How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 51.2

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Chapter 51.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (13.2)

Translated by: Niladri


Lu Heng and Qin Yi were currently weaker than Jiang Sile. Lu Heng, who had lost a mouthful of his blood, felt himself blacking out as soon as he relaxed and fell forward. Qin Yi responded fast to catch him, but he did not expect that he had overdrawn his powers and feet grew soft. They both fell tumbling into a pile.


Having his personal meat cushion underneath, Lu Heng did not feel any pain when he fell. He closed his eyes and waited for the dizziness to fade away. After his vision recovered, he found that the person under him had not responded for a long time.


‘Hope I didn’t knock him unconscious.’ Lu Heng grew anxious, scampering to get up and inspect. But he felt a tight grasp on his waist, and a deep voice resounded in his ear: “Don’t move, let me hold.”


Feeling the exhaustion in Qin Yi’s tone, Lu Heng was obedient and let the other person hold him.


Mu Fei, who was watching from sidelines, felt that his mouth being stuffed with something that tasted like a biscuit and tasteless. Ask him why he knows the taste of dog food. In the end, it was enough to fill his stomach, since he hadn’t eaten anything. 1


As an elder brother, Mu Fei, in fact, felt really tangled in his heart. He kept feeling that his baby brother has been taken away before he even recognized him. If it was someone else, he would have already confronted them. However since it was Qin Yi, Mu Fei was very clear on the other person’s personality. Once Qin Yi accepted someone, he accepted them for life. As a companion, he was positive that there was no better person than Qin Yi.


In conclusion of the event.


After collecting all the fragments of crystal nuclei on the ground, Lu Heng went to the stalactite. He stopped ten meters away, carefully observed the mysterious patterns carved on the stalactite, and then confirmed his conjecture.


Lu Heng continued to approach the stalactite, but was pulled by Qin Yi: “Be careful.”


“It’s all right,” Lu Heng said. “It’s a formation left by the ancestors, and it woudn’t hurt the disciples of the sect.”


Qin Yi, however, took advantage of Lu Heng’s lack of preparedness and dragged him behind him, then took a step forward, stepping into the range of it’s power.

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Calmness and tranquility.


Lu Heng patted the other person on his shoulder and went over to the stalactite. The stalactite was white and slightly translucent. Through it had a slightly translucent stone body, Lu Heng found a fist-sized object in the stalactite column a few meters away.


The zombies besieging the stalactite were probably aiming for that. Lu Heng laid his palm on the pillar and felt it with his eyes closed. Sure enough, a small piece of spiritual crystal from the lingyuan was in the middle of the pillar, which was being used to provide spiritual energy to the auxiliary array.


“There’s something in this pillar?” Qin Yi also sensed the foreign object in the stalactite.


Lu Heng nodded and affirmed, “This is a spiritual crystal from the lingyuan. But what does that high-level zombie want from this spiritual crystal?


Spiritual energy, for the demons, was not only useless, but lethal. This was as strange as the crystal nucleus with spiritual energy in that demon’s brain.


“As long as it didn’t encounter this kind of high level healer zombie, this little piece of spiritual crystal would last for hundreds of years. The illusion outside was enough to guard against people with evil intentions. Anyways, the purpose of coming here has been achieved.” Lu Heng pointed to a pile of uncollected pieces of crystal nuclei on the ground.


“Let’s take a night off and return to base when Little Le wakes up.” Qin Yi thought for a moment and asked, “How did the two auxiliary formations get destroyed when the power of this auxiliary formation was so powerful?”


“I am not very clear on that. I heard from fellow sect members that, there is something called a prospecting rig, which drills directly into the ground and destroyed the pits.”


Hearing one of the reasons for apocalypse to be something like this from Lu Heng, Qin Yi, as a member of modern society, felt a little complicated in his heart.


W base.


After returning to the base, Lu Heng was able to take a shower and have a good night’s rest. But it was still early, so he called Qin Yi in to stay and study the fragments. Qin Yi was much better than he was in the control of divine sense. With his help, the progress would be faster.


There was a knock on the door. Lu Heng got up to open the door and saw two people standing outside. One was Qin Yi, the other was Jiang Sile.


“Little Le came to me for something. I was afraid you were in a hurry. Since Little Le also had something to say to you, I brought him here. “Qin Yi explained the reason why they came in together.


Lu Heng nodded and moved aside to let the two men in.


Jiang Sile sat down with a hesitant look and finally made up his mind and bowed towards Lu Heng. “I’m sorry for my bad attitude toward you before.”


Lu Heng did not say a word, just stared at Jiang Sile. After Jiang Sile straightened up, his expression was somewhat stiff.


Lu Heng opened his palm to Jiang Sile: “No need to worry about it. Just give it back to me.”


“I haven’t taken anything from you?” Jiang Sile looked blankly and pleaded Qin Yi for help with his eyes.


Lu Heng did not explain much, but took his hand back. This Jiang Sile, with his natural expression, did not seem to be faking it. With his rushing-straight-like-a-bullet nature, lying naturally was absolutely impossible. But the Lingyuan should definitely be on him. It was possible that the devil possessing him had stolen the linyuan and put it in him, so Jiang Sile might not have known anything about it.


But if that mustard seed space was bound to Jiang Sile’s soul, it was impossible to hide it from Jiang Sile. If the Lingyuan was not on Jiang Sile, where could it be hidden?


Seeing Lu Heng no longer opening his mouth, Jiang Sile looked embarrassed. Qin Yi tried to defuse the situation: “Little Le, what was your reason for coming to me?”


“Oh.” Jiang returned to his mind. “I want to exchange for the healing nucleus, but I don’t have enough points. I still have some of my personal goods here, and I want to donate them to the team for contribution points.”


“Ok.” Qin Yi nodded and then enquired, “What are you going to do with a nucleus of healing system with your space ability?”


Jiang Sile directly put forth his intentions to Qin Yi: “Didn’t I hurt Pan Rongxi before? Also, I have opposed him many times. I want to gift him this healing system crystal nucleus to express my apology.”


Hearing this, the joy that Qin Yi felt was not small before he finally recovered. On the contrary, when Jiang Sile was not paying attention, he looked at the frowning Lu Heng, and gently shook his head.


Lu Heng knew in his heart what Qin Yi meant. This change in Jiang Sile was too sudden. Even if he was suddenly enlightened, the change in his character was too much. One should know, even being reborn, he failed to change his character. How could such a a dramatic change occur in just a few days.


If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. 2


However, even if Lu Heng and Qin Yi thought like this, another person did not think so. For Jiang Sile’s change, Mu Fei was ecstatic. He felt that his Little Le had finally begun to grow. He even offered all his contribution points to Jiang Sile on his own initiative, and the two men accumulated their points together to exchange the healing nucleus.


The healing system nucleus soon fell in Pan Rongxi’s hands. It wasn’t long before Pan Rongxi awakened and became a healing powerhouse.


Healing ability was not only limited to healing wounds. Higher level healing ability could even treat people in the early stages of infection. In this apocalypse, the importance of healing ability was very clear. In contrast, the relative number of people with this ability was very low compared to other abilities. Whether it was spontaneous awakening in the early stage or awakening through nucleus in the later stage, the number of healing ability users can be counted in one hand.


Pan Rongxi lived the life he had dreamed of, and no one dared to look down on him anymore. On the contrary, even the mightiest of the ability users lowered themselves to please him. Whatever he was, as long as Pan Rongxi snapped his finger, someone will arrive to serve him.


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