Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

On the road, several men were riding on horses, leaving a trail of dust behind them, the leading man wore white robes embroidered with an unknown pattern on the cloth, the edges of the clothes lined with golden thread, the man was definitely one with a noble background. Looking at it again, the man’s handsome face was filled with deep worries, he was the eldest prince of the Tian Xiang Kingdom, Mu Tianchen.

“Mu Gongzi, has the palace lord really been taken to the Tian Xiang Kingdom?” asked a man in yellow, Huang Que of the seven gatekeepers.

“According to the sources, my second brother returned to the Tian Xiang Kingdom in a carriage half a month ago, but as far as I know, my second brother hates to ride a carriage, so it seems that he was with Yue Xin’er in the carriage bringing her to the Tian Xiang Kingdom.”

Nowadays, they are rushing to the Tian Xiang Kingdom. In a few days, they would arrive at the capital city of Tian Xiang Kingdom. Mu Tianchen is the eldest prince, as the eldest son, he also has his own quarters in the palace. But because he was afraid of hitting the grass and startling the snake, he didn’t know what to do at this moment. Lan Huang knew where his thoughts went, although to some extent, Mu Tianchen is his own rival, now, everything has been about the safety of Yue Xin’er. Plus, he always thought his identity was humble, not deserving of Yue Xin’er, and Mu Tianchen is better than himself in any aspect, this time he would get along, knowing that he loves Yue Xin’er more than himself, so he accepted it in his heart. Without much thought, everyone was arranged to live in the branch of the Crescent Moon Palace in the Tian Xiang Kingdom.

The group had been rushing for days, they were exhausted, but because they were worried about Yue Xin’er, they felt as if there was a baggage on their shoulders and quickly inquired the people of the branch for her news.

Seeing that everyone’s eyes are bloodshot, Lan Huang knows that looking for Yue Xin’er is not at a moment of urgency, they should all go to rest. Everyone looked at each other and understood that they could not rush for a while and went to rest in their own room.

As evening came, they woke up. Lan Huang asked the director of the branch whether there was news of Yue Xin’er, but director Wang said with a depressed face: “This subordinates sent people to search the entire capital, but there is no news of the palace lord.”

“Director Wang, you must first tell the servants to send dinner to the hall, I have things to say.” After the people excused themselves, Lan Huang said to the others: “It seems that Mu Tianlin brought the palace lord into the palace, tonight, we will enter the palace to see the situation. What do you think?”

“Okay. We wait until the third geng, then we will act. At that time, Lan Huang, Huang Que, and the Qing Niao will sneak into the palace with me. The less people enter the palace the better, so the others will stay outside the palace. If we are lucky, we will be able to save Yue Xin’er tonight.” Mu Tianchen made a decision, because he is still a prince, and he is familiar with the terrain of the palace. Lan Huang and the three of them have better lightness skill, so he chose them three to sneak into the palace.

  • Third geng: Measurement of time with the night patrolman hitting the geng (ancient alarm clock/ wake up call), about midnight

Seeing that everyone has no opinion, Director Wang had the servants send in with the dinner, everyone said no more, and wait until the third geng to take action.

The third geng soon came, several figures in black flashed across the street and finally stopped outside the palace wall. Once the patrolling army passed, Mu Tianchen made a gesture, and jumped onto the palace wall, seeing that there were no guards around, he waved to the people under the wall, they fluttered in following behind.

After they had entered the palace, they did not hesitate and went straight to Yulin Palace. On the way, they evaded several patrols guards and because their lightness skill was good, they did not let the guards discover their intrusion. After arriving at Yulin Palace, they found that Yulin Palace was divided into several pavilions and decided to split up. Lan Huang goes to the west, Huang Que goes to the south, Qing Niao goes to the north, and Mu Tianchen goes to the east where Mu Tianlin resides.

After exploring several palaces, Mu Tianchen came to Tianyue Pavilion, he was crouched outside the window of Tianyue Pavilion, poking a hole through the paper window, as his eyes peered through the hole. In the beginning, there was only the sound of the water, covered in a white mist, he saw a woman leaning with her back facing him. He just wanted to see it carefully. Suddenly, he felt that a strong wind broke through the window and quickly ducked down. At a glance, it was a teacup that broke through the window. The person in the room was surprised because of the person peeking in.

“You peek through a window at a woman taking bath, how bold of you, why don’t you come in.” In the midst daydreaming, he heard the beautiful voice, he got excited and open the window and jumped in.

“Xin’er I finally found you, do you know how worried I was about you?” As soon as he jumped in, he draped his cloak on Yue Xin’er and held her his arms.

She thought that an assassin had entered the palace to assassinate someone, she did not think it would be Mu Tianchen, when she thought of how she had just hurt him, she was a little scared, but after thinking about it, he would come sooner or later, it’s just that she had just flirted with him while taking a bath, it’s good to take a cup and throw him. Just now, when she thought of how he might have seen other women take baths, she shoved him away. “You go away!”

Mu Tianchen saw her angry, thinking about it, knowing that she was unhappy because he accidentally saw her taking a bath, he quickly apologized, “Xin’er, don’t be angry, I did not deliberately peek at you during your bath. Besides, didn’t you just throw a teacup out? It almost hit me, you were going easy on me!”

“Hey, you still dare to say, if you did not unleash killing intent, I would not have thrown a teacup.” Yue Xin’er’s internal strength was high, at that time, only thirty percent was used, if she used her full strength, Mu Tianchen would have definitely been killed or injured.

“Right, Xin’er, how can you be alone? Where are the guards and palace ladies?” Seeing that she didn’t seem so angry, he quickly shifted the topic.

“Them? Because when I take a shower, I don’t like people nearby, so I drove them all away, otherwise, do you think that you could have made such a big move, without anyone catching you?” Then she looked around him and snickered. “However, you are the eldest prince of the Tian Xiang Kingdom it should be no problem if you are caught.”

Mu Tianchen looked at her helplessly,”You little girl, gossip less, or go out with me first! Your seven gatekeepers have followed me to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, you have disappeared this time, making everyone angry.”

As soon as I heard that the seven main gatekeepers were coming, Yue Xin’er’s face became a bit serious, the disaster in southern Mo had just picked up, but it was not because of her, had given up on the people. “How many people came? Did anyone stay in southern Mo?”

“You can rest assured that there are only five people who follow, Cheng Feng and Chi Wu are both staying in southern Mo, on the one hand, they continue to aid the disaster recovery, and on the other, continue to search for you.” Knowing that she is worried about the people in southern Mo, he told her the truth.

Knowing that someone stayed in southern Mo, her heart was at ease. Later, she asked about the situation of the Jingyue Kingdom, seeing that it was getting late, she said to Mu Tianchen: “Brother Chen, go back first. Tell them not to worry, I am not at risk here. I still have some things to do, and I will go back to you when I finish those things.”

“What else do you have? Now everyone is worried to death about you, I think you should return with me first if there is anything, we should get out of the palace first, I am not at ease with you staying here.” The palace is too sinister, although Yue Xin’er is also a princess, she did not grow up in the palace and did not touch the dirty schemes, she would not understand. Moreover, Mu Tianlin’s feelings for Xin’er also made him feel very uneasy, he always got what he liked, now he has taken Yue Xin’er to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, is there anything he doesn’t dare do?

“No need to persuade me anymore, I have decided, I will go back when I am ready.” She doesn’t know if Mu Tianchen knows, but if he wants to participate in the battle for the throne he should know about it. But on the other hand, the fewer people know, the better, so she didn’t tell him. But she also knows that concealing matters is not a good thing. When the time is ripe, he will definitely be the first person she tells.

“Hey, I really don’t know what to say about you.” No one can stop it when Yue Xin’er has made her decision, although there are some concerns, he has to have her promise. “You have to promise me to protect yourself, tomorrow I will also return to the palace as the eldest prince, and I will be with you at that time.”

Mu Tianchen’s burning eyes stared at Yue Xin’er, she couldn’t help but lower her head. “You, why are you looking at me like this?”

After waiting for a long while, she did not hear him speak, she was suspicious whether he was gone or not, and looked up and found that she did not know when he had gotten closer. She stared blankly as his face as he approached her, and she couldn’t help but close her eyes. A light feathery kiss fell on her lips, her eyelashes twitched gently, feeling Mu Tianchen’s kiss deepening. After a long time, Mu Tianchen let go of her, both of them were so close to the opposite sex for the first time, and there was a faint red blush on her snow-like skin.

“Xin’er, I love you, wait for me. When this is over, will you marry me? We can look for a small island to live on, if you are tired of the island, we can come out and see the scenery, are you willing?” Mu Tianchen said affectionately.

“I… this thing has to be approved by my Emperor father and Empress mother, I can’t make the decision.” Yue Xin’er’s head lowered, she did not dare look at him. “You should be going back soon, the sky is going to be bright soon, don’t get discovered.”

“That’s good, you wait for me.” Mu Tianchen reluctantly printed a kiss on her forehead and then left.

Besides, the other three people, who have searched the Yulin Palace, have not found Yue XIn’er but the sun was going to rise soon, they quickly returned to the place where they had made appointments with the others. After waiting for a long while, there only Mu Tianchen had not arrived, but when everyone thought he was arrested and was about to look for him, he came back. Seeing that everyone has arrived, they will return to the branch of the Crescent Moon Palace.

As soon as they returned to the branch, several other people gathered around and asked about the situation of finding someone. Mu Tianchen saw that they were so concerned about Yue Xin’er, and could not decide if he should be envious or be happy. Envious that Yue Xin’er has so many people who care about her, but has none. Happy that Yue Xin’er has so many good subordinates and good friends, they care about her so much, and he is also happy for her.

“You don’t have to worry, I have found Xin’er, she is in Tianyue Pavilion.”

“Since you found the palace lord, why didn’t you bring her back?” Lan Huang is somewhat dissatisfied.

Mu Tianchen gave him a look. “She said that she has something to do, do you think I would be able to take her away if she doesn’t want to go?”

Everyone thought for a while and agreed, their precious palace lord always has ideas, as long as it is her decision, she must have her own reason, persuasion is useless. But they are also worried that she would be alone in a foreign place where people eat without vomiting the bones.

“Don’t worry, I will go back to the palace tomorrow and will not let her suffer.” Mu Tianchen looked at their expressions and knew what they were worried about.

Seeing that the sky is going to be bright soon, everyone is exhausted, knowing that Yue Xin’er is not in danger, and Mu Tianchen promised to go to the palace to protect her, everyone’s heart was at peace as they went to rest.

However, Lan Huang vaguely felt that something was wrong when Mu Tianchen met with them, he seemed to smell that Mu Tianchen had a fragrance that belonged to Yue Xin’er. He did not do anything to her, right? He, himself has been staying at Yue Xin’er’s side since he was ten years old, in the past ten years, the two have been together, saying that it is impossible to love her, although he is still not reconciled in his heart, as long as she is happy, no matter what she wants him to do, he would be willing. Even if he has a lot of pain in his heart, he will not tell her, so as to not cause her trouble. It seems that Mu Tianchen is braver than himself, at least he has the courage to express his feelings, maybe it will not take long before they drink the happiness wine. At that time, it will be the time for him to give up completely, and he will deeply bury this feeling in his heart, and then silently stay with her until his death.

  • Happiness wine: Equivalent to marital wine, or Mu Tianchen and Yue Xin’er getting married

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