How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 50.2

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Chapter 50.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (12.2)

Translated by: Niladri


Although Qin Yi was somewhat surprised by Lu Heng’s calm attitude, nevertheless he took out the Jade medal and presented it to the other person. This skill, after taking it, he put it at the bottom of the storage, and never brought it out at all. Qin Yi didn’t understand why the heck he took that skill then. Was he already attracted to the man in front of him at that time?


Lu Heng put the Jade Bamboo Slip on his forehead, ignoring the contents that could make anyone blush and make their heart beat faster. Among them, there was indeed a solution. Qin Yi’s current psychic ability was only step away from being able to use the divine piercing art.


The gap between the two steps required a qualitative change in psychic ability. Without any opportunity or help, it would take a long time of repeated exercise to accumulate enough power to break through.


“Dual cultivation can help you break through the bottleneck now.” Lu Heng said directly.


“Dual-Dual cultivation? Now? It’s not a very appropriate place for that. “Unsure of his thoughts, Qin Yi was so nervous that he started stammering.


Lu Heng was speechless and directly pressed the jade on Qin Yi’s forehead: “The first one.” ”


“It turned out to be something like this.” After Qin Yi finished reading the first article in the Jade Slip, there was a little disappointment in the bottom of his heart.


In fact, this dual cultivation method was actually a very good cultivation method. Two people with their minds aligned and completely trusting each other, upon cultivating together according to this method would have twice the result with half the effort. It’s also that among the cultivators, only dao companions could open their dantians to each other.  For these two cultivators, the erotic practices involving romance will only come later, after they have reached harmony with one another.


Therefore, the preceding few articles were actually very serious exercises.


Lu Heng and Qin Yi sat cross-legged facing each other. In order to help Qin Yi’s spiritual power break through, he would use Qin Yi’s dantian as the focal point. Lu Heng put his palm on Qin Yi’s dantian, and explored it with his divine sense.


“Wait a minute.” Qin Yi moved a little closer. “I am not sure if shixiong has read about doing it from the back.”


“Well?” Lu Heng really did not care about the notes.


“Top with mouth, bottom with Dantian, a cycle is formed, and the effect is better…” [QY]


This person just started to involve in these matters, how could he already be so… really natural talent eh! Lu Heng fiercely stood up.


Qin Yi thought Lu Heng was annoyed and hastily said, “I just put forward a suggestion, no…”


Before Qin Yi finished speaking, he felt his legs sink and Lu Heng directly sat down.


“Yun gong.” 1 Qin Yi listened to the person on his legs and then felt a scorching sensation on his lips. A light breath was invading his lips and teeth.


‘In such matters, how can I let a novice without any memory win?’ Lu Heng thought in his heart.


Jiang Sile looked at the passage frequently with some anxiety: “How long has it been? Why have they been gone for so long? No, I’m going to go check.”


Jiang Sile turned to walk towards the corridor, but Mu Fei pulled him back. ” Yige told us we should wait here. This was the order.”


“Oh come on, Yige will not care about that.” Jiang Sile shook his hand free from Mu Fei’s and wanted to go, but was pulled back.


“Little Le, when we are on duty, Qin Yi is our captain first, and then our good friend. You have to remember that.” Mu Fei looked serious.


Last night, he was awakened by Qin Yi’s words. Mu Fei pondered over and reflected on his relationship with Jiang Sile. He and Jiang Sile came here today. Both of them had responsibilities. Of course, they had a greater responsibility towards themselves.2


‘I’ve been trapped by the guilt of losing my brother, so when I meet someone similar to my brother, I will have a crazy compensatory attitude because of empathy. This was the case with Jiang Sile at first, and then with Pan Rongxi. Never thought that after my relationship with Little Le changed, such a move will be detrimental to him.’


Little Le’s impulsive and capricious temper had always been pretty bad. And now, thanks to his rampant spoiling, the latter did not grow up at all.


Both Jiang Sile and he must move forward and change. Mu Fei made up his mind.


Jiang Sile was still impatient. “We’ve broken up. You don’t need to mind my business.”


After that, Jiang Sile was about to throw away Mu Fei and walk into the corridor, but saw Qin Yi and the other person coming.


“The plan is like this…” Qin Yi began to talk about the next course of action.


Jiang Sile was somewhat absent-minded because he found that Qin Yi and Lu Heng seemed to be in harmony. Even now, although Lu Heng was standing at a distance and observing the (pit at the) bottom, they were surrounded in an atmosphere that no one else could interfere with.


Jiang Sile was unsure what his feelings were towards Qin Yi, and it felt totally different from those towards Mu Fei’s. But he knew that Qin Yi was the only light in the dark and desperate period of his previous life. Thanks to being saved by Qin Yi, he did not fall into madness.


According to the plan, Jiang Sile’s fighting capacity was not good, and he would stay above to support. Qin Yi still put the devil suppressing talisman on his body in order to prevent the devil from making trouble at the critical moment.


Mu Fei used the plant ability to produce a huge vine and transported the three men to the bottom of the pit. Qin Yi’s hands conjured several clumps of golden and white flames, which skyrocketed to several meters as soon as they fell into the mound of zombies, and all the corpses around them turned into ash.


As expected, it wasn’t long before the charcoal-like zombies rose again and staggered over.


Mu Fei squatted down and laid his hand on the ground. Suddenly, lush vegetation grew from the ground, wrapping up the legs and feet of the zombies. Qin Yi took the opportunity to turn his psychic ability into dozens of steel needles, which penetrated into the brains of the zombies that were bound.


Bang Bang Bang——


The explosions continued to ring, and the nuclei of the corpses located in their heads were all blown into to fragments.


But Lu Heng stood on the vine, holding on to his sword and closing his eyes, remaining perfectly still. He was waiting for any sign of the high level zombie.


Qin Yi and Mu Fei cooperated tacitly, just like mowing grass, and in an instant, a large number of zombies were cleared. Sure enough, the high level zombie could not hold its breath.


Right there!


Lu Heng’s figure, like an arrow from a bowstring, turned into afterimages and shot forward in one direction. He bolted towards a slow-moving, ordinary zombie that could not be more ordinary.


What is this man doing? Jiang Sile scolded from above. Wasting the opportunity created by the other two.


Lu Heng could not bother to care what Jiang Sile was thinking. It’s just that the instant when the di chen sword was about to penetrate, the zombie retreated backward with agile movements, which could only be done by high-level zombies.


After several exchanges, Lu Heng discovered that the healing speed of the zombie was not slower than that of himself. This was a rare dual ability zombie. Every wound caused by Di chen sword on it would be restored by it. Lu Heng would not be able to finish it in a short time. However, Lu Heng’s task was only to keep the high level zombie preoccupied, so that it had no spare time to heal those low level zombies.


On the other hand, without the help of the high level zombie, the efficiency of Qin Yi and Mu Fei rose by a large amount. Whenever a few fireballs rained down, a swath of low level zombies fell.


“Ah Mu, the rest is up to you.” Seeing that there were not many zombies left, Qin Yi went to help Lu Heng.


With the addition of Qin Yi, Lu Heng’s pressure was greatly reduced. However, they could not afford to blow up this high level zombie’s crystal nucleus. After all, such high level crystal nucleus was a very rare commodity.


“Shidi, take over.”


Qin Yi heard the words, charged, countering the attacks from high level zombie.


Lu Heng retreated to the rear. He grasped the Di chen sword in his hand and grasped the naked blade with his hands tightly, coating the sword blade with blood. But not even a single drop of blood fell, and all of it was absorbed by the Di chen sword.


The Di chen sword started emitting a brilliant flash of light, and purple lightning started to coil around the tip of the sword blade. Lu Heng took advantage of it and joined the battle again.


This time, the wounds caused by the Di chen sword on the zombie were infused with the power of lightning, and could no longer be restored. Eventually, the high level zombie started to receive more and more wounds and started slowing down. Lu Heng found an opening and severed its head with his sword.


Qin Yi was not in the mood to see if there was some high grade nucleus in the skull. He stepped forward, frowning, and began to bandage Lu Heng.


“You’re too ferocious in your method of fighting. Must you completely disregard your safety this way and cut yourself for no reason?”


“I wouldn’t have used this method unless I was forced to. This is not good for the di chen sword.” Lu Heng answered.


“Didn’t you ever think it was bad for you?” Qin Yi’s face was black again.


Lu Heng wanted to say something, but he heard Mu Fei exclaim behind him.


“Little Mu!”


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