How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 45.2

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Chapter 45.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (7.2)

A Tangled and Complicated Love Triangle

Translated by: Niladri


“Want to get rid of the person who’s obstructing with you?” Suddenly a voice sounded in Jiang Sile’s mind.


clangdang –


Jiang Sile suddenly stood up and the stainless steel lunch box in his hand made a sharp noise when it hit the ground. When he saw the other three looking over puzzled, he knew that only he could hear it.


This was not the first time Jiang Sile had heard this voice, but the previous time it was vaguer, similar to a kind of sensory guidance. It guided him to discover the secret of the jade pendant, and then obtain a very important thing. 1


Jiang Sile picked up the lunch box in a flurry, pretending to wash it, and retreated to the corner beside him.


“Want to get rid of the person who is holding you back?” The voice repeated.


Flashing through Jiang Sile’s brain were Mu Fei’s face, Pan Rongxi’s face, Qin Yi’s face, that nightmarish memory, and finally his eyes were fixed on the scene of Lu Heng dining. He shook his head and discarded the dark thoughts emanating from his heart.


“No, he doesn’t owe me. He’s innocent.”


“So what do you want?” The mysterious voice was full of temptation.




The voice did not respond to him. Jiang Sile was somewhat disappointed. Was it just his hallucination?


“Jiang Sile, come here.” Jiang Sile heard Qin Yi’s voice.


Hearing Qin Yi’s full name appellation, Jiang Sile knew immediately what the next conversation would be about. He walked past somewhat uneasily.


“What did I say to you last night? I’m sure you haven’t forgotten it so quickly.” Qin Yi opened the door to the car and said, “When we go back this time, you will be transferred to the logistics personnel.”


“Yi ge!”


“Compliance to instructions is the basic requirement of my team, and yet I didn’t kick you out of the team. It’s because we grew up together.” Qin Yi waved his hand and didn’t want to hear him out.


Jiang Sile was anxious. He had been downgraded to the third level. Now, he was transferred to the logistical staff. One would have to wait until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse to rise to the level where the advanced nuclei could be obtained. This time Mu Fei was also expected to be demoted, and even if he wasn’t, Mu Fei’s share of the nucleus was not enough.


In a hurry, Jiang Sile blurted out, “I had been acting on my own today because I knew that the level nine zombie was not in Q County!”


The remaining three people all stared at Jiang Sile. Lu Heng wondered if this man would drop the jar and let the matter of his rebirth explode out of the broken fragments.


“I, I have been often been having dreams during this period of time. They are all about things that would happen later.” Jiang Sile said.


This Jiang Sile was still a bit brainy, and managed to come up with such a reason. Anyway, the abilities of the apocalypse were so strange that it was not impossible to have a prophetic power.


“The location of the former air defense facility was what I saw in my dream. I was afraid you wouldn’t believe it, so I said it was found in the information left by my father. Today also, I had dreamt that the Ninth level zombie will leave Q County in this period, and afraid to miss this wonderful opportunity, just acted on my own.” Jiang Sile said increasingly smoothly,” I think I may have awakened the ability of premonition, but the ability newly awakened is a little unstable, so the details are slightly off the mark.


Qin Yi raised his eyebrows, unsure what to think but there Mu Fei had already believed seven or eight points.


“Didn’t you tell me before that there being spiritual beasts in the mountain forest were also foretold by your dreams?” Mu Fei asked.


Worried that Qin Yi was still skeptical, Jiang Sile quickly nodded, and said: “Yi ge, if you don’t believe, let Yunlan take out the crystal nucleus. You will know at a single glance.”


Only then did Lu Heng remember that he had stuffed a mutated beast crystal nucleus in his small package. There were so many things that happened in the past two days that he had completely forgotten about it. This Jiang Sile couldn’t be allowed to leave the base, otherwise who knew what disturbance the devil might cause in order to vent? It was safer to keep him around and closely watch him.


Thinking like this, Lu Heng brought out the mutated beast nucleus.


Crystal and translucent, without any color, indeed the nucleus of a spiritual variant.


Qin Yi believed a bit now. There were spiritual beasts in the mountain forest, and they didn’t even know themselves. It’s incredible that Jiang Sile could know the news.


“Your statement has yet to be verified, but even if it’s true,” said Qin Yi, “you can’t hide your mistakes.”


“Yi…” Jiang Sile also tried to argue with excuses, but was interrupted by Qin Yi.


“My decision remains unchanged. If you really awakened the power of prophecy, it’s easy to make a contribution. Then use your abilities to prove that you are qualified to go out and perform tasks.” Qin Yi concluded this topic.


Jiang Sile saw that the matter was settled. Shutting his mouth, he turned his head and went to the small room on the side. Mu Fei tried to catch up with him, but he was stopped by Qin Yi.


“Ah Mu, I have something to tell you.”


Mu Fei had to stop, but his eyes kept drifting aside. It was obvious that he was extremely worried about Jiang Sile.


“There might be some problems with Pan Rongxi. You get close to him and pay more attention to his movements in peacetime.” Seeing Mu Fei like this, Qin Yi didn’t talk much nonsense.


Hearing Pan Rongxi’s name, Mu Fei’s mind was immediately pulled in. Instead of drifting towards the small room, he looked at Qin Yi earnestly. “What’s wrong with Rongxi?”


“When we caught up, he pointed in the wrong direction.” Qin Yi could not believe that he was too nervous to read the wrong reasons, and with his sharp mind, it was impossible to mistake such a simple thing. However, he had no actual evidence and could only remind Mu Fei, who was close to him, to pay more attention.


Mu Fei was not convinced, and subconsciously argued for Pan Rongxi: “No, Rongxi’s personality is very simple. He must have been too worried about us, and misremembered in a moment of nervousness.”


Qin Yi knew that Mu Fei’s character’s flaw was enormous sympathy for the weak. He was too lazy to bother much, just thinking that he should pay more attention to that Pan Rongxi. Once he discovered any malicious intent, he would not let him go.


Seeing there was no other matter, Mu Fei rushed into the small room to comfort Jiang Sile.


As soon as Mu Fei disappeared, the mature and reliable expression on Qin Yi’s face disappeared instantly. His face collapsed, his shoulders sagged, and he showed a pitiful expression and complained, “All of them are so annoying. I don’t think I should be Team Leader Qin. It should be father Qin.


From the Team Leader Qin, who had always been a tough man, he didn’t realize that his current behavior was called acting spoiled. Even if he realized it, he would probably comfort himself. In front of Lu Heng, he was a junior apprentice brother. It’s normal for senior apprentice brothers to spoil their junior brothers or something.


“As far as I know, in a family, it’s usually the mother who mediates the relationship between family members.” Lu Heng said it seriously.


From father Qin to mother Qin, team leader Qin had a feeling of being struck by lightning.


It was human-shaped cream puff cat, even with the same personality. At first, it looks very soft and tender. In fact, it doesn’t pay attention to the owner at all. Sometimes it has to be scratched. Qin Yi thought so in his heart, but felt that after being scratched by such a claw, just the feeling of overflowing boredom immediately disappeared. 2


W base.


Base A in the north, Base X in the South and Base W in the center were the three strongest and largest bases in China. W base was controlled by three forces, which were well-known families before the apocalypse.


Today, the bosses of the three high-ranking forces were waiting respectfully at the entrance of the base. The new survivors stopped and watched.


“What are the three big brothers doing at the door?”


“One look and it’s clear you’re new here. What else can we do? Waiting for old Qin.”


“Mr. Qin?”


Seeing that he was indeed a new rookie; this person adopted a mysterious expression, and began to impart to the new people the basic common knowledge of the W base.


Don’t look at the three forces that are in charge of the W base together. Every day, they say the same thing, and they are all powerful. Until boss Qin, leader of the mercenary squad doesn’t say anything. If boss Qin said something, the three bosses absolutely dares not fart once.


In the end, the fist is the truth. What strategies, what motives, in the face of absolute strength these are all paper tigers. Qin Yi’s mercenary team is the core strength of this W base. Were it not for his laziness in dealing with the internal affairs of the base, the W base would have been incomparable to the other three.


Qin Yi is the actual controller of the W base.


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