End of World’s Businessman Chapter 6.1

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Chapter 006.1 — Temptation [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro


At the moment, Wu Ye is just a poor man buried in debt while still caring for a sick man. He was not afraid at all of being robbed if someone came. However, he also understood the reason why it was necessary to guard against people, especially in this strange apocalyptic world.

He was afraid that the man knocking outside would continue to shout and attract the zombies around the area. Therefore, he grabbed a kitchen knife, held a broken umbrella, and carefully opened the entrance door. Looking at the three people standing vigilantly outside, he asked, “What is it?”

Wang He grew up with a simple and honest face just like an upright eldest brother. He was used to pretending to be pitiful in order to get ahead. Thus, he looked at Wu Ye with sincere eyes and pled, “Brother, my brother is currently sick. The rain is too heavy for us to keep traveling on the road. Besides, our car also broke down, so we couldn’t continue on anyway. Would you allow us to stay here for two nights? We brought food so we wouldn’t burden you with our needs.”

Wang He had spent more than a year in this apocalyptic world, rolling from the bottom and crawling up to his current position. His eyes had been experienced and discerning. Right now, he could see a white and tender man whose looks and temperament were leagues ahead of those kept pets of big shots in the base. His clothes were neat and tidy. He didn’t have enough time to check whether there really was another master in the house, so he put his arrogance aside and took on a humble stance.

Wang He’s sincere face did nothing to lower Wu Ye’s guard. He looked at Wang Jian, whose face he couldn’t see, and frowned. “What’s wrong with your brother? He’s not bitten by a zombie, right?”

Wang He put on an annoyed look and said, “Brother, you can eat things randomly, but you must choose your words carefully. My brother just caught a cold due to the rain.”

He restrained his anger and once again assumed a humble posture. “Brother, let us in. By the time the rain stops, my brother will be well and we’ll go away. How about you allow us to stay for a day and we’ll give you a kilo of rice?”

Ji Yun’s thin and tiny frame struggled to carry the weight of Wang Jian’s body, which is as big as a cow. It was obvious how difficult his burden was, but he didn’t complain. He looked down at a watch-like device on his wrist and saw that many black dots are moving rapidly toward the center.

“Big boss,” he anxiously said. “There’s a small wave of zombies closing in on us. What should we do?”

As danger approached, Wang He dropped his pretense. He grasped the iron doorknob, and with furrowed brows said, “Boy, if you don’t let us in, we’ll all die when the zombies surround this courtyard.”

Wang He’s special power is fire. But because today is a rainy day, his power is limited. He wasn’t stupid to fight the zombies on this type of day. Besides, this was the only house nearby that looked more or less stable. There was nowhere else they could hide. So, even if Wang He was worried about Wu Ye’s ‘master’, he was willing to appear cheap and pitiful in order to survive. Anyway, a poor person like him had nothing to lose.

Wu Ye’s instincts say that Wang He is not a good person. Right now, Wang He’s hand clasped on the door, unwilling to budge like a mountain. However, no matter how much he tried, Wu Ye still kept the entrance door shut. His heart raced knowing that things could turn bad today, so he casually lied, “My brother is sleeping now, and he has a bad temper. If I let you in and you end up waking and provoking him, it would not end well for us all.’

Wang He was doubtful, but Wu Ye’s lies only confirmed his suspicion. So, he put his thoughts away and smiled warmly once again. Following Wu Ye’s direction, he lowered his voice and said, “Brother, I assure you, we will listen to your arrangement.”

Wu  Ye quietly opened the entrance door and let Wang He’s group in. While the three were not paying attention, he hung a piece of rag  sprayed with repellent on the outside the doorknob, then he locked the door to his back. All the while, he was thinking of how to deal with Wang He and the others.

Wang He and the others stood under the eaves, and waited for Wu Ye’s arrangement as promised.


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