Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

It has been a few days since Yue Xin’er came to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, in these few days, Mu Tianlin came to the Tian Yue Pavillion a few times, every time he came, he would bring her something new. Sometimes it was exotic grasses, sometimes it was jewelry, sometimes it was antique calligraphy and painting by famous figures, sometimes it was small animals, as long as he could find it, he would give it to her, just to get a smile from the beauty. As a result, Yue Xin’er doesn’t even look at it, let alone smile, this caused Mu Tianlin to get a taste of unprecedented frustration.

Mu Tianlin had grown up getting what he wanted. A woman, he could have any of them, and it has always been those women who throw themselves to him. Although he is very clear that most of the women are looking at him for his prince’s identity, so he never looked at them. Although he has many concubines, none of them are of a good quality. Now, he has met a woman who has moved his heart, but she is different from other women, he really does not know how to move her.

On this day, Yue Xin’er took a walk with the two palace ladies in the garden, and Mu Tianlin went to morning court. As she walked to a pond, she heard someone calling for help. She calmed her nerves and took a look, it was a woman. There are several eunuchs and palace ladies on the shore who are anxiously shouting, but no one is going to save the person. Yue Xin’er did not think much, and infused her internal force into her ribbon, shouting: “Hold onto the ribbon.”

The woman has been in the water for a long time, her whole spirit has been paralyzed, it was as if she has not heard Yue Xin’er shouting. Seeing that the woman was almost out of the water, Yue Xin’er quickly jumped into the water and picked her up, then dragged her to the shore. Yue Xin’er laid the woman on the grass, she pressed her hand on the woman’s abdomen to get the water out of her body after she did this, she was at peace.

She saw the group of eunuchs and palace ladies gather around, calling: “Princess, Princess…” Taking a look at the woman’s dress, it is really the costume of the Tian Xiang Kingdom, it seems that this woman should be Mu Tianchen’s younger sister.

“You all scattered, otherwise your princess will be out of breath.” Yue Xin’er said coldly, seeing that they all retreated, and took out a yellow porcelain bottle and poured out a green pill into the woman’s mouth. After a while, the fainted woman woke up. “How does your body feel?” Yue Xin’er asked.

The woman stared at Yue Xin’er for a while, before she weakly said, “It’s okay. Did you save me?”

“Yes.” Yue Xin’er nodded, “What is your name?”

The surrounding eunuchs and palace ladies heard her asking the princess’s name, they could not help but widen her eyes. several people have already began slandering Yue Xin’er. Yue Xin’er glanced at them with an expressionless face, her cold eyes suddenly made them feel chills.

“Thank you, my name is Mu Tianxing. What about you?” Mu Tianxing was originally cheerful and lively, when she saw someone who was so beautiful and not afraid of her, she was curious about this savior.

Seeing her innocence, Yue Xin’er also liked this girl a bit, according to her knowledge, Mu Tianxing should be his fourth younger sister of Mu Tianchen, she should have a twin brother named Mu Tianri. The Tian Xiang Kingdom only has three princes and one princess. It’s not that those consorts can’t give birth, nor is it that the emperor has a hidden disease. The thing is that the empress is too fierce, every time the emperor goes to his consorts, after the night, the empress will personally bring the abortion soup the next day. Even if some of them have tried their best to have a dragon seed, the empress will try to make her have a miscarriage, in order to make her son the crown prince, the empress can be said to be a schemer, anyway, as long as you can think of the malicious schemes, it is almost certain the empress has used it. Mu Tianchen went outside to learn martial arts, and Mu Tianri stayed in the palace for a long time, she really does not know how the days are for him, Mu Tianxing is a girl, so she is no threat to the throne, naturally, her days are better. But thinking about it this way, the fact that Mu Tianri can survive in such an environment, if there is not a bit of skill he would not be able to live until today, it seems that this palace is really a place of Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons.

  • Dragon seed: children of the emperor

Although she had good feelings for her, she did not intend to tell her her real name, so she told her: “I am Yue Tianxin, you can call me Xin’er.”

Mu Tianxing showed a sweet smile, sat up and took her hand, saying: “Xin’er, I like you very much. Let’s be friends!”

“Go back and change your clothes, or you will catch cold.” Friends? I have no friends in my life. She regard those subordinates as friends, but they always keep their duty, she knows that they are respectful and loving when they look at her. Although they grew up together, she has always been seen as unattainable in their eyes. Therefore, she never criticizes them, lest everyone be embarrassed. Now, she finally has a friend.

“Okay, where are do you reside? I will go to find you after changing clothes.”

Cui Ping, who was following Yue Xin’er said: “Replying to princess, our lady is currently residing in Tian Yue Pavillion of the second prince.”

“What? Xin’er, you live in the Tian Yue Pavilion of the second prince? Are you his…” Mu Tianxing was shocked. The there was no one living Tian Yue Pavillion of the second prince, she had heard that it would be reserved for the future consort, now that she heard that Xin’er was living there, how could she not be surprised?

Yue Xin’er said seriously: “There is no such thing, you should go back. Come over and find me later.”

The palace ladies and eunuch, who has been surrounded them has come forward to help Mu Tianxing return to her palace, Yue Xin’er is disgusted to see her wet clothes, and said to the two palace ladies who was with her: “Let’s go back.”

Back at Tian Yue Pavilion, she took a hot shower, changed her clothes, she sat down at a table and drank a cup of hot tea, the feeling was warm and comfortable. If not for the fact that Mu Tianxing was coming over, she would have gone to bed.

Just when she was feeling drowsy, a palace lady named Cui Wei reported that Princess Tianxing had arrived. This was the thing that woke her up, and it didn’t take long for her to see Mu Tianxing’s delicate figure leaping in, and there was a man following behind her who’s features was similar to her. Yue Xin’er was stunned after giving man a glance, this is the third prince of Tian Xiang Kingdom, Mu Tianri!

“You two, please sit.” After that, Cui Wei pick up some fruit snacks, one person took a cup of tea and handed it over,after that, the people retired, then she looked at Mu Tianri and said: “You must be the third prince of Tian Xiang Kingdom.”

“Miss really has good eyesight, I admire it.” Mu Tianri said cupping his fist.

“How is it, brother, I said that Xin’er is very powerful, you still don’t believe, this is what you see with your own eyes to see what else you have to say.” Mu Tianxing said slyly.

Seeing that their brothers and sisters are so good, Yue Xin’er is somewhat envious, although she has a brother and a sister, her relationship with them is not close, this may be because she grew up in the mountains.

“Miss Yue, thank you for saving Xing’er. We can never repay you, in the future, if there is anything you need help with, just say it.” Mu Tianri said.

“It was just a matter of raising my hand, you don’t have to remember it. Third prince, I want to ask you one thing, I hope you can tell the truth.” After the chill, Yue Xin’er went straight to the subject, she nodded, he continued to say, “Do you want to the emperor of the Tian Xiang Kingdom?”

When the question was asked, the two brothers and sister were stunned. “Miss Yue, what do you mean by this? Do you know if you let others hear it, you will get executed.”

“Yeah, Xin’er, things can be eaten indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense.” Mu Tianxing said.

Yue Xin’er’s eyes stared at Mu Tianri’s eyes without hesitation and said seriously: “Third prince, I am not joking with you, I hope that you can answer my question as it is, there are no others around, you don’t have to worry.”

“I… think, but what about it? Second brother has the empress behind him, and I am only the third prince, even if the second prince is not here, there is the eldest prince.” Seeing his eyes bright and honest, not like a bad person, he told her what he thought.

“Brother, how do you have a heart for the throne? You are not…” Mu Tianxing did not expect that the always indifferent brother would even want to be emperor. It’s just that this kind of thinking is likely to bring them to death, the palace is a place where people are eaten without throwing up the bones, the two have lived hard enough here, but at least they are still alive, his idea is likely to push them to the land of no return.

“Xing’er, I understand your thoughts. So I have never told you that is brother’s wrong, and your brother should not think about getting something never belonged to him in the first place. In the future, I will not think about it again, let us calmly finish this life.” Twin brothers and sisters both have a heart and soul, growing up together, how could he not know what she thought?

Rolling her eyes in her heart, she felt that she had no sense of existence, being ignored by the twin brothers and sisters. “What are the both of you doing? Mu Tianri, I tell you, your thoughts are not delusions. You don’t have to stop your thinking, just think about what you want to do after you become the emperor.”

“Miss Yue, what is your intention?” Mu Tianri suspiciously looked at Yue Xin’er, as if trying to see through her.

“This, I want to talk to you alone. Tianxing, you go out and help us guard don’t let anyone close. This is a matter of your life. I don’t want you to hear this.” Because Mu Tianxing is too innocent, Yue Xin’er does not want her to know, first, she is afraid that she will accidentally spill this out, secondly, she does not want her to participate too much in this matter, so she uses this excuse to tell her to go elsewhere.

After Mu Tianxing went out, Yue Xin’er continued to say: “To tell you, I am Princess Gu Guo of the Jingyue Kingdom.” Although Mu Tianri was surprised, he not interject, Yue Xin’er continued, “You also know what kind of person your second brother is, sinister, and likes take advantage. I just came to Tian Xiang Kingdom by him, if he became an emperor, I am afraid that it will provoke war again, the people will not be able to continue living, this absolutely must not happen. Moreover, if you are worried about your elder brother, you don’t have to worry about it, we used to be together all the time, he told me that he had no interest in the throne. As long as you want to be emperor, I can help you ascend to the throne.”

“But, you are the princess of the Jingyue Dynasty, but what can you do to help me ascend the throne of Tian Xiang Kingdom?”

“You don’t have to worry about this. Since I promised to help you, then I will never say anything. As long as you are on the throne and can make a hundred-year contract with my Jingyue Kingdom, then you can rest easy.” One must know that she is not only a princess of golden branches and jade leaves, after the establishment of the Crescent Moon Palace, she sent many people to spies in various countries, no matter which class has her people, at the very top there are imperial court officials, down to the beggars on the streets, there are people of the Crescent Moon Palace.

*Golden branches and jade leaves: used to describe a well bred lady

“Okay, I am willing to form an alliance with you.” After thinking for a long time, Mu Tianri finally made up his mind.

In fact, Yue Xin’er has long seen that Mu Tianri has this idea, how many princes did not want to be the emperor? Not to mention that he has been bullied to this day since childhood. If a person has been oppressed, he will think about growing his influence. Although Mu Tianri has always been very low-key, when she looked into his eyes, she saw his desire for the throne and also saw his desire to show ambition. As far as she knows, Mu Tianri is a very talented person, and has a kind heart, since he wants to be an emperor, and he does not want Mu Tianlin to sit on the throne, he is the best candidate.

“Then, it’s a promise.” So, Yue Xin’er has made such an agreement with Mu Tianri.

Poor Mu Tianlin still doesn’t know that the woman he likes is trying to get rid of him with the younger brother he thought to be harmless! He could only blame himself, if he didn’t bring Yue Xin’er to Tian Xiang, she wouldn’t get to know Mu Tianri, and wouldn’t even have a deal with him. As the saying goes, everything that has its roots has fruit, if you plant something, you will bear fruit, let’s just that, he and the empress are blessed.

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