammar for much longer now.

Unfortunately Celes has no access to internet now because of Hurricane dorian. Let’s hope she, and everyone else remain safe in the face of this calamity.

I look forward to your feedbacks, both on the edited chapters, and the newly translated ones.


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