How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 44.2

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Chapter 44.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (6.2)

Translated by: Niladri

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In Qin Yi’s perception, Mu Fei and Jiang Sile were trapped in the grain depot surrounded by a large number of zombies. Mu Fei used vines to entangle the door of the grain depot. Fortunately, the windows of the grain depot were all very high, so one only needed to guard the doors to keep them from breaking through. It’s just that it was unsure how long Mu Fei’s ability would last.


Qin Yi had the heart to rush in and save his people, but the zombies in front of him blocked the way. By the time they cleared up the zombies and subsequently entered Q County, Jiang Sile and the other person’s bodies would be long cold.


“Is there any way to bring out the level nine zombie?” Qin Yi believed that Lu Heng would have some unexpected ways. After all, he had already experienced the miracles of this cultivation.


“You compress your mind in one place, and then gush it out in an instant, and the demonic energy will subconsciously resist.” Lu Heng said.


Qin Yi acted according to his words. This method worked wonderfully, and Qin Yi immediately locked in the location where the spiritual zombie was located.


“We’re going to kill the level nine zombie.”


Qin Yi’s method of saving his people was very simple. To besiege and rescue [T/N: idiom]. If they killed the level nine zombie that was controlling the zombies, the zombies gathered outside the grain depot would naturally disperse slowly. If Qin Yi had been alone, he would have never done such a foolish thing about the level nine zombie.


However, this time with Lu Heng being around, who was a little stronger than himself, he would not miss this excellent opportunity.


Both of them followed the trail of the level nine zombie. It probably had to expend a lot of demonic energy to control the zombie horde. Lu Heng’s duo had seen the silhouette of the level nine zombie, but the other party still hadn’t found them.


The level nine zombie was small in stature, but its head was disproportionately large. It looked somewhat comical. It sat on a huge rock surrounded by dozens of high-ranking zombies.


“This zombie is very vigilant.” Qin Yi assessed their strengths. “My fire abilities are suitable for group attack, and those high-level zombies can be left to me. I’ll hand over the level nine zombie to you.”


The strength of this spiritual zombie, without aid, could be said to be weakened by half. Lu Heng was fast and dexterous, so it was not difficult for him to deal with it.


Together, they sneaked into an excellent position.


Rapid attacks.


Qin Yi put his hands together and a basketball-sized fireball appeared in his hands. As soon as he flung it away, the fireball flew straight towards the ninth-grade zombie. The level nine zombie also reacted quickly and withdrew in an instant. A high-ranking zombie next to him blocked the fireball with his body. The fireball exploded and half of the high-ranking zombies were blown away.


The level nine zombie was furious, and half of the high level zombies surrounded them. Within a few moments, the level nine zombie saw those zombies killed off one by one by Qin Yi. With a wave of his hand, only two zombies were left behind. The rest of the zombies went forward siege them, in an attempt to kill the daring ability users in the shortest possible time.




Lu Heng’s figure was as fast as a ghost. Dodging in a flash, he appeared behind a high-level zombie. When he raised his hand, his blade moved, and a rotten head rolled to the ground. When Lu Heng was about to chop his sword at another zombie, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his brain.


Lu Heng’s mind was in a trance, but his body’s reflexes were instinctive. His wooden sword simply blocked the claws of the high-ranking zombies. While coping with the endless spiritual attacks of the level nine zombie and fighting with the high level zombies, Lu Heng finally chopped the zombies with his sword by virtue of his strong fighting instinct.


Qin Yi’s aerial firewall was about to burn to the end, and some zombies had broken through the firewall to rescue it. Without delay, Lu Heng raised his sword, instantly approaching the level nine zombie. The moment the di-chen sword pierced the skull of level nine zombie, Lu Heng saw that the grey pupil of level nine zombie suddenly becoming the size of a needle top, and then found that his body refusing to listen.


A black hole was gouged out in the back of the level nine zombie. The zombie was trying to blow up the nucleus in the brain. It raised the psychic power to the highest level in an instant and controlled Lu Heng’s body for a few seconds.


How did things change in a few seconds?


Suddenly a crack appeared in the air, from which a sharp claw emerged and aimed at the heart of the immobilized Lu Heng.


People always displayed unlimited potential when they were in danger. A strong hand tightly gripped the claw, and even if the palm was pierced, it didn’t loosen. Then, the golden white flames burned it up along with the claws. Qin Yi pulled hard again and dragged out a burnt zombie.


The level nine zombies in Q County were not one, but two. Only this other one, an even rarer spatial zombie, had been hiding in the spatial gap, and no one knew. Even Qin Yi was deceived by it just now.


As soon as Lu Heng got rid of the control, he removed the remaining high-ranking zombies by dividing and conquering. The surroundings were at last cleaned up for the most part.


Lu Heng grabbed Qin Yi’s hand, looked at the scary wound on it and frowned.


Qin Yi grinned bitterly: “Such a deep wound, even being an ability user, I am afraid it will be infected.”


Lu Heng looked up at him. This person, even if he did not remember him, always chose to put his body in front of him when he was in danger.


“I guess I don’t even have a few hours to live. When I stop breating, remember to chop off my head. I don’t want to be a disgusting zombie.” Having been accustomed to the rain of bullets, Qin Yi was very calm in the face of death. What’s more, he felt it was worth saving the man in front of him.


When he was dealing with those high-level zombies, Qin Yi had suddenly felt a palpitation. Not caring about mulling it over, his body ran towards this side on its own. The moment he arrived, he discovered Lu Heng in danger. Qin Yi only felt his mind going blank, and then when he reacted, he had already caught the claw of the zombie with his hand.


“But there’s one thing I regret not doing before I died.” Qin Yi sighed.


Seeing him like this, Lu Heng decided to go along with his words and asked, “What’s the matter?”


“I actually died as a shidi, really regretful.”


“You haven’t surpassed me yet. Being a shidi is a sect rule and can’t be changed.” Lu Heng said earnestly.


“Yes, I know that. I am a shidi.” Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders. “But I’m older than you. The last wish of a dying man is to hear you call him elder brother once. If you are embarrassed, you can call me Qin ge.” 1


Lu Heng nodded, hesitated for a few seconds, and then opened his mouth: “Qin Ge…”


“… ge ” 2


Qin Yi listened to the person in front of him who finally called him an ge, albeit seeming a little shy, and after stuttering a bit, adding a ge character. Lu Heng’s voice was soft and mellow, and Qin Yi relished it thoroughly. Suddenly, he felt his rough face burning. There seems to be something wrong!


Lu Heng, of course, intended it. He watched Qin Yi’s dark face flush and laughed in his heart, but his face was still serious: “We can start.”


“Ah?” Qin Yi was still immersed in those three words and was slow to respond.


“Yunqi drives out demonic energy.”


“What, what?” Qin Yi showed a rare silly face.


“Operate the technique; expel the evil spirit with spiritual power, rapidly circulate around your core according to the sect’s written instruction.” 3


It was beyond his imagination. Qin Yi had been thinking he was particularly handsome and cool just now, but now he felt extremely foolish. Utterly so.


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