Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Translated by: Niladri



The next day. When Lilia took her seat in the classroom, the two people in her usual entourage also arrived. Lilia appropriately responded to their greetings. She thought it was annoying, but it was Sakura who advised not to ignore them.


Another person came in following them. Sera arrived in front of Lilia.


「Good morning,  Liliane―sama.」


The other two instantly averted their eyes. Lilia wondered what they were thinking now. She turned towards her and smiled at Sera.


「Yes. Good morning, Sera. It truly is a great morning.」


The other two were dumbstruck and opened their eyes wide. Not only these two people, but everyone present in the classroom was just as shocked.


―Everyone is surprised. Yes, yes, this is great!


―Sakura. Aren’t you enjoying yourself too much?


― Yes. I wanted to use that child to bring about this exact situation.


― Eh…


― Sorry. I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously.


Lilia doubted Sakura’s words, but she was relieved first of all because it seemed that the former was not serious. Now, as Lilia glanced at Sera, the other two faces naturally entered her sight. Both of them were looking at Lilia for an explanation. Lilia however, gave no answer despite perceiving their gazes.


Sera was talking about yesterday’s dinner. Lilia replied indifferently to it. Even if Lilia’s attitude seemed to be grumpy at first glance, but it was actually a good one considering that often she didn’t deign to answer. At least everyone in the classroom understood it. Lilia has allowed Sera to be by her side.


「Oh, Liliane-sama. Why are you talking to this person here? 」


Chris brought her entourage and arrived in front of Lilia with a smile. Lilia smiled back.


「This child came to me. Do you find anything wrong with talking to her? 」


Chris narrowed her eyes and probed at her. Lilia returned her gaze straight ahead. A while later, Chris nodded with a smile if understanding something.


「No, I have nothing to complain about. But please be careful.」


You’ll probably be implicated if you stay with Sera. Everyone in the classroom seemed to think so, and Chris’s entourage had a nasty smile on their faces. Sera was also pale.


「Yes. Thank you for your advice. I’ll be careful.」


What Chris said was actually what she meant. Be careful not to be implicated by the people around you. That’s all there was to it. When she saw Lilia’s firm gaze, Chris nodded with satisfaction, and returned to her seat. 1


―When you change your perspective, the meaning of the words sounds completely different. I wish everyone could peacefully get along.


―There are many (complicated) things in the aristocratic society.


Towards Lilia’s reply, Sakura gave a strange reaction. Lilia sighed inwardly and turned towards Sera. The latter seemed apologetic.


「Uh, Umm, Lilia―sama…」


「It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about it. Class is going to start soon, so go back to your seat.」


「Ye, yes…」


Sera was still anxious, but she quietly went back to her seat. The other two also returned to their seats with their heads tilted.


―I was wondering if those two would say something, but they remained silent.


― I’m glad it played out that way.


It can be said that it was more convenient this way. This excuse was better than her ruthlessly crushing their hearts. Sakura, on hearing this, sighed that this was no good.

The Classroom door opened, and the teacher came in along with the prince. Because of the strange atmosphere between Lilia and Sera, both their heads were tilted in confusion, however, very soon the prince soon took his seat, and the teacher stood in front of the teaching table.


As soon as the teacher’s voice sounded, Lilia started listening to Sakura’s lecture as usual.


When the morning classes were over, there was no longer any reason to stay there. Lilia immediately left the classroom the moment she heard the teacher declaring the class to be over. Although she was worried about Sera, she felt that being overprotective was not a good idea.


She went to pick up a sandwich from the cafeteria. The chefs were used to it, and they prepared fresh sandwiches whenever Lilia came. Their expressions were gentle whenever they handed them over to Lilia.

Image result for fresh veg sandwich
mmm fresh sandwiches…

―What are the ingredients today?


After receiving the sandwich, Sakura always seemed to enjoy it. Lilia was indifferent to the sandwiches, but Sakura always seemed to be looking forward to them.


Lilia didn’t care much about it since she felt that as long as it was edible, it didn’t matter. However, it seemed to be important for Sakura, and sometimes she even praised the chefs.


As usual, Lilia finished her meal in the library room while teaching Ray, when Ray casually started speaking.


「Now that I think about it, there is be a test next week, but is Lilia-sama’s study going well? 」


「Eh? 」


The school term was divided into two, that is, the first semester and second semester. There were three tests to examine their academic abilities in each semester, and she thought that the examinations should be announced soon. But she didn’t think it was next week.


「Um? Lilia-sama, you were not aware? 」




Lilia sat quietly in the chair and exhaled slowly. Then in her mind, she quietly asked.


―Sakura. What is this?


―Hii! Scary, Lilia! Why are you like this? The teacher clearly announced it!


― Ha? When?


―Near the start of the previous week. I think Lilia missed it because she was listening to me.


Lilia’s temple throbbed slightly. As if sensing Lilia’s mood, Ray quietly distanced himself from her.




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