End of World’s Businessman Chapter 5.3

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Chapter 005.3 — Rainstorms [3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro 
In the morning, Wu Ye woke up to the sound of thundering rain. Only then did he realize that this was the first rain since he came to this world. He opened the door, and saw the rain pouring outside. The rain curtain covered the place with a thin layer of water mist, and the strong vapor that hung in the air brought a bit sense of depression. On the other hand, it successfully washed away the lingering stench of the ordinary day, making people feel at ease.
It was raining hard, and it was impossible to go out, so Wu Ye decided to boil some water for breakfast. Even after eating the nutrients for more than 10 days, he still couldn’t adapt to its sour taste, and could only swallow it with water. However, it was raining hard to fetch water. Fortunately, Wu Ye had developed a sense of crisis during his half-month stay in this apocalyptic place, that he had stored boiled water in pots and pans for emergency use.  
 The rainy weather made the firewood under the stove moist. It took Wu Ye a great deal of effort to light them up before a white smoke finally floated out of the chimney, making a conspicuous sight in the wilderness. 
 On the country road, a speeding pickup truck suddenly came to a halt after traveling from a long distance. Ji Yun helplessly stopped the car and hit the steering wheel with annoyance. “Boss, we ran out of gas. What should I do?” Recalling his experience these past few days, Ji Yun couldn’t help but curse his boss’s mother. Once they have returned, he must break away from this Mr. Wang. Even if Mr. Wang had power, he was a complete lunatic. Working for him would ensure that one would meet his death sooner or later. 
 Wang He rolled down the window and surveyed the place with his telescope. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of smoke rising from the distance. He grinned and said, “There’s someone in that house ahead. You hold Ah Jian, and I’ll go get something. We’ll stay here first and think of something when the rain stops.” 
 Ji Yun looked at the half-zombie Wang Jian from the rearview mirror, and he felt his scalp turn numb as he hesitantly said, “Boss, brother Jian…” 
 Wang He gave him a pointed look and asked, “Why, you have a problem with holding my younger brother?” 
 Ji Yun, gulped and said dryly, “No, no problem. Brother Jian has a bright future ahead of him. He will certainly be able to awaken his powers like boss did.” 
Wang He sneered with an uncertain meaning and said, “Alright, stop the flattery and quickly help my brother out. Once he wakes up, you would ultimately benefit from this.”
 Ji Yun could not help but recall the incident last night when Pang Zhonglin broke his neck when Wang Jian suddenly pounced on him and bit him. That time, Pang Zhonglin was sitting just beside him! He could still hear his pitiful screams and the munching sounds Wang Jian made as he gnawed on Pang Zhonglin’s body. Now, that body was placed inside a sleeping bag which sat in the car trunk. Ji Yun could guess what Wang He was up to but what could he do? He was just an ordinary man. Wang He wanted to kill him and he couldn’t escape. 
Think before you act.
 Ji Yun gritted his teeth and jumped out of the car. He tied up Wang Jian up into a zongzi*, stuffed his mouth, wrapped him in a thick raincoat, and covered him up. It was Pang Zhonglin’s flesh and blood that played a huge role in satisfying Wang Jian’s hunger, that he obediently let Ji Yun carry him while staggering forward. He did look like a patient at first glance. 
Truthfully, Wu Ye was a very lucky guy. The small mountain village where he had been transported to was located on the edge of a medium-sized encampment, surrounded by mountains on three sides, where very few zombies exist. Similarly, because the place was already looted several times by survivors, and the roads to this location was not very good, very few people passed by. 
 While the fire burned under the stove, Wu Ye skimmed through the history textbooks he had collected two days ago. The book was written in traditional Chinese characters, which Wu Ye was able to understand. This textbook should be aimed at junior students as it described the order each dynasty’s reign, and the outstanding emperors of each dynasty. Wu Ye was surprised to find out that the history of this world was similar to his Z country’s history. They also have the Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns*, the three emperors were Xia, Shang, and Zhou and the five dynasties were Qin, Han, Wu, Song, Yuan, and Ming, as well as several familiar historical figures. 
This biggest turn of events in this world’s history which differed from Z country’s was that the braided army did not overthrew the rulers of Ming Dynasty. Instead, a Wu Sangui seized the throne and became emperor, replacing Ming Dynasty with his own Qing Dynasty. Then, under the forces of history, Qing Dynasty gradually fell apart as domestic capitalism grew, and European colonial expansion crept it.
Wu Ye was reading about the Opium Wars, which was regarded as a turning point in the history, when he suddenly heard someone knocking loudly at the door from the outside. 
 “Hello! Is there anyone inside?” 
 Wu Ye stood up in surprise. “F*ck, who had such loud voice? Did he want to draw all the zombies out to him?” 

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