How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 45.1

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Chapter 45.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (7.1)

Translated by: Niladri


Bang –


With a loud noise, the vines wrapped around the gate were shredded once again.


Mu Fei’s face was serious and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. For the moment he gritted his teeth, and managed to conjure several vines to close the gap.1


How could this happen? Jiang Sile pinched the jade pendant in front of his chest as if he was tightly grasping a straw to remain afloat. However, the space has not been repaired and it was impossible to enter it.


Bang –


There was another loud noise. Several flakes of wall fell from the mottled ceiling. The vines made a stretching sound, but were in a perilous state.


Jiang Sile’s eyes even fell on a rotten hand outside the high window. Although the hand swayed two times and disappeared, Jiang Sile was perplexed.


Those zombies are using their bodies to create ladders! It’s not right. These low-level zombies can’t have such IQ. It must be the level nine zombie, only level nine zombies can exhibit such control. Shouldn’t the level nine zombies take most of the zombies from Q County to lay siege on R city base? In his past life, by this time it should have reached R city base.  It had clearly been like that in his past life!


Jiang Sile trembled all over; even his teeth began to chatter. Mu Fei heard the strange noise behind him and turned back to see Jiang Sile’s pallor as white as paper. The other person’s state was completely like a taut string, which was about to break.


“It’s all right, Little Le, if the door really breaks,” Mu Fei held Jiang Sile’s hand forcefully. “I will drag these zombies down and buy time. You must try to escape as soon as possible.”


Jiang Sile, however, bowed his head and said nothing. Mu Fei was indeed a good man, and he was so kind that he always had taken care of the weak. Jiang Sile laughed sarcastically in his heart; it was no different from his previous life. He and Pan Rongxi had been in a desperate situation. Mu Fei gave up his life to save him, but it was he who was abandoned that time. Just because Pan Rongxi had a broken right leg, he was considered more vulnerable and pitiful than himself.


A hellish nightmare. 2


“Can you guess who he will choose to save?” Pan Rongxi said.


“Don’t overestimate yourself.” Forced to tag along with this person whose inside and outside were totally different, Jiang Sile rolled his eyes impatiently. “As Ah Mu said, he just pities your wretched life.”


“Really?” Pan Rongxi was not upset, but smiled gently, while smashing his right leg with a stone.


“You, you’re crazy!” Jiang Sile exclaimed.


“Jiang Sile, I know you have always despised me, but what are you doing?” Pan Rongxi’s painful expression looked similar to gold paper, but his lips were still smiling. “Just because you were born well? In this chaotic apocalypse, even without awakening powers, is there anyone dedicated to protecting you? Can you just sit and wait for others to offer you everything?” 3


“Little Le? Little Le, what’s wrong with you?”


Jiang Sile snapped out of his memory. The face in front of him was full of worries, and it overlapped with the face in his memory.


This affectionate kiss on his lips, the one that so ruthlessly spit out the words of criticism: “Little Le, Rongxi is hurt, I will send him out first.”


Jiang Sile brushed away Mu Fei’s hand and chided, “Don’t touch me!”


Mu Fei’s face was full of sorrow, but he was distracted by the zombie in front of him and did not enquire further.


The vines wrapped around the door were broken and Mu Fei no longer wasted his powers to create new ones. He silently accumulated his final remaining powers, ready to let go at the moment the door was broken, to create an opportunity for Jiang Sile behind him to escape.


Bang Bang – The sound of knocking on the door became more and more incessant, and the last vine was about to break. Mu Fei instinctively guarded Jiang Sile behind him with his body.


Suddenly the movement outside the door stopped. Mu Fei thought that the zombies were preparing for the final blow, and held his breath for a moment, but found that there was no sound outside. Mu Fei went to the door and looked out through the crack.


Unexpectedly, the zombies gathered in front of the door had dispersed and returned to wandering around aimlessly. Why did the psychic zombie suddenly stop manipulating them?


Although Mu Fei’s heart held doubts, in his heart, he knew this opportunity could not be wasted. He turned to Jiang Sile and said, “Let’s make use of this opportunity and leave soon.”


After the fall of Level 9 zombies, the zombies crowded on the Panshan Highway slowly dispersed. With Qin Yi’s fire abilty, it didn’t take long to clean up the few zombies on the road. Lu Heng and his companion quickly arrived in Q County.


Only after having entered the boundary of Q County, they saw a modified off-road vehicle coming. The two on it were Mu Fei and Jiang Sile. All of them were gathered, and even though it was night, since the level nine zombies had been removed, Q County was not too dangerous. Nevertheless, it was better to find a safe place to rest for one night and leave the next day after collecting the materials.


Four people returned to the grain depot and cleaned up the wandering zombies before turning in for the night. After the fierce battle in the afternoon, all four were hungry. Jiang Sile took out a big iron pot and boiled a pot of steaming noodles.


As soon as noodles came out of the pot, Qin Yi filled a bowl. He looked at the bowl and said to Jiang Sile, “Little Le, I remember I had a box of canned lunch meat in your space, take out two cans for me.”


This box of canned lunch meat was Qin Yi’s private possession, but he did not pay attention to the desire of the tongue, and had always followed the team regarding food. The canned lunch meat was thrown into the custody of Jiang Sile and never asked for again. Jiang Sile had assumed that this can of lunch meat was given to him by Qin Yi. 4


Although he didn’t understand how Qin Yi suddenly remembered this, Jiang Sile had committed a mistake today, and his heart was empty. He dared not ask any more questions. He took out the cans and handed them over.


Jiang Sile saw Qin Yi open the cans, and even carefully used his ability to heat them and cut them into small pieces, covering the bowl. Did this Qin Yi undergo some transformation? He had never eaten so carefully, and Jiang Sile was quite surprised.


The next thing caused bitterness to swell in Jiang Sile’s heart. Qin Yi took the lovely bowl of noodles and offered it to Lu Heng.


“Eat while it’s hot.”


Lu Heng looked at a bowl of noodles that had been stuffed into his hands. That bowl was bigger than his face. He could only describe it as a basin.


“Too much.” Lu Heng said. His stomach was really not a black hole.


“That’s all right. You can eat first. I’ll finish whatever is left.” Qin Yi waved his hand indifferently. In the apocalypse, food can’t be wasted. Qin Yi gave himself an excuse. But he didn’t even consider splitting it before Lu Heng moved his chopsticks.


Jiang Sile looked at the happy couple over there, holding noodles brought over by Mu Fei, but they were somewhat tasteless.


Qin Yi was the salvation of his heart. Mu Fei abandoned him in previous life and later died under the jaws of zombies. Jiang Sile did not leave the world immediately. His soul was attached to the jade pendant. Ironically, the jade pendant he had given to Mu Fei as a token of love ended up hanging around Pan Rongxi’s neck.


Jiang Sile watched Mu Fei grieve his death. He looked at Pan Rongxi’s constant company at Mu Fei’s side, comforting him and relieving him from the pain of losing his lover. He watched Mu Fei smiling and holding Pan Rongxi’s hand.


Reluctance, resentment, anger, all kinds of obsessions made Jiang Sile firmly trapped in this jade pendant, and he could not be freed. Until Qin Yi found out the truth of his death: it was no accident that he and Pan Rongxi were trapped with the zombies, but Pan Rongxi arranged them by himself.


Qin Yi avenged him. On the day Pan Rongxi was punished, Jiang Sile felt that his soul was unburdened and his obsession was gone, and he could embark on the road of reincarnation. But when he opened his eyes, he found himself back to the day when he was ready to give the jade pendant to Mu Fei.


Maybe God took pity on him. Jiang Sile realized that he had a chance redo it. Take revenge by your own hands, not by focusing on the unworthy, but by grasping the worthwhile. This was his heart’s intention.


Jiang Sile believed that even if Qin Yi never had any ambiguous feelings about him, the revenge for him originally was due to their childhood friendship, and as long as he had the intention, he could always change something. After all, in this apocalypse, it was not difficult to change friendship into love.


It’s just something was different from his previous life. After the appearance of a strange man named Yunlan, everything seemed to have gone wrong.


Niladri: I originally planned to start working on this in mid-march, but seeing erikvio’s amazing NU review gave me the encouragement to get this one out. Also thank you FanGirlNoha and rhianirory.

Btw this total chapter is 5.5k words. Still, I’ll keep it to 2 parts and not 3.

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26 thoughts on “How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 45.1

  1. JS should’ve change for the better, i emphasize with him but should’ve slowly think it through rather than following his impulse

  2. JS is sure annoying, but i feel bad for him. Hope he sober up and broke up with MD and became better person instead.

  3. Oh my God! I was actually mentioned by translator-sama! Kyaaaa~~~!!!! ????
    Well, jokes apart, thanks a lot for translating this novel. I’m enjoying this a lot and hopefully others will also enjoy it just as much! ???? So, stay healthy and safe, translator-sama and keep giving us new chappies! :3

  4. Jiang Sile sure got the short stick of things… reminds me of another Jiang (cough).

    I do hope that he won’t become an unreasonable and brainless antagonist, but I understand that he and Lu Heng will probably come to head-to-head at some point. Aah, RIP Jiang Sile in advance–or not. Maybe he’ll live and work out the problems with Mu Fei…

    Thanks for translating!

  5. Ohoho?

    PRX has a tight and well created mask, huh?

    JS might have succeed in changing his rotten fate but I think he didn’t think of the consequences that will follow or an unexpected results that comes with his changes.

    Thank you for the chapter~♡

  6. Aaww poor Jiang Sile :v I mean sure that’s sad, and I guess that’d make anyone feel resentful…? I’m still a bit biased against him tho, coz he’s the rival 😛 hehe ^^ thanks for the update~~

  7. All hai
    erikvio-sama, that making me able to read this chatper faster. LoL.

    And thank you so much for the translator-san too!!

  8. Mu Fei really is too dense or should I say stupid? Two timer, he should’ve at least be suspicious how this PR bitch has broken his leg. Didn’t you feel resentment? PR has indirectly caused your lovers death! You have either be stupid to not feel complicated or you already were unfaithful. JS, why don’t you break up with this stupid person?!

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    1. MF never two timed anyone. In the past life, JS died and MF didn’t get with PR for quite awhile. It’s just like JS said, friends can become lovers in the apocalypse. MF didn’t know of PR’s schemes and was broken up over JS’s death. PR comforted him and they eventually got together after a good while. In this life MF never gets interested in PR and JS breaks up with him I guess. Based on the past life experience . PR is in the wrong but honestly MF didn’t know anything and doesn’t seem all that bad.

      1. I partly agree with you because i’m pretty sure that if MF would have done an investigation he would have easily found out the truth. I mean Qin Yi was basically an “outsider” in their relationship & found out the truth but how can MF the (ex-)lover of JS be so blind? Until now every action of his was him believing PR which shows that he is partly fault in JS’s blackening. Why didn’t he save & trust his lover but a stranger? It may have not be consciously but his actions speak louder than words. Like who the f would be on the side of a stranger instead of their own lover? He may not be a bad person but as an lover he totally sucks. All he had to do was to be on JS’s side + love him more and this would have never happened but nope~

      2. MF certainly didn’t know anything, but it’s hard to say if he was really blind or just prone to willful ignorance. Clearly his problem is his “excessive sympathy for the weak.” This trait in itself is not necessarily a flaw but the way MF chooses to act on it is. The implication is that, because PRX had a broken leg and therefore was more “helpless”, MF prioritized saving PRX’s life at the expense of JS’s. Though I don’t think human life can be weighed exactly, I think that JS is deeply hurt by the fact MF could choose to abandon him for someone else in the heat of the moment. If adrenaline/panic is supposed to bring out the “real” personality of a person, then MF is someone who is moved by pity, not love. After all, wasn’t he supposed to be the one who loved JS the most in the world? Look at how JS ended up previously. That’s the worth of MF’s love.

  9. After reading what happened to Jiang Sile, I now completely sympathise with him. I don’t think he should kill Mu Fei (just Pan Rongxi) but yes, he should clearly break up with him. The man was just as much a victim to PR’s schemes, and he tried to be a good person to the end. And I feel bad that JS’s knowledge from the past can’t even help him after being reborn. He’d make a great MC but sadly he’s doomed to be a villain :/ hope he doesn’t blacken too much and try to kill Lu Heng

    1. I would agree with you, only, we still don’t know where he got the pendant in the first place. My continuing suspicion that he caused and is causing the apocalypse tempers my potential sympathy.

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      The real villain may not even be Rongxi..Maybe the devil in the pendant?

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      One thing I can’t accept tho, he want to rob ML!!!
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      Or rather, our family Lu Heng wouldn’t let that happen! XD

      1. I think the real villain is a demon that is trapped in the jade. There is a chance that demon is even responsible for what happened in the past and for forcing him to go through this rebirth when he originally wanted to move on.

  10. Pan Rongxi is one hateful btch! I previously thought Jiang Sile was a bit annoying, but now I feel really bad for him. I hope he can be friends with Lu Heng and get his revenge!

    Thanks for translating!

    1. Yeah, I hope he will befriend Lu Heng instead of being the antagonist. Please don’t be jealous and aim for Qin Yi.

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