How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (16)

Translated by: Niladri


After several days of continuous travelling, Lu Heng and Ionas finally arrived at Maple Leaf City in the Principality of Kesen. Maple Leaf City was an adjoining commercial and residential area surrounding on Maple Leaf College. It provided various commercial services for Maple Leaf College.


At this time, the enrollment season of Maple Leaf College was already over, but he needed to enter Maple Leaf College. It was necessary to seek alternative paths, but Maple Leaf College was not a place where the Pope could intervene. The people who believed in the light God had their own special seminary. Maple Leaf College was jointly controlled by the Association of Mages, the Alliance of Soldiers, the Academic Palace and the Chambers of Commerce. Even as a pope, Lu Heng could not influence Maple Leaf College.


However, ever since this plan was proposed, Lu Heng naturally had a plan in mind. He stood at the door of Maple Leaf City Magistrates’Association, holding a badge in his hand, and went in. The appearance of a priest in a white robe in the Association of Mages was quite strange and attracted the attention of many mages.


“Good day, sir. I’d like to see the head of this department.” Lu Heng went to the mage who was sitting behind the table and was responsible for accepting the mage’s certification.


The head of Maple Leaf City Mage’s Association was a magic teacher. The moment he heard that someone came to look for someone with the sacred badge of the crimson tower, he did not dare to delay any more and rushed to introduce the usher in the guest to the back room.


After carefully verifying the authenticity of the badge, the magic instructor asked, “What can help you with? Maple Leaf City Mage’s Association here at your service.”


“Excuse me, but is there any way to contact the Holy Saint Hugh?” Lu Heng asked.


The Master mage used the extremely efficient array and contacted the Crimson Tower at Maple Leaf College. The Crimson Tower soon sent someone to take Lu Heng and his party to the college.


Holy Saint Hugh was over 500 years old and Eddie was his favorite grandson. Since the other person was Eddie’s savior and benefactor, it was natural to treat them with courtesy.


“Good day, you two.” Holy Saint Hugh greeted, “What can I do to help you?”


“I’d like your help with something. Ionas wanted to go to Maple Leaf College, but he missed the admission season of Maple Leaf College because of some accidental circumstances.” Lu Heng continued, “I believe you know that even if you miss a single year, it will be a great loss for young people with excellent talent.”


Holy Saint Hugh looked at Ionas: “Although I am only the dean of the Mages division, I am friends with War Saint Luke.”


With the recommendation of War Saint Luke, Ionas soon qualified for the entrance examination. Despite the recommendation of the dean of the division, it was still necessary to pass the qualification test if one wanted to formally enter the school.


The entrance examination office at the entrance of Maple Leaf College after the admission season was always the most desolate. Today, however, it suddenly became lively again. After all, the entrance examination office, which had been closed for several months, suddenly opened again. Experienced seniors knew at a glance that someone with a special recommendation was going to be admitted.


“I heard that this man was recommended by War Saint Luke. I don’t know which noble family of the empire this young master belongs to.”


War Saint Luke came from a Marquis family of the Bega Empire, and paid quite a bit of attention to the noble children from the Empire. That’s why these students speculated like this.


“Even if it’s War Saint’s recommendation, if it’s a waste, they can’t pass the entrance test and would waste that special recommendation.” A strong student said, “The nobles of the Bega Empire, who are too busy for pleasure, have very little to offer.”


“John, are you so sour because your brother missed the admission season?” Someone in the crowd sneered.


“You!” The student named John was punched painfully and wanted to punch impulsively, but was pulled by the people around him.


“Fifty points would be deducted for private fights within the college, you are forgetting this! Do you want to be demoted to level three?


“Wow! Top-level fighting ability!”


“Those that have that don’t need to accumulate credits to get into the top class. I envy them.”


The ones who were arguing there were also instantly distracted when they looked at some of the qualification test stones that were exposed to the outside world. After all, the special class of Maple Leaf College was known as the cradle of the War Saint. Once one enters the special class, as long as there is no accidental fall, they would reach the rank of a master swordsman or a master magician at the very least.


This soldier with top qualifications to be admitted to the maple leaf college’s Special class, was naturally Ionas. Lu Heng entered the college as his attendant. In fact, Lu Heng wanted Ionas not to be so high-profile, so as not to attract the attention of the college and cause hindrance to their plan of action.


However, when Ionas listened to the students in ordinary classes sharing dormitories with others and could not bring accompanying personnel, he refused to budge. Lu Heng could not convince the obstinate dragon, so he had to be admitted with top qualifications and was assigned to a set of dormitories of the highest specifications.


The highest standard dormitory was a two-storey house with a small garden. All kinds of facilities were available, and even special underground training rooms were equipped.


They were forced to use their relationship with War Saint Hugh, since it was vital for them to enroll in the school at this very moment. Lu Heng wanted to take part in the inter-continent college competition that would be held a month later, in which, for the students who won the competition, one of the rewards would be the permission to enter the library of Maple Leaf College to find treasures.


After the Age of the Gods, magic and battle spirit practitioners on the continent were actually much weakened, and many powerful old magic spells and battle spirit techniques were lost in the war that swept across the continent. In this treasure library, there existed a large number of scrolls that various archaeologists or college teachers had unearthed during their travels.

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In the era of the gods, there existed no common language on the mainland. So, these scrolls were recorded in the languages of different races. Most of them were difficult to understand. Even human language was difficult to understand because of the long time gap. These scrolls were stacked in the library, waiting to be interpreted by linguists and historians.


If one was lucky, one might be able to find a powerful incantation magic or lost alchemy recipes in the precious library. Therefore, this opportunity to enter the Taobao-like treasure collection has always been the wish of all students on the mainland. 1


Lu Heng’s idea was to let Ionas take this opportunity to put that key evidence into the precious library. As for whether he would win, Lu Heng felt more worried about how to make the Golden Dragon as strong as possible and yet not hurt the students he meets too much. After all, it would be unethical to beat children should the dragon lord go to the competition.


However, all of Lu Heng’s plans had not yet got on the right track when he suffered the first crisis. The Ionas, who was envied by many students and went directly to the special class of soldiers, refused to go to class.


The top-quality freshman, who had the War Saint’s special recommendation, was skipping class on his first day. Lu Heng really did not want to increase the attention of himself and Ionas. However, the Dragon Lord insisted that Lu Heng must always be within his sight.


“Io, no student goes to class with an attendant.” Lu Heng said, “Even for the imperial clan from the empire, there is no exception.”


“How can the Great Dragon Lord compare with the human royalty, but I don’t care about your plan. I’m not going to class,” Ionas said.




Lu Heng exchanged words back and forth with Ionas for a while, and the smile on Lu Heng’s face grew stiff. But he could not blame Ionas. Because he had Shi Kong’s obsession. At the beginning, because of his departure, Shi Kong fell into devilhood. In this world, his soul had entered the giant dragon race, which had a strong desire for possession and stubbornness. It was not surprising that such a behavior was displayed when the two were combined together.


Should I really follow Ionas? Lu Heng thought to himself, but today’s action, even with Ionas, would be too eye-catching. Maple Leaf City had no temple. The nearest temple was a small temple in a small village in the suburbs. Lu Heng intended to go there, to convert the power of faith, and to contact Princess Windsor by divine descension.


Divine descension?


Lu Heng suddenly thought of a way in his mind: “Io, although you have no godhead, and you can’t absorb the power of the dragon’s faith, but it is still the body of the demigod, shouldn’t there be remnant divine power in the body?


Ionas nodded: “Although I haven’t obtained power for a while, for thousands of years I’ve been sleeping, and I haven’t used up much of them.”


“Would it have any effect on you if you used the Divine Ascension?” Lu Heng was still a little worried.


“That little spell costs much less than supporting this dragon’s body, and restores after a night’s sleep at most.” said Ionas.


“You can use Divine Ascension on me, so that I can share my vision, and we won’t be separated.” Lu Heng suggested.


“Yes.” Ionas nodded his head pretentiously, but his face was eager to try.”But you don’t believe in Esmond. How can I use Descension on you?”


“No,” Lu Heng smiled softly, “Even though I have never believed in any other person or god, my soul will always be completely open to you.”


Oak Village Temple.


In the Principality of Kesen, which was dominated by Maple Leaf College, there were very few people who believed in the Pope of Light. As a result, there was only one priest stationed in this remote temple. Today, the priest was ushering in a great figure. The mysterious priest, though not clearly visible due to his hood, was at least a great figure of the bishop level, as indicated by his Holy Light.


This mysterious priest only asked to go into the temple and pray alone. Maybe, it’s a light priest who works alone. The priests stationed in the Oak Temple thought so, and obeyed the command of the mysterious priest, and obediently guarded outside the temple.


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