Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The next day, Mu Tianchen said goodbye to the others and hurried to the palace. After the Emperor heard that his eldest son had returned, he was very happy and arranged to meet him in the royal study.

As soon as he entered the Xuan Yuan Hall, the Emperor ordered the servants to retreat, his face was filled with joy and he said, “Chen’er, you are back.”

  • Chen’er: terms of endearment

Mu Tianchen’s eyes were slightly red, he choked as he said: “Emperor father, this child is unfilial.”

The Emperor patted his shoulder and said: “Chen’er, you have suffered,” then he sat himself down, “We have not seen each other for a while, Chen’er is getting more and more handsome. How long will you stay this time?”

“Replying to Emperor father, Er Chen returned to protect a person. As for how long it will take, it will depend on her.” Mu Tianchen thought of Yue Xin’er as gentle smile floated on his lips.

  • Er Chen: How a child of the imperial family refers to themselves; Subject son/ daughter

“Oh? Could the person that Chen’er wants to protect be your sweetheart. What kind of woman is she?” Seeing the look on his son’s face, it seems that his heart has been moved, but he doesn’t know which family’s daughter his son has taken fancy of. However, he owes him a lot, even if he likes a courtesan, he would not object.

“Hehe, she is a kind, beautiful, and a talented woman can only be described as a woman unique in the world.” When mentioning his sweetheart, Mu Tianchen could not help but have his face filled gentleness.

“Unique woman? This is the first time you have praised a woman so highly. Zhen wants to see her. When will you bring her into the palace for Zhen to take a look!” This son has always been very self-sufficient, and would never put an average woman in the eyes. He has also chosen several beauties for him before, even the number one beauty in the capital was among them, and even she had never entered his eyes. Although he has been lingering in the flowers, he is in the middle of the flowers, and refuse to touch the leaves. Nowadays, he calls his sweetheart a unique woman, it seems that the woman must be a dragon among phoenixes, otherwise, it is impossible for her to enter his eyes. This made the Emperor curious.

“Emperor father, Er Chen’s sweetheart is in the palace.” Mu Tianchen simply points out, to prevent Yue Xin’er from getting harmed in the palace.

“In the palace?” The emperor tried guessing, “Is it a palace lady of Xin Jin Palace?”

Mu Tianchen felt helpless, “Emperor father, I haven’t returned for so long, these ladies should have been selected last month, right? How would I have time to get to know them?”

“This is true, could it be you fell in love with one of the palace’s consorts?” The emperor suddenly wondered.

In order not to let the Emperor from making more outrageous guesses, he simply openly told of the matter of Yue Xin’er. “Don’t guess anymore, Xin’er is the Princess Gu Guo of the Jingyue Kingdom. Because second brother also likes her, he kidnapped her to the Tian Xiang Kingdom.”

“What?” After hearing that Mu Tianlin actually kidnapped the little princess of the Jingyue Kingdom, the Emperor’s head began to hurt. Kidnapping the princess of a country, this matter can be big or small. If it is too big, Yue Xin’er in the Jingyue Kingdom, and even the rest of the whole world, it may cause great chaos in the world, it may even lead to an attack on the Tian Xiang kingdom and eventually led to the destruction of the Kingdom. Mu Tianlin does not know, does not mean that he does not know. This woman is the goddess foreseen five hundred years ago, if something happens to her, who knows how many disasters would occur. It is said that five hundred years ago, the world was in chaos, and the smoke was everywhere. Because a monk named Gan Xi was helped by the people of Wu, he began to fight for territory. The army led by the devotion of the people of Wu was like a broken bamboo, it was turbulent. Just when the formation of the last Kingdom, that is, the Jingyue Kingdom, the gods were defeated, the soldiers were defeated, and the people of Wu were all sealed. At that time, the head of the god soldier had left a godly scripture, saying that after five hundred years, the people of Wu would open the seal, bringing harm to the four directions, the goddess would protect the world. This matter will only be known when the kings throughout the ages that sat on the throne, fifteen years ago when Yue Xin’er was born, he knew that the goddess was born. Now Mu Tianlin is fascinated by desire and kidnapped the goddess to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, he really doesn’t know how can this be good. The more he thought about it, the worse his face became.

  • People of Wu: Equivalent to witches or people with magical powers

“Emperor father, what’s wrong? Do you need Er Chen to call a doctor?” Seeing that the Emperor’s face is not too good, and his body seemed to be shaking, he quickly stepped forward to help.

“Chen’er is Princess Gu Guo in Yu Lin Palace?” Seeing Mu Tianchen nod, the Emperor’s face paled, it seems that this Lin’er was spoiled by the Empress, not to mention the things the Empress did in the palace, he even knows what Mu Tianlin is also secretly doing. They thought that he knew nothing about these things, but how could he not know what they were doing in private. This time, he did such a big mistake, Mu Tianlin has disappointed him, the consequences are unimaginable. At this point, the Emperor had made a decision, “Chen’er, do you want to be the Emperor?”

“Emperor father, you…” Mu Tianchen looked at him with amazement.

“Chen’er, tell your father the truth.”

“Er Chen does not wish to be.” Mu Tianchen solemnly said.


“Er Chen’s character is not suitable for being an emperor. Er Chen is only willing to live with the person I love for the rest of my life.” Mu Tianchen directly looked at the Emperor, his decision was firm.

After the Emperor listened, he said: “What Zhen feels the most regret towards in this lifetime is towards you and your mother, Zhen wants to compensate for you, are you unwilling to accept it?”

“No, I know that you pity me, but I really don’t want to be an Emperor. Have you not seen through the dirty schemes over the years? My mother has, therefore, become a victim of a political power struggle. I don’t want to encounter these things anymore, I know how you feel about me, I have never blamed you for my mother’s death, I only hate the people who were responsible for it, so I hope you won’t let me touch the things I hate the most.” For a moment, Mu Tianchen was on the ground, he didn’t even use honorifics, it was just like an ordinary son saying to his father what had always been buried deep in his heart.

The Emperor seemed to have aged a few years after listening, he said: “You get up first! Zhen understands. According to your opinion, who should the throne pass to? Your second brother is absolutely an impossible choice. In these years, he has seen you as an obstacle, he has sent people to assassinate you many times, now, he has kidnapped the princess of the Jingyue Kingdom to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, Zhen will not tolerate it.”

“What does Emperor father think of Mu Tianri?” Mu Tianchen stood up and said.

“This child is very low-key, Zhen doesn’t know how he is.” Knowing that Mu Tianchen is recommending someone to him, he seriously considers it, but he did not think of Mu Tianri. It seems that he really isn’t a competent father. “Chen’er, what do you know about your third brother?”

“Third brother is kind and benevolent, he has some means of doing things and is very careful, the ministers of the court also support him, if father can him cultivate well, he will be a generation of a great leader in the future.”

“This matter, Zhen will think over, you should return to Chen Xi Palace to rest!” The Emperor waved his hand tiredly.

“Er Chen will retreat.” Just when Mu Tianchen was about to return to Chen Xi Palace, he heard a faint breath, Mu Tianchen shot a few gold needles. But seeing the figure flashing quickly, heading in the other direction. Mu Tianchen chased after him, and the man turned his head and threw a few smoke balls. When the smoke cleared, the figure was gone. Seeing that not a single trace was left behind, Mu Tianchen was annoyed and punched a fake mountain, causing it to collapse, alerting the guards not far away. The guards rushed over and saw the eldest prince, they quickly asked: “Eldest prince, was there an assassin?”

“No, you will handle this.” Finished speaking, he walked away. Along the way, he thought of the black dressed man. Obviously, that person must have been sent by Mu Tianlin to eavesdrop, but the matter of Yue Xin’er being the princess of the Jingyue Kingdom and the matter of establishing the next Emperor are all important, if Mu Tianlin knows what will happen, there must be something he will plan, it seems that this matter is getting more and more complicated. Now he can only hope that Yue Xin’er to finish the matter earlier so that he can take her away from this palace of rumors earlier.

The Emperor was also worried about Yue Xin’er, after Mu Tianchen had just left, he sent someone to call for Yue Xin’er.

Yue Xin’er came to Xuanyuan Hall, at a glance she saw that the Emperor had been ill for a long time, without saying anything, not even doing the bow, she took the emperor’s hand.

Her movement scared the eunuch behind the Emperor, pulling a high pitched scream: “How dare you…” before he could say anything else, he was scared by Yue Xin’er’s cold and murderous look.

“You all retreat.” The Emperor was also shocked at first, but when he saw that she feeling his pulse, he calmed down, his heart was touched. This girl is a good woman, with a godly spirit, she is many times more beautiful than the first beauty of the capital, no wonder Chen’er will fall in love with her. More importantly, she has a kind heart, it seems that she will care about people. Seeing her brows gradually wrinkle up, he couldn’t help but ask: “Is there any problem with Zhen’s body?”

“Have you often felt dizzy, weak, and sometimes accompanied by angina?”

“Yes, how do you know? Is Zhen’s illness getting worse?”

“Illness? No, you are poisoned with gu.” Yue Xin’er said affirmatively.

  • 蠱 Gu: The traditional preparation of gu poison involved sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) inside a closed container, where they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor.


“Yes, it is a heart devouring gu. It lives in the blood of the human heart. The host does not have any abnormalities at first, after getting it, symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, and angina may occur, generally, the doctor won’t be able to find out, it will only be considered to be anemia, in the later stage, the heart palpitations will invade with the heart, along with the internal organs, until it kills its host.” She told the Emperor everything in one breath.

After listening to these words, the Emperor was greatly angered: “Do you know who gave Zhen the gu?”

“Don’t you already have the answer at the bottom of your heart?” Yue Xin’er asked.

“It’s the Empress.” Only she will have the opportunity to implant the gu. It’s just that he can’t believe that she’s so vicious, unwilling to even let her husband go.

“I heard that when the Empress had not yet married to Tian Xiang, she had learned the martial arts according to the secret book of her ancestors, who knew what she did. Because the people of Wu were sealed five hundred years ago, their martial arts were lost.” Yue Xin’er said, “Since you are my uncle and the father of brother Chen, I will save you.”

“Can you get rid of the heart devouring gu?” The Emperor asked with uncertainty.

Yue Xin’er faintly smiled, “Whether or not I can, you already have the answer, don’t you? Since you know that I was brought by your second son, you must also know my identity, if there is an illness I cannot cure in this world, I am afraid no one can cure it.”

“Good! You are the person that Chen’er likes, Zhen believes you.” When the girl said this, her posture was that of striving to hold the world was exactly the same as that of his youth, it really made him like her more and more. How good it would be if she was his daughter! But if she becomes the wife of his most favored child, it would be even better.

“Your majesty, I am daring to ask you a question, I wonder if it’s okay?” Because she was also the princess of a country, it felt appropriate to address herself as anything else, so she simply used “I”.

“Xin’er, you don’t need to hold a ceremony. You are the person recognized by Chen’er, Zhen’s future daughter in law, you can call me Emperor father as Chen’er does. If you have any questions, just ask.”

The Emperor really like this beautiful and unrelenting girl, and naturally he will not care about etiquette, he can’t wait for her to marry Mu Tianchen.

“Oh,” She saw his face full of expectations, she could not bear to refuse him, so she called him “Emperor father.”

“Ha ha, Xin’er really is an obedient child.”

The Emperor smiled and even his eyes became a seam, when the joy was over, the Emperor also gave the jade ring worn on his finger to her.

“Keep it, this ring is something Zhen keeps close, you can use it to deploy the guards stationed outside the Imperial City, you have to keep it well.”

“Emperor father, Xin’er can’t accept this gift, it’s too valuable.”

When she heard that this thing can mobilize the army, she felt that this was a sign of trouble, she thought of the time she received half of the jade that her Emperor father gave, causing her to take on the responsibility most of her life. That jade was originally half of the military power of the Jingyue Kingdom. When this falls in the hands of others, one can never ask for it back, but it has become a hot potato in her hands. She didn’t want to take another big trouble to go back and end up working for the rest of her life.

However, the Emperor put the jade finger in her hand and said in a strong tone: “Receive it, this is the gift of meeting from Emperor father to you.”

Dear God, how can someone be forced to accept a gift? Yue Xin’er’s heart was weak, but in order not to let the Emperor get angry, she reluctantly accepted it. “Emperor father, Xin’er wants to know who the candidate for inheriting the throne is?”

“What do you want to do with the information?”

Although she is the future Wang Fei Tian Xiang Kingdom, after all, she has not married yet, and now she is openly asking him about the matter of the future Emperor, it is not very suitable.

“Emperor father, you don’t have to worry. I just want to fulfill my responsibility as a goddess. You are the current monarch of Tian Xiang Kingdom. You must know my mission.” Although Yue Xin’er does not like the title of the goddess, it is best to use the identity of the goddess to force him to say his own thoughts.

“I originally wanted to make Chen’er the crown prince, but he did not want to, and recommended the third prince, Mu Tianri, Zhen does not understand the third prince, so Zhen does not know if this is a good choice.” Since she is the goddess, there is no reason for him to reject her question, after all, she is also here for the peace in the world.

Yue Xin’er took out a book from her clothes and handed it to the Emperor, “This is the information on the third prince. I have already investigated it. Of course, you can also find someone to investigate and look at it, compared with the second prince, I hope that the third prince can become a great Emperor.”

“Oh? You are the fiancee of Chen’er, why don’t you want him to be the Emperor? If he is an Emperor, you would be the Empress.” The Emperor wanted to hear what this child was thinking.

“Keke, what is so good about being Emperor? In these years have you ever felt happiness for one day? For me, as long as we are happy every day, that is enough. For a person, the greater the power, the higher the ability, the greater the responsibility. She has had enough of the feeling of being pressured to death. Brother Chen has already seen enough of those ugly faces for the sake of power.” Yue Xin’er smiled conceitedly. “If I am willing, the throne is not in my eyes, let alone a small position of Empress.”

“Ha ha ha, your little girl is really the person Chen’er likes, good, good!” After the laugh, the Emperor curiously asked, “What would you do if I chose the second prince?”

“One word, kill.” Yue Xin’er’s mouth has a hint of a faint smile, with a strong murderous intent in her eyes, the words spoken by her mouth are full of coldness.

“You…” she is obviously a pretty little girl, how can you say such vicious words, it also sounded very powerful?

“What? You can’t bear it? It is also right, after all, it’s your own son.” Yue Xin’er taunted with a cold smile, “Just the news of the goddess getting kidnapped leaks out…”

“Fine, Zhen knows what to do.” the Emperor sighed helplessly, “You are not safe in the Tian Xiang Kingdom, tomorrow you will go out with Chen’er, first go back to the Jingyue Kingdom to avoid the limelight!”

“Okay, Xin’er retreats.” After that, she returned to Yu Lin Palace.

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