Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Translated by: Niladri



Chris, upon hearing that they were her friends, made an expression of confusion and then lightly sighed. Wearing a sympathetic expression, she whispered,

「But i recommend that at the very least you get together somewhere else. This is too conspicuous. This may give rise to some unpleasant rumors.」

「Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s just a matter of crushing the people who spreads such rumors.」

Not only Chris but Tina’s cheeks were also flush with happiness from Lilia’s words. Perhaps she knew that with the kind of person Lilia was, she might really take action. Chris shook her head and bowed.

「If you are aware of that, I won’t say anything else. Please excuse me as I take my leave.」

「Yes. Thank you, Chris.」

Saying that, Lilia laughed elegantly, following which, Chris returned a bitter smile and walked away. Tina tilted her head curiously after seeing her off.

「It was a rumor, but I heard that Lilia and Crystal 1 were on bad terms…」

「Oh, that’s not true. We are childhood friends.」

― Eh!?

―Why are you surprised?

― No, I thought you two were not on good terms with each other. I assumed you had a strained relationship, but I didn’t think she would be a childhood friend.

Sakura muttered this with a trace of surprise evident in her tone. What surprised me was not only Sakura but also Tina. Basically they could only know the inside affairs of the upper class aristocrats through rumors. Among the rumors, rumors of Lilia and Chris’s estrangement were fairly common.

However, as a matter of fact their relationship wasn’t strained. At present, because of the school, they have fewer interactions, but before this their relationship was one where they used to frequently drink tea at each other’s mansions. From that time on, they were used to throwing harsh words at each other, but it was not out of malice, rather, they only pointed out each other’s shortcomings.

However, because they spoke to each other quite informally and frankly, other people often thought they were seriously quarrelling. But Lilia always thought that their relationship was still the same.

「Oh, yes. It’s time for dinner. Shall we go? 」

Lilia, upon remembering, clapped her hands and started to lead the way. Tina and others were still dumbstruck, but they followed quietly.

「I’ll tell you one thing. 」

While walking, Lilia opened her mouth. She lowered her voice but it could still be heard by the three of them. 2

「This time, Chris must have recognized you as a friend of mine. If I am not available when something happens, you can count on Chris. Even if she looks like that, she takes good care of her own people.」

― Is that right?

― That’s right. She shows no mercy to anyone who’s hostile, but she is kind to the ones who aren’t. That’s why I admire her.

―You really can’t judge a person from their appearance.

Lilia walked to the dining room as she nodded to Sakura.

When Lilia entered the dining room, the entire room quietened. The atmosphere became tense, but as soon as Tina and others came in, the tension dissipated, and everyone resumed chatting. Lilia, perplexed, followed Tina, who began to lead the way.

Suddenly hand was raised in the corner of the dining room. Tina and others seem to have noticed, and turned towards it. And, about six students who had finished their meals were leaving their seats.

「If you don’t mind, please take this seat. 」

A male student said with a smile. In front of the stunned Lilia, Tina sat in one of the vacant seats, while she thanked him. Since it would be bad to tarry, Aira and the others following her sat down.

「Then, Liliane-sama, please excuse us.」

The boys smilingly bowed and moved away. Lilia’s eyes widened with surprise at this unprecedented reaction towards her. 3

「What is this? 」

― Yes. I think it’s thanks to Tina and others, if you ask me.

Sakura seemed to have an idea. She glanced at Tina, but she had already gone to the counter with Aira to get the food. When she looked at Katie, Katie quivered and pulled the chair in a sloppy manner.

「Um… For the time being, let’s…」

「Yes… Excuse me. 」

When I took my seat, it was next to Tina’s seat. After that, when I looked at Katie, she knitted her eyebrows as if she was troubled.

「This past week, though…Tina kept talking about Liliane-sama.」

「That’s… What… 」

「Umm you see…. “Liliane-sama is actually a very kind person and she is really good to me. It would be nice if we became friends.” That’s kind of stuff.」

「That girl… deciding things one-sidedly again… 」

「It’s only because it’s Tina, and not anyone else. Rather, if any other person adopts a Tina-like attitude, they would definitely be rebuked. 」

Katie then nodded and smiled wryly.

「Everybody knows this. Tina is especially one of a kind. That’s why we were trying to make it easier for both of you to spend time and have her go back comfortably.」

― The two of you are completely treating her like a pet. Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

― Even though I admit it’s convenient like this, I can’t say I feel good about it. Oh well, let’s use it. 4

Lilia thought to herself, it’s fine if I can protect Tina and Alisa for now. To be honest, I have no interest in anyone else. Well if I am being honest, I wonder if Aira and Katie, who claim that Tina is their best friend, are also people I should protect.

When that thought crossed her mind, Lilia froze. Katie tilted her head towards Lilia, who had suddenly stopped moving, but Lilia just played it off with a friendly smile.

― Protect? I, Tina? Tina isn’t my maid, right? So why? Because we are friends?

These thoughts kept turning in my mind. My own thoughts baffled me. It lasted until Tina and others came back, but Sakura began to make a fuss in front of the food, so the turning thoughts were interrupted.

While Lilia was eating the food, Sakura was enjoying the taste. Unlike the dining room in the cafeteria for high ranking aristocrats, the dining room on this side was very nostalgic because there were many things similar to the food of her hometown.

Sakura was immersed in happiness, remembering the state of Lilia earlier, and was smiling naturally.

At first, I thought it was not possible to change it, but it seems to have changed little by little. Lilia sees Tina and Alisa as the targets to protect. Alisa, who was her maid and ally, and Tina, who was the first person to become her friend. I am honestly happy with the change.

That’s fine. It’s okay to stay at this rate. This pace is fine.


Sakura laughed gleefully and enjoyed it.


Niladri: Whether Sakura is enjoying the taste of her food, or Lilia’s improvement is left to our imagination.

Anyways. I decided to pick this up, and Vin was kind enough to make me a project page. As for schedule, there won’t be any. I don’t stockpile chapters. Nevertheless I will try to give out at least one release every month (in practice it may be even 2 or 3).

Let me know your feedback and thoughts in comments below. Also, here’s a special treat for you that I managed to dig up online and edit. You might need to zoom to view.

Images of a few characters. I TLed their names

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