How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 51.1

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Chapter 51.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (13.1)

Translated by: Niladri


“Little Mu?” Qin Yi had just finished up wrapping the bandages when he looked up to see Mu Fei’s surprised expression.


Lu Heng also turned around and saw Mu Fei standing a few steps away from him, his face looking both remorseful and happy, and his lips were trembling. Although they opened and closed several times, he did not utter half a word.


“Well?” Lu Heng looked at Mu Fei doubtfully.


Mu Fei took a few steps forward, raised his hand and put it down again, as if he wanted to hold Lu Heng, but he was too timid to do anything more: “You, you are Little Mu, my brother.”


‘What script is this?’ Lu Heng’s mind was dazed. But he still kept a doubtful expression on his face and refuted: “I don’t have a brother. You have recognized the wrong person.”


“No, I’m not mistaken. I can’t mistake that birthmark on your back.” Mu Fei was so excited that his speech started to become incoherent.


What birthmark, Lu Heng tried to look behind him, but he could only see a large chunk of his clothes was torn off by the zombie’s claws in the battle just now, as a result of which his entire lower back was exposed.


“There really is birthmark.” Qin Yi, standing behind Lu Heng, noticed only after Mu Fei pointed it out. In Lu Heng’s rear waist, near his trousers, there was a pale red birthmark the size of a coin.


“That’s the birthmark. I wouldn’t miss it. It has always appeared like a peach. At that time, the whole family admired, saying that Mu Mu was like a snack and brought his own rations. How can I forget…” Mu Fei smiled gently, as if remembering some warm memories.


“What are you talking about, what admiration? What brother?” Jiang Sile’s voice came over.


Only then did the three men notice that Jiang Sile had seen the conclusion of the battle below and had climbed down the vines.


Mu Fei was now overwhelmed with the joy of finding his brother. He just wanted to share this immense joy with his beloved. He took a few steps forward and held Jiang Sile with his arms. “Little Le, I found my brother. Little Mu, who I lost, I found him!” 1


Jiang Sile did not know why. He was hugged by Mu Fei for a while before he responded and pushed him away. “What are you talking about?”


Only then did Mu Fei remember that Jiang Sile knew nothing about these past events. Mu Fei was somewhat at a loss. He had kept this concealed for a long time, and now Jiang Sile would definitely know.


Seeing Mu Fei’s appearance, Qin Yi knew that the other person had committed some mistake due to his indecisiveness and over-consideration. The current situation, which was formed due to Mu Fei’s actions, has already escalated to this point, and he still wanted to hide something.


“Ah Mu, tell Little Le about the past.” Qin Yi said.


Mu Fei took a deep breath and finally made up his mind: “Little Le, come with me.”


Lu Heng looked at the two men’s disappearing backs, and sensed that the aura of the devil suppression charm still on Jiang Sile. He was relieved to start cleaning up the mess.


“Why are you not surprised at all?” Qin Yi went over and took over the job of extracting the nucleus from the head of the high level zombie.


“What’s there to be surprised about? It’s normal for me to have relatives.” Lu Heng wanted to avoid touching the disgusting head very much, so he went over collect the broken fragments of the nuclei.


“I really like the way you are so transparent,” after confessing, it was like Qin Yi suddenly awakened his seduction skills. “If everyone was so free and easygoing in all situations, there would be no demons.”


Lu Heng knew that he was referring to Jiang Sile: “The only thing in my heart is pursuing my dao. I don’t care too much about other things, so naturally I appear transparent.” 2


“Brother, can you add me to your path of pursuit, along with your dao?” Qin Yi continued to upgrade his seduction skills.


‘What I seek originally, is you.’ Lu Heng thought so in his heart, but he couldn’t say it aloud. He gave Qin Yi a glance and then silently concentrated on collecting crystal fragments.


Qin Yi knew his darling shixiong’s character. He never deceives others. Whenever he has something he doesn’t want to say, he just keeps silent. Qin Yi did not mind it, shrugged his shoulders, and hastened his movements.


“Two nuclei indeed.” Qin Yi cleaned the crystal nucleus in his hand and handed it to Lu Heng like presenting a treasure.


Lu Heng picked up a crystal nucleus and did not say anything. Seeing Jiang Sile rushing forward angrily, Mu Fei followed anxiously.


“Yige! Have you always known about it? You accepted me into your circle from the beginning, was it because of him!” Jiang Sile, while referring to Lu Heng, had his eyes filled with hostility.


“Little Le,” Qin Yi frowned and subconsciously moved sideways to block Jiang Sile’s hostility filled gaze towards Lu Heng. “You are you. I treat you as a buddy. It has nothing to do with Little Mu.”


Jiang Sile’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of hope: “Then you taking care of him all this time, was it because you found out that he is Mu Fei’s younger brother?”


Qin Yi failed to understand why Jiang Sile was so invested in the relationship between him and Lu Heng, but he felt that there was nothing to hide about it: “No, I simply like him.”


Jiang Sile’s face turned pale and looked as if he had suffered a blow when he heard his words. He stepped back and muttered, “Why, why does he like me because of his brother? Why can you ‘simply like’ someone like him? Why, why not me?


Jiang Sile’s voice was too faint. Lu Heng and Qin Yi only vaguely heard a few words. Mu Fei, who was close to him, heard it clearly.


Mu Fei urgently explained, “Little le, I admit that I took care of you at first because of Little Mu, but I absolutely don’t love you for just that. How can I be in love with someone just because he is like my brother?”


Jiang Sile was unaware of it and had already fallen into the devil’s trap. A wisp of black qi slowly climbed up his eyes and instantly dyed the whole orbit black. In this instant, a spark was ignited behind Jiang Sile. The devil suppression talisman was magnificent. In mid-air, several chains appeared from the sky, which started to coil around the darkened Jiang Sile.


“Finally came out!” Lu Heng loudly exclaimed, “Shidi, true Samadhi fire!”


Although Qin Yi had practiced the Samadhi fire for a short time, his rate of progress was really fast. Now, by expending all his efforts and squeezing out all of his powers, he was able to condense a trace of samadhi fire. Qin Yi performed complex hand motions, as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. A dazzling transparent flame appeared in his fingertips, beating constantly.


Although the fire was small, it was the purest flame in the world and could make any demon feel the fear of extinction. From his anger, the devil preyed on the energy and directly replaced Jiang Sile’s soul. Within minutes, Jiang Sile, bound by the chains, was not in human form anymore.


The skin turned shades of black and blue, the eyes were pitch black, the pupils were bloody red, and the ten fingers contained sharp, knife-like nails. The devil started to struggle violently, and the golden chains, under its great struggle, began to crack, apparently unable to contain it.


Mu Fei, who did not know the inside story, and was somewhat at a loss, but he heard Qin Yi shout angrily, “Ah Mu, stop fooling around and trap the devil!”


Mu Fei was not a mediocre person after all. In the midst of these tremendous changes, he snapped out of his confusion, and upon hearing Qin Yi’s voice, he instantly started to conjure vines, and entangled the devil’s body with it.


Although those vines became black and withered into ash just by touch, they also dispersed part of its strength and brought time for Qin Yi. The Samadhi fire that had finally finished condensing, shot out from his fingertips and whizzed towards the devil on the ground.


The moment when the fire fell on the devil, the devil suppression talisman finally fulfilled its mission. The golden chains broke from their roots and exploded into smoke and dust. True samadi fire only purged unclean things, and would cause no harm to Jiang Sile.


But no one expected that the devil would be so powerful that it enveloped the outside of its body with demonic energy to fight against the true samadhi fire. After all, Qin Yi’s time of cultivation was too short, and the power of the condensed samadhi fire was not enough. Clashing against demonic energy, it would definitely be extinguished no matter how you saw it.


The situation was urgent. Lu Heng could not take too much into account. In an instant, he bit the tip of his tongue, and spit out a mouthful of blood into the di chen sword. Tongue tip blood was the most pure yang thing in the human body, which was used for eliminating demons. In addition, di chen sword was made of thunder peach wood with pure yang attribute. Combining the two, it was the bane of demons. 3


Lu Heng took the di chen sword in his hand and plunged it into the devil’s heart.


Mu Fei was shocked: “No!”


But when the di chen sword was a foot away from the devil, the tip of the sword spewed out a Golden light and broke the protective demonic energy. Qin Yi and Lu Heng had a good synergy and the former immediately manipulated true Samadhi fire and poured it into the crack.


A mournful scream echoed in the pit.


The black qi slowly receded, Jiang Sile’s human appearance was restored and he fell to the ground, unconscious. Mu Fei thoroughly examined him top to bottom, and saw that he was only a little pale, but his breathing was steady and his face was calm. There was nothing wrong with him. He should have just fainted.


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